Bug & Insect Dreams

Bug and insects are very symbolic dream images that contain a plethora of different interpretations.

Depending on how they appear and the specific type these symbolic little critters may range from symbols of spiritual enlightenment to unclean negative aspects.

Insects are important messengers from the unconscious mind hoping you will pay it the attention it deserves. If not these bugs can turn on the dreamer in a vivid nightmare that might make you jump out of bed – insects crawling, biting, stuck in hair or going in your ear. As gross and upsetting these dreams are they serve a meaningful purpose that needs to be decoded

Common Bug & Insect Dreams

Ants Dream Meaning 

Ants dreams brings our attention to hard work, possible teamwork and cooperation with you and among others. Depending how the aunt is displayed in your dream it might signify feelings of insignificance or worthlessness. Bring your hard work to reality and you will achieve more than you would expect. Despite their small stature these insects are immensely strong, a great strength of will and achieve with numbers. The dream could also be a play on words about your “aunt” or feeling antsy. In the bible Proverbs 30:25 states “Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer”.

  • Strong but little
  • Ability to work in numbers
  • Feeling
  • annoyed or anxious

Bees Dream Meaning

Dreaming of bees in your dreams is a pleasant dream symbol.  Bees are very hard and efficient team workers that make honey. Common phases like ‘busy like a bee’ this could be possible money heading your way. The ancient Druids thought that bee as representing the sun, the Goddess and celebration.  However if the bee stings you its not usually considered a good omen. In the Bible bees and honey are mentioned quite often. This can only mean that bees, in particular, play a significant role in both Christianity and Judaism. They represent a lot of positive attributes that we can identify through a variety of scriptures.  They are mentioned when they speak about wisdom, prosperity and industry.

  • Creativity
  • Harmony
  • Hard work will pay off
  • Honey and wealth

Dreaming Of Bed Bugs

Dreaming of bed bugs brings your attention to the people or sexual issues that are going on in your life at the moment. They suck your blood in the middle of the night letting you know its unknown to you. These could be unconscious issues that are not being addressed. Killing them is a good omen letting you know you have tackled this issue.

Beetle Dream Meaning

The ancient Egyptians understood that the beetle was a very symbolic bug as it is all over the pharaohs. This is a sign of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection. Connected with divine manifestation of the early morning sun brings your attention to hard work and protection.

  • Spiritual transformation
  • Death and rebirth

Black Widow Dream Meaning

Connected with the poisonous feminine archetype. This spider’s bite is much feared because its venom is reported to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s.  If you are bitten by this spider in your dream it might suggests an enemy is wanting to attack you. They also have the ability to devouring its mate suggesting the power the feminine has over the masculine. In depth analysis about spider dreams.

  • Danger
  • Possessed anima archetype
  • Feminine

Bugs Dream Meaning 

Bugs in dreams are synonymous with something that is bugging you. If they are close to your head or hair brings your attention to a metaphor for it being on your mind. Bugs are not a big problem they can be connected with negativity or pestering thoughts and people around you.

  • Negative thoughts
  • Bad energy
  • Minor concerns

Butterfly In Dreams

One of the most powerful symbols of inner transformation. These unique dream symbols are arrows pointing at our soul as a butterfly goes through the metamorphosis stage. These very symbolic creatures where the Christians believe it’s as a symbol of resurrection, where the Chinese thought of it as bliss and joy. If you noticed a dead butterfly suggest a failure to make new.  Depending the color will alter the meaning, find out more at butterfly dreams.

  • Transformation of spirit
  • Rebirth
  • Freedom and inspiration

Caterpillar Dream Meaning 

These are positive changes coming your way. This symbol appears when a major transformation is near. Connected to the butterfly (see above) is considered the true symbol of death and rebirth; your spirit will be set free. It could also suggest that it might take sometime as a caterpillar moves very slow.

  • Slow movements before success
  • Stage before transformation

Centipedes Dreams

Connecting to the shadow archetype it is a dangerous creature if bitten. Symbol connected to the dark (bad omen) as they appear to dwell in dark places. This is where the negative unconscious aspects hide. They have the ability to move quick and as they have many legs. Moving quickly with many legs could also be a metaphor relating to your life at the moment.

Cockroaches Dream Meaning 

The symbol of the cockroach can be both positive and negative connotations to it. Despite their ugly appearance they are very tough and can live under extreme conditions. This might be a reflection on your strength as you navigate though life. The flip side of the coin when they appear they are symbols of negativity and long pestering problems. They mainly relate to thoughts that are left hidden in the dark, a problem that lingers and hard to fix. Killing them in a dream is a positive symbol suggesting that you will tackle this issue.

  • Negative thoughts
  • Bad energy
  • Hidden in the dark; cannot see

Crickets In Dreams

The cricket in dreams is known to bring good and bad luck. They are know to bring happiness and good energy because it is believed that the cricket protects your mind from negative attacks. They are know for noise and brings your awareness to the nocturnal; spiritual guidance. They are also good luck but in abundance might be troublesome.

Dragonfly Dream Meaning 

Dragonfly symbolizes change and regeneration in your dream. They are 350 million years old that bring your attention to the collective unconsciousness. They might be symbols of fights or arguments in the near future.

Fleas In Dreams

If you dream of fleas suggest you will be dealing with problem that can spread. This is something that seems small and possibly unseen, however it drains you of your life blood.

Flies Dream Meaning 

A fly could also represent someone or some situation that is annoying you. If you dream of having flies in your house then things have gotten bad at home. You’ve been ignorant of your responsibilities at home and now things are uncontrollable. If flies are in your food then you are not paying attention to your health.
If flies are following you everywhere you go no matter how many times you try hitting them with your hand it means you have made a bad name for yourself because of immoral decisions you made. If you want to cleanup your act then you may have a dream about killing or exterminating flies.

Grasshopper Dreams

Grasshoppers can only leap forward and never backwards, they can be both good and bad omens.  When they appear it come as a metaphor for either a need to move forward or you are doing just so. They show us we are leaping over obstacles in our life that are now part of the past.  However soon you would be liberated and dedicated to the tasks you have to complete in order to fulfill your duties in life.  Like the cricket any type of locust in large numbers in not usually a good sign. Seeing an abundance of them could also be a bad omen as they have the ability to destroy crops. This might suggests your hard work might be in danger.

  • Ability to move forward
  • Not living in the past
  • Destruction in numbers

Hornets Dream 

Dreaming of hornets brings your attention to possible trouble in the near future. If you are stung it suggest someone might have it out for you. They also could be a symbol of your shadow, the unknown aspects of yourself that has the ability to be revengeful and vengeful. If you see a hornets nest suggest danger is around you and to proceed with caution.

Locusts Dream Meaning

To see locusts in your dream are negative dream symbols. Possible destruction of something you have built (work). They could also be a sign of the old dying and the new to come; death and rebirth.

Ladybug Dreams

 A lady bug in a dream represents fortune, prosperity and attractiveness, or your wish will come through. They are harmless creatures that are known to bring the dreamer good luck, abundance, and protection to all who encounter them. The color red could connect to passion and lust, possibly suggest the feminine as it is a ‘lady’ after all. On the other hand the dream could just be a metaphor for a lady bugging you.

Leeches in Dreams

Something that is sucking the life blood out of you. These dreams bring your awareness to people around you who are considered energy vampires. Pay attention to these people and shield yourslef by grounding your aura/energies.

Lice Dream Meaning 

To see lice in your dream, signifies annoyances, distress and feelings of guilt. Lice in a dream symbolize frustration and irritation relating to your thoughts. They can also be energy vampires that are hosting off your thoughts and mind. Feeling of being unclean and need to focus on mediation. You will notice lice in your hair in most dreams.

Maggot Dreams

These dreams bring your attention to things that are dead that no longer serve a purpose in your life. You might be reliving or keeping something alive that is rotting. These are negative dream symbols that appear after the decay of something that was once alive.

Millipede Dreams

Millipedes in dreams suggest that you are letting fears prevent your from achieving your goals. Connecting the dreamer to ward off bad luck as its the bringer of fortune. They can also be linked to esp abilities as and the ability to move fast.

Moth Dreams

Moths similar to butterfly goes through the same metamorphosis process. They are very symbolic in our dreams because they bring your awareness to transformation. However, unlike the butterfly the moth focuses on possible psychic abilities, moon, messages and darkness. Remember they are attracted towards the light, hence the folklore surrounds it with the dead. The darkness brings us close to personal transformation that needs struggle in darkness to obtain enlightenment.

  • The third eye
  • Shadow archetype
  • Feminine nocturnal

Mosquito Dreams

Something small can take you down. These dreams are warning of minor annoyances in your life you need to get rid of before they become a problem. If you kill a mosquito it is good luck.

Parasite Dreams

These dreams are directed at people who mimic these qualities that are attached to you in your daily life. The possess the ability to suck  your energy and leech off of you.

Praying Mantis Dreams

Might be a metaphor for a need to pray. Usually to see a praying mantis shows the destructive side the shadow archetype.

Scorpion Dream

The short story of the scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The scorpion climbs onto the frog’s back and the frog begins to swim, but midway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung, to which the scorpion replies “I couldn’t help it. It’s in my nature.”  Dreaming of a scorpion is a sign of a very scrupulous person that has the ability to sting you as it their nature. Being stung by one is a bad omen suggesting that the person will effect you with their poison.

Spiders Dreams

Spider dreams are very powerful symbols that can either have a both positive or negative omen attached to it.  Spiders since the beginning of mythology have been connected to feminine and creative energy.  Spiders are smart insects that have the ability to make a web wait patiently for the prey to fall into the trap.  If the spider bites you than its possible you have been or will be effected by a feminine force (shadow archetype). You may be the one who is stuck in the web or, you have the tendencies to trap others in your web of lies.   On the flip side the positive aspects of the spider is translated to creative energy that is coming out.  You have vision as you have the ability to wait patiently for this to come in the future.

Weevil Dreams

To see a weevil in your dream, signifies losses and wastage.

Worm Dream

These dreams might imply feelings of insignificance and small in your walking life.  The symbol between death in renewal, a yearning to be grounded. Dreaming of worms on your skin suggest a need to change how others view you. In depth analysis about worms.

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Steve Forster
Steve Forster
2 years ago

I love to dream about bugs because it usually has a good omen attached to in my own personal life. One time a grasshopper appeared and I got a new job – or – the dream of the scarab beetle that was black gold and green; the gold color was almost electric that went along the grooves on the shell. Its wings expanded once I saw it, then it flew directly in the air. When I woke up I found out my wife was pregnant. This other time I was dreaming about a cockroach though and it turned out to… Read more »

kim m yedlosky
kim m yedlosky
3 years ago

I had a dream where bugs were stuck to my face while I was on a motorcycle
I was not afraid it was more a pain to try to get bugs off my forehead
any thoughts

3 years ago

thanks for the help i recently had a dream(nightmare) about a huge ladybug biting my dad then he dies so thanks for all the help! 🙂