Dreams Of The Dead Asking You For Something

A lot of mysterious things happen the moment our heads hit the pillow at night, in fact many of these experiences cannot even scientifically studied.

Every night when we enter the dream realm we become the protagonist of a random theme driven by our unconscious mind – in this grey area we are known to astral travel, have an out of body experience, have romantic themes; as well experience dreadful nightmares.

But what happens when the dead contact us in our dreams, and more confusing start to ask us for something? Confusing right? Did you know that receiving gifts from the dead is a symbolic positive omen

Fasten your seat belt because you have just received a coded message from beyond the grave that was specifically sent to you.

Dead Ask You For Something In Dream?

These particular types of dreams are normally classified as “visitation dreams“, even though this can be disproven as some sort of pseudo-science or repressed memory stored in the unconsciousness, what they don’t tell you is when they appear they always ask us for specific things – usually asking for food, money, clothes or water. This cannot be a fluke.

Furthermore if we wait for science to catch up to this strange phenomena we might be missing some important valuable information that needs to be applied to your

Why Are The Dead Only Asking You?

Consider yourself lucky as you might have an precognitive ability or a heightened sense of intuition that is picking up on them during rapid eye movement sleep R.E.M sleep. During this stage your mind might be more relaxed and more prone for contact, as if your “antenna” are fine tuned than the average person.

We cannot prove this but it seems that in this “unknown area” we could have access in a so called middle way between earth and another dimension. A place where both can connect for a short time then separate. Based off of their knowledge they seem to have some sort of foreknowledge on events to come and what might be taking place with you in the present moment.

Visitation Dreams: How To Decode What They Ask You

Before you jump to conclusions you first have to understand how the our unconscious talk to us, often times in our dreams what they ask you is never what it really means but can be translated in a metaphoric sense.

Dead Asking You For Food In Dream

Did you know whenever food appears in your dreams it’s considered very symbolic. Why? Well in a metaphoric sense food nourishes our mind, body and soul – a parable also used in the Bible to referring to something else. They might be expressing their emotions through the food.

Receiving food in your dream connects to acceptance, giving success and a connection with that person (coded metaphorically though the type of food being offered). If you notice a dead person hungry it seems to connect to neglect and lacking love and emotions.

However if our past loved ones are asking for food it might suggest that something that still remains unconscious between both people. When someone is starving or hungry they are deprived of something. Could it relate to your emotions, past experiences, or pertaining to similar unconscious traits and behaviors that are seen between both people involved – in fact it is the dreamer who is in need of nourishment.

You may also want to think about if anything recently happened they would be feeling this way.

Did They Ask For Water In Your Dreams?

Anytime we dream of water it connects us to the unconscious side of the dreamer – water being one of four earth elements, a power symbol representing emotions.

Why would they ask you for water? Perhaps it they want you to examine feelings & emotions that connect both people. A need to be nourished emotionally, have you forgot about them? Maybe you are needing emotional support from them.

Dead Person Asking For Clothes In Dream

Clothes in dreams are a very interesting symbol that appears more metaphoric than anything – a symbol of something we wear to show others, keeps us warm and protects us.

If they are asking for clothes something needs to be covered pertaining to them or in fact aspects of you that display similar inherited unconscious characteristics.

Dead Asking For Money In Dreams

Money appears in our dreams as something of value and important. Money is a positive omen, however if they are asking it suggest something that is needed.

  • Lack of protection
  • Losses
  • Depression
  • Lack of advancement
  • Vulnerability
  • Low self worth
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1 year ago

What does it mean when a father is specifically asking for ice ?

1 year ago

I dreamed about talking to a dead co-worker. I saw him and I said “you look so healthy, younger, slimmer.” He said slimmer because I had that gastric sleeve done before I died. I said wait what? “You’re dead why am I talking to you?” Then he turns and walks away stops and turns his head and gives me a Cheshire cat grin.

2 years ago

I dreamt that my late grandmother was asking me for a gift of which she wasn’t specific for me to understand, do you know what it may mean?