Dreams about Deformity

Are you dreaming of being deformed?

Waking up from an unsettling dream about being deformed not only leaves you feeling disturbed for the rest of the day, but makes you question why would you ever have this dream in the first place. These

The reason why this dream manifested in this manner would only be to grab your attention to something you are ignoring.

Any sort of personal disfigurement in dreams reflects distortions in your inner world that is being projected in your outer world. The main goal of the dream would be for you to straighten was has been metaphorically bent in your life. Once you are able to find the root of the problem you will live a more positive and confident life.

What is often disfigured in our dreams

  • face or nose
  • hands or fingers
  • legs, feet or toes
  • teeth
  • disabled person in dream
  • deformed baby
  • cats, dogs, kittens, animals, fish and elephants

What does it mean when you dream about deformities?

Since dreams like to speak to us in a metaphoric language whatever becomes distorted or abnormal relates more to an underlying issue as opposed to your body. This dream becomes more of an inner mirror that reflects your feelings of your self identity, self worth, or psychological trauma that are visible on the outside.

Unconscious feelings such as sadness, depression, negative thinking, fears, shame and distress revels this inner entanglement that needs to be cured. Alternatively, people who have suffered from a traumatic childhood experience, bullying or any type of abuse may also distorted this inner image of yourself.

What does it mean to have a disformed face?

A face in dreams is symbolic in the sense it represents dreamer the personality revealing a person’s true character, health, and emotional state of mind. Often times the dreamer may even notice looking in a mirror that suggests they would need to do some self reflection to find this internal issue.

Faces in our dreams that are distorted look almost you are experiencing a stoke or similar to bell palsy as your eye may be in one place and your mouth in another.

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Meaning of a disfigured nose

A disfigured nose in our dream represents a lack of trust or unable to connect with your own instincts or intuitive sense. Noses are symbolic in the our dreams in the sense they metaphorically come across as thing we can feel with our senses but cannot see. By noticing a disfigured nose in your dream tells you about listening to your gut instincts, or the ability to feel a situation out.

Dreaming of deformed feet or legs?

Both the legs and feet are symbolic in our dreams because they relate to our own inner balance, movement, confidence and stability in our lives. Anytime we noticed any sort of distortion in these areas encourages the dreamer to explore these areas where you lack strength along your life’s journey.

Dream of disfigured teeth meaning

Whenever teeth emerge in our sleep they are often breaking, falling or disfigured – a symbol that shows a lack of power in your life. Whatever is inside your mouth relates more to your communication or how you express yourself in society; teeth in dreams is often an unconscious symbol that has underlying causes that needs to be straightened out.

Did you see a disfigured baby in your dreams?

Babies in dreams are actually positive symbols relating to new growth, rebirth or inner development that is currently taking place. Though when a baby is disfigured in your dream it might want to bring you back to a negative time in your past that has affected you mentality. The disfigured baby is in fact a part of you, or the repressed part of you that you are avoiding to identify with. Babies often connect to the dreamers own inner child that needs to be rescued. By doing so they will live a more comfortable and complete life.

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Dreaming of deformed animals

Animals become part of the dreamers natural drive, primitive desires, and sexual nature, depending on the type animal displayed in your dream. We are known to see cats and dogs that bring us closer to either a masculine or feminine energy that needs to be fixed.

Disabled or Paralyzed person in your dream

Noticing either a disabled or paralyzed person in your dream represents your own restrictions and inner disabilities in your life. Though most dreams we tend to notice a disabled person walking –  a symbol that emerges letting you know you are breaking out of your own stuck ways and will progress.

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Bunny zo
Bunny zo
11 months ago

I actually had a dream about 2 deformed purple, and red baby elephants.