Dreams About Drowning

The Meaning Why We Are Drowning In Our Dreams

If you haven’t experienced drowning in a dream before you might considered yourself lucky.

Drowning dreams can be classified as a nightmare that usually tends to jolt us right out of bed during the middle of the night. Even though this experience is just a dream doesn’t take away from the fact about how horrifying this feeling feels. These are the types of dreams we seldom forget, similar as loosing teeth in your dream, drowning seems to take on the same fear that we think about for weeks or even months after.

So what does drownings in your dream actually mean? Well this answer might not be as simple as other interpretations make it out to be but something much more complex. Regardless, there is a change that is taking place and the dream wants to help you by getting a better understanding of it.

What does drowning in a dream mean?

For the most part drowning seems to be related to your emotional state of mind. Why? Because we are dealing with a body of water and that connects us towards what is below the surface of these feelings and emotions that overwhelm us.

Remember that some people struggle to get out, some remain in limbo, while others are consumed by the water eventually killing them. Even the color of the water helps determine your clarity of this situation. Drowning in dreams metaphorically reflects when or if you will rise above this personal issue.

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Drowning In Your Dream Symbolism

  • feelings of feeling overwhelmed in relationships, family or work
  • overwhelming stress and anxieties that keep you down on a daily basis
  • staggering volume of obligations, or feelings, or unmanageable circumstances
  • struggling to be yourself
  • emotional burdens from your past
  • you are unable to reach out for help with the right people
  • sudden bouts of heart-dropping panic, or habitually anticipate danger.

How to understand why you are drowning in your dream

Ok, from what we understand so far is that drowning in your dream seems connect to your emotions. But where exactly is this threat arise from? Typically drowning dreams seem to be revolved around our child drowning, someone you don’t know drowning, drowning in a car, being saved, in the ocean or perhaps drowning in mud; symbols that alter if this perceived threat belongs to you or someone else.

Essentially, by examining where, who or how you are drowning will help direct you towards this psychological trauma and how to fix it.

Despite how vivid this dream may feel it waits to help you pay attention to something that has been consuming you for so long. The mere fact you have been ignoring it has made the contents of your dream angry in order for you to get the message – once grasped you will than be able to tackle the root of these fears.

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Are you ready to face your fears?

The first step would be to understand your Dream Emotions and apply them to an specific area in your life that you are obviously overwhelmed by stress. Once you extract how you are feeling when drowning you can apply it to your relationships, work like, home, depression, past trauma, money, inner child and more…

  1. Extreme panic. When drowning the first initial feeling is panic. This is a dream symbol that points towards anxiety and fears of being stuck in this state of mind.
  2. Fear of being stuck in this state. Another clue is the inability to move or become grounded in your life as you struggle for breath .After a person loses his ability to hold his breath, he will be forced to inhale water. In dreams breath represents Taking in absorbing an influence; absorbing emotional life. To absorb something, to take into your thoughts or experience, to consider, or to accept mentally.
  3. Forcing to keep afloat. In our dreams having the trouble to breath reflects feelings that will mirror to struggle to survive in your life. It may also connect with feelings that you are being smothered or overwhelmed in a relationship or situation.
  4. Hurting the heart. Water filling the stomach makes the body heavy, and so it forces it to sink deeper, eventually stopping the heart. The HEART in our dreams connects to love or disfunction within the mind, body and soul.

Are you drowning in your car dreams?

Cars are symbolic in the sense they attach themselves to our drives or lives journey. Now something along your path has made a detour into your unconscious emotional state. Inside the car tells you that you feel trapped and are unable to get yourself out of this current situation.

Though many people dream of escaping out of their car as it is submerging in water. These are positive dream symbols that tell you about getting out of a situation but leaving behind and old drive that you may no longer have use for. If you dream about someone driving a car into water it suggests someone you may know will have an unexpected slow down in their lives.

When you are downing in a body of water in dreams

As we mentioned above where you are drowning becomes a clue in order to figure out where this issue might be emerging.

Did you drown in a river in your dream? Rivers in dreams mirror your life journey or path since they are ever changing and constantly moving. Drowning in a river in your dream represents a block in your movements that will overwhelm you emotionally. Since rivers are outside our field of awareness this dream informs you that these feelings remain unconscious.

Dreaming of downing dirty water combines being emotionally consumed mixed with your inability to understand what is taking place. Dreaming of drowning in mud tells you about your inability to get out of this situation, not being clear, negative or stagnant mobility. Though once you understand what mud means in your dream you might get out of it better.

Dreaming in the sea or ocean connects the dreamer to the unconscious part of their emotions that needs to be made conscious. What is underneath is not explored and the fears of being trapped below these areas that you do not understand scares you. Unlike if you are drowning in a pool in your dream points you towards your field of awareness or what is consciously known to you.

Child drowning in dreams

One of the most vivid nightmares is when you witness your child drowning in your dream. Common themes often revolve around you witnessing your child falling into a pool or bathtub as you scramble to help. If your child is drowning in your dream it suggests you are unconsciously or consciously picking up on some sort of danger they are in.

Sometimes it can be a simple as your fears of your child dying or your inability to protect him at all cost (mother instinct), but many times it could have to do with a divorce/separation in your relationship. Perhaps you are someone who is emotionally consuming them by being a devouring mother.

Are you dreaming of someone drowning?

Whenever other people are drowning in our dreams you need to look at the people in your life that might need your assistance. This would be a metaphorically suffocation that you are picking up on in their life.

Dying in the water by drowning

Dreams of dying underwater represents you are going deeper into your awareness, so you are beginning to explore your unconscious. Dying in dreams is considered a very positive symbol that alluding to an emotional transformation in your life; the death of the old you will be reborn and you will rise up again.

Biblical meaning of drowning in a dream?

Water plays a major role in the Bible that represents life itself; Christ walked on water, transformed water into wine, and Christians are baptized in water. The Biblical meaning of drowning in your dream could suggests a transformation that will take place but you might have to suffer before this change occurs.

Spiritual meaning of drowning

Many people online like to search for the spiritual meaning of drowning and as you know what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Even if we die by drowning or get out alive there are lessons to be learned after all this is done. A dreams that wants you to be strong during difficult times because you will eventually get out of it.