Dreaming of Dolphins

You have obviously come here to understand the porpoise of dreams! I will see myself out now.

Dreaming Of Dolphins can be a very symbolic as they are considered a guide assisting you along your path. Dolphins are known for their playful behaviour, but in dreams they can be seen as powerful messengers that connect to the spiritual side of the dreamer.

You might have noticed dolphins emerge during specific times in your life often relating to your emotional state of mind — water representing the emotional unconsous side of the dreamer. Something very important has just emerged in your life that will come as a surprise. Do you know what this could be?

Dolphin Symbolism In Dreams

  • communication
  • higher consciousness
  • guides and protectors
  • spirituality
  • intuition
  • emotional intelligence
  • psychic abilities

Dolphin Dream Meaning

Dolphins have a unique ability to explore unseen depths using echolocation, or the ability to see with sound. These inner energies are navigating though your unconsciousness coming to the surface (consciousness). Dolphins in dreams  emerge they are messengers of positive vibrations that can only be felt an not seen.

Since dolphins are connected with the water it becomes an image of the feminine, emotions,  instinctual and intellectual energy. Since dolphins are mammals, they acquire a need to come to the surface of the water to breathe. It has come to the surface at the right time in your life.

  • vibrations though extra senses
  • ability to explore the unknown
  • encourages you to play with them
  • higher consciousness

Dolphin Dreams: Protectors And Guardians

It is not unusual to hear dolphins coming to the rescue of humans during times of need. They have been known in many cultures as guides that encourage you to follow and trust their movements.

The ability to uses ‘echolocation‘ suggests they have spotted you way before you spotted them. Just like any angel or guide they are able to see thing before it happens. In essences dolphins encourage you to trust your intuition and instincts. It might even suggest you have dormant psychic abilities that need exploring.

They ability to navigate through dark and murky waters suggests you will be protected during these hard time. During times of darkness or uncertainty we are sometimes saved by unknown forces, as they will never let you drown.

Common Dolphin Dreams

Swimming with dolphins are very positive omens that being you to trust, harmony, protection, rebirth and good luck. The color of the water, location and who is around you are clues. There is a unity or connection between the conscious and unconscious. Something has been recognized, they have guided you to where you need to be.

Dreaming of both whales and dolphins connects the dreamer to the unconscious emotional side. These beautiful mammals are trying to communicate with you if you are willing to listen.  Keep in mind whales can explore deeper than dolphins can, hinting at the unconscious depths.

Noticing a dolphin out of water can be seen as a fish out of water. Is this a calling to go and explore the emotional depths of your character. Does it mean you have a guide or protector on land? What it was doing alters the meaning of the dream, though keep and open mind and think in metaphors for your answer.

Dolphin And Sharks: The good vs bad, the Yin and Yang, opposite forces are connected. These dreams might the internal fight between light and dark (shadow) or representation being protected around dangerous people.

Did you know in ancient Greek mythology dolphins were considered messengers of Poseidon, the god of the seas; and sacred to Aphrodite and Apollo. They used to refer to them as philomousoi, the ones that love music, as they felt dolphins used to dance when they heard music.