Dream about Cancer

Receiving news that you have cancer in a dream can be very unsettling, even when you wake up. Like most people you would question if this dream actually picking up on this deadly disease.

The good news is you don’t have cancer, the bad news is something may is eating you up inside. Dreams have an interesting way of getting your attention so you can focus on a serious problem in your life. Symbol are presented as metaphors, the feelings that are displayed in your dream are reflections currently taking place in your life.

Cancer in dreams may in fact be related to unconscious fears of dying or repressed emotions stemming from the people we have lost to this deadly disease. Alternatively, cancer dreams could also be acting as a warning- if you suspect you are not feeling like you normally do- it might be time to pay a visit to your doctor to get checked out just in case.

Cancer Dream Symbolism

  • Fears
  • Uncertainty
  • Gloom or sadness in your life
  • Melancholy
  • Worrying about something serious
  • What if’s in your life that needs to be addressed.

Meaning Of Cancer In Dreams?

Hearing the news “you have cancer” is accompanied with feeling of fear, despair, anxiousness and anger. The dream can be extremely vivid as if you were actually living this nightmare. The emotions that are displayed in your dream will reflect the same emotions to this problem. Often times you will be told from a doctor or someone with knowledge.

In your dreams they are your guides or the proverbial ‘wise old man’, which is the healing power within yourself. There has been sickness detected and now it’s time to examine and remove this problem.

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Certain cancers will help determine where the the root of the problem found, though in a metaphoric sense.  An example: brain cancer would be a reflection of the mind/psyche, or negative thought patterns. The people around you, location and who is telling you are clues that bring you closer to the meaning.

  • What are you going to fight?
  • What is eating away at you?
  • Fears of deteriorating

Cancer Location In Dreams

The type of cancer and the location plays a key role in your dream. Cancer in dreams can be enigmatic and might take some time to decode. We can provide you with some possible hints on what the dream could be telling you. You can also explore the 7 chakras energy centers and match it to the area where the sickness might be originating.

  • Brain tumor – Negative thoughts, bad minded thinking
  • Mouth/throat – Relates to the speech and communication
  • Feet or Legs – Movement that is problematic
  • Breast – Relating to fertility, motherhood, heart (emotions)
  • Stomach – Something you can’t stomach, intuition, health. (sacral/ solar plexus chakra)
  • Lung – Restrictions relating to health, life and relaxation. Are you a smoker?
  • Blood – Vital life force or energy

Cancer Dream Interpretation

Not often you will hear that. When it comes to dreams your higher self wants you to get better, even though the medicine tastes awful. Cancer dreams are shocking to bring awareness to this problem before it spreads.

This is something inside depleting your energy, essentially slowing you down. The sole purpose of the dream is for you to get better and not to scare you. Once you are able to find the source of the problem you can work on treatment. Do you know what is the sickness inside you that needs curing?

Common Cancer Dreams

  1. Getting diagnosed
  2. Breast cancer
  3. Tumors
  4. Sick with cancer

Cancer Dream: Personal Experience

When it comes to recording your dreams daily you will notice certain patterns and symbol unfold during different stages in your life. Like most cancer dreams they leave you shaken up, even for months down the road. The voice in the back of your head always doubts the metaphoric nature of your dream and wants you to think you have this illness. Though, not to lose focus and remember there is an ignored underlying problem that is not being addressed.

My dream was about a monk (healer) praying and openly telling me that my issues are related to one of three things. One that I could remember was ‘leukemia’ and the other two was fuzzy, I couldn’t remember.  I freaked out saying ‘do I have it’? The monk stood there silent. He mentioned to me that I had died in the past from it. I was freaking out and asking questions until I woke up.

After months passing and being open minded to my personal flaws, something just clicked. I finally understood what the monk was trying to hint at. Like a doctor they are healers, though coded in metaphors. Since leukemia attacks the blood it is hinting at family genetics, hinting at past blood line. Why would it do that? Well genetically there are many traits that have run in the blood line that I was battling.  I have been effected by it and the cause is something that has taken over my body.