Dreaming Of Talking To The Dead?

Just when you thought dreams were complicated enough along comes your dead talking to you when you sleep.

These particular types of dreams are normally classified as a “visitation dream“, however there seems to be a fine line between actual contact, or just your imagination running wild.

Talking To The Dead In Dreams

Before we jump to conclusions we first need to investigate some of the tell tale signs of making direct connection with the deceased.

Usually when we make contact with our dead loved ones the dream tends to be more vivid and detailed than your average dream, in fact the conversation often contains a hidden message that can be decoded metaphorically, often providing us with guidance, love, support or closure.

What makes matters even more bizarre is that they are commonly known to communicate via phone in your dream. Talk about a long distance call! On the flip side they are also known to ignore us by remaining silent.

When both subjects meet they are usually known to bring us gifts, sometimes offering us food, or receiving a message on the phone. Sure we can chalk these visitation dreams as just “dreams”, but why are so many people reporting these exact same symbols?

Reasons Why You Are Talking To The Dead?

First off can we really prove this? No! This is why dreams are often discredited and looked down upon as if you are crazy when you tell someone about it.  Though this personal experience should be examined by thinking outside the box as we still have no idea the meaning behind dreams.

It seems we are more likely to pick up on this signal when we are actively engaging during rapid eye movement sleep R.E.M sleep – the time our minds are most relaxed and more susceptible for contact, as some people’s antennas are more tuned then others.

In dream space we might be entering a ‘middle way’ between earth and another dimension, the place where you both parties seem to connect then separate. In this gray area you get a quick glimpse of your dead relatives or friends as they pass on an important message. It seems they have foreknowledge on things on both the past, present and future and speak to us in a language that everybody speaks, but is often forgotten. Consider yourself lucky as this gift is only selected for a few people.

#1. Talking To The Dead Dreams: A Hidden Message

Since every dream will be solely designed for the dreamer the dead are often known to drop you metaphoric hints for you to understand the message. Talking to our deceased loved ones is often disguised as something else.

  • warning or dangers
  • sending love and affirmations
  • appearing when you are an a bad state of mind
  • need help and guidance
  • protection and support

Talking To Dead Dreams: Phone Calls

Did you know it is very common to receive phone calls from our deceased loved ones in our dreams. The symbol of the phone might be a “metaphor” for communication between both worlds, it is not really a phone but perhaps a symbol of the “antenna” that can pick on on their signal.

Talking to the dead on the phone in your dream is a message only you can decode. What did they say to you during the conversation? Locations, emotions expressed and people around you are clues that will help piece the puzzle together.

Talking To The Dead: Receiving Offerings

Talking to the dead in your dreams sometimes comes with gifts. Whatever is seen or handed to you would be symbolic to the dreamer – sometimes you might not even see what is inside. When you spoke with them in your dreams did they give you any of these gifts?

Receiving gifts from the dead in your dream can be considered a positive omen a symbol that they are still connected to you and want to express it with particular items.

Dead Person Not Talking To You In Dreams

Metaphorically speaking if they are watching you and not saying anything in your dream can result with multiple interpretations. These types of visitations can be a little creepy as if they are not really themselves but some type of clone. However the dream is still symbolic and the message is coded within their inability to speak.

  • dreamer could be spiritually closed (7 chakra blocked)
  • the dead might be trying to communicate in other ways in your walking life but you are not paying attention
  • they are observing and watching but are unable to talk to you
  • what was their disposition – happy, sad, scared or smiling are clues

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Rosline Johnson
Rosline Johnson
3 months ago

I dreamed my ex boyfriend was texting me on a phone. He texted is this Shea sister 3 times and then there was and icon saying I sorry 3 times after each message. By the way Shea is my sister.

3 months ago

in my dream, the dead guy was someone i didn’t know he didn’t look familiar

T Falstich
T Falstich
6 months ago

ive seen at least three of my past relatives on separate dream occasions and I always knew they were not really alive and had already died so it mostly creeped me out because they were non responsive and non verbal

Danielle Jones
Danielle Jones
9 months ago

Last Night I dreamed of seeing my kids grandfather on their father’s side. He was relaxed sitting on the hood of his vehicle smoking a cigarette wearing a dark blue work suit jumper just looking arpt lound at everybody and everything, I saw him from a distance and it wasnt the first time in that dream. I kept telling my mother and my aunt to hurry up because I wanted to confirm that was him before he left again. but they lolly gagging around. When they were finally ready to go the car started and cut off and then I… Read more »

11 months ago

from my experiences. it has upgraded to bluetooth headsets. So far when this happens, the person is contacting from a torturous state. They want to make peace because of the things they have done that they are being punished for. in some cases, the person is in waking life still and it is their after life to come.

2 years ago

OMG! I just had a dream with my deceased father two nights ago. We had a bit of a rocky relationship but when he was in his last years it definitely improved and by the time he had passed we were on very good terms. Since his passing I’ve had very nice dreams with him. But in this most recent dream he was mad at me, judging me and criticizing me with unfounded basis- the way he used to most of my time growing up and even after as an adult- I could do nothing right in his eyes. In… Read more »