Are You Dreaming About Your Dead Grandfather?

Did you have a dream about your dead grandfather lately? Dreaming about your grandfather is considered a very powerful omen that often points to forgotten memories or sometimes actual contact.

Usually when the dead appear to us in our dreams they often come with gifts or the dreams is so vivid that it makes you wonder if you actually connected in the ether world. So how would you be able to decipher between and actually visitation dream or just memories stored within your unconsciousness.

Well believe it or not anytime we dream of the dead visiting us or any sort of psychic dreams for that fact they tend much different than your average dream. One tell tale sign of a visitation from your grandfather would be reflected by its vivid nature, symbolic images and emotions expressed – smiling, happy, hugging and even being angry or crying. Perhaps you received a gift from your dead grandfather?

Contacting The Dead In Dreams?

It seems from many accounts there seems to be a reason why your grandfather specifically emerged as opposed to your deceased grandmother.

Alternatively, your so called “dead grandfather” may emerge in your dream as an archetypal symbol of the wise old man, the healer or a supportive influence. They may show up to teach us lessons to reach the highest in us – the masculine energy, family traditions, spiritual values, coming of old age and death.

There seems to be a fine line between a regular type dream and a visitation dream, in this article we will show you if your grandfather connected with you beyond the grave and what message he may have brought for you to decode.

Dead Grandfather Dream

Do we really have proof that you actually contacted your dead grandfather in your dreams? Sure we can chalk it down to some sort of pseudoscience, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that visitation dreams all over the world seem to be strictly similar. In fact whenever the dead appears they come with a coded message that is hidden within the context of the dream.

  • think about the emotions he express in your dream
  • the people and locations around your grandfather
  • can you think of a reason why he showed up in your life at the – celebrations, warnings, protections etc..
  • was the dream negative as if he was crying, sick or dying again?

Dreaming Of My Dead Grandfather Talking, Hugging & Smiling

If you are dreaming of your grandfather talking to you what was the message? Usually you can crack what he is trying to say in a metaphoric sense.

Article: Find out why you are talking to the dead in your dreams.

If your dead grandfather was smiling it might suggest that he is letting you know he is happy to see you and proud of you. Smiling can be seen as a symbol of love and affirmations that are met in the “middle way” between earth and the heavenly realm.

If your dead father is smiling in your dream it suggest he might be pleased, happy or content with a particular situation in your life. Maybe they are happy about the way something has turned out. Alternately this can also be connected to approval or acceptance, or just dads being proud of you.

Hugging your dead grandfather bridges both unconscious energies showing you affection and support. Hugging is a powerful dream symbol of protection and security even though he is no longer on this earth.

Is Your Grandfather Either Sick or Dying In Your Dreams?

Unfortunately Dreaming of reliving this horrible experience usually connects the dreamer to a repressed memory from the past. What are your thoughts on dying, suffering and death? Perhaps you had trouble processing what you experienced and the way he died?

Painful memories that get trapped in our unconsciousness usually rare its ugly head in our dreams – a symbol that needs to examined by doing introspection and letting go of the past. Once you do it he might come back looking healthy.

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2 months ago

So I had a dream of my grandfather that passed last year but as I went to hug him I fell thru him and hit the floor

4 months ago

My grandpa passed away in 2019. A day or two after his passing, I had the most vivid dream. I couldn’t tell where we were.. it was white all around. I look up and my grandpa is smiling at me. He gives me a big hug, and I can feel his whiskers (5o’clock shadow) on my face. He told me everything was going to be okay.. then I woke up.

My grandma passed away about 8 months ago and I want to dream of her so badly… but I haven’t.

6 months ago

When I was around 14 my grandpa had just passed. He came to me in my dream and told me something was wrong with my dad. I cried all night to my mom that something was wrong. The next day I learned he had taken a bunch of pills and drank, was found passed out on my grandpas grave by a police officer who knew my grandpa and helped my dad.

cadence bennett
cadence bennett
11 months ago

so i had a dream that everything had gone back to normal and we were taking my grandfather to a nursing home and he started tellling me things i didnt know about him till i finally snapped and asked him to come back. he looked at me confused and then i woke.

1 year ago

i recently had a dream of my grandpa in his work shop with his arm cut

Reply to  trev
2 months ago

I recently had a dream of my gramps sitting on the bathroom floor with his right arm missing so I laid down with him to see what happened, he looked at me and said he was trying to bathe. In my dream I was shocked to see him thinking he rose from the dead. He had horrible dementia and I use to help him get in and out of the shower. It felt way too real.