Dreaming of Dolls

Thanks to Hollywood’s blockbuster movie “Annabelle” dreaming of dolls seems to be on the rise lately. Depending how the dolls appear in your dream will determine if they contain a positive message or negative omen.

Ever since ancient times dolls have played a vital role in the occult, magic and even religious rituals that are commonly represented as deities. Nowadays dolls have been incorporated in our lives by  childhood toys such as Barbie, or maybe you have noticed them in your house passed down from the last generation.

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Dolls are interesting dream symbols that emerge on two different ends of the spectrum. They have the ability to bring you back to a innocent time in your life where a forgotten memory might be stored – or – a manifestation of your fears that might be possessing you. Both sexes are prone to dream of dolls, however it tends to occur more with females.

Common Doll Dreams

  • Noticing a doll talking to you,
  • Possessed or haunted doll,
  • Childhood Barbie doll,
  • Voodoo doll.

Possessed Doll Dreams

Dreaming of being possessed is a very common dream occurrence that translates metaphorically to the negative things in your life that you have no control over. However dreaming of a possessed doll can appear for several different reasons often resulting to unknown fears in your life, or a repressed past memory that has been haunting you.

Before we jump the gun you might want to examine if you have a natural fear of dolls. Did you know their is an actual phobia of dolls called pediophobia. This is all thanks to popular culture, horror movies, or another traumatic event even loosely related to dolls. Do you have an irrational fear or should we dig a bit further?

Possessed Doll Meaning

Lets be honest Dolls faces are creepy because they look human but lack emotion. Could your dream be a metaphor relating to the people you may encounter that lack human emotions? Maybe it is something in your life that you think is real but deep down is fake. Humans have evolved to read facial expressions for intent faces unsettle our most basic social instincts.

Furthermore, dreaming of a possessed doll might bring to a time when you experienced a tragic event as a kid. These dreams can bring the dreamers attention to their “inner child” that part of individual’s childlike aspect. The goal is to rescue the child that is trapped in you so you can live a more integrated life.

The memory could have possessed you thus leaving the image of the so called “doll” as the time when your innocence might have been traumatized. The locations and the dolls behaviors in the dream are often clues that lead you in the right places to examine.(see haunted house dream).

Dreaming of a voodoo or haunted doll might suggest that someone could be manipulating you, or essentially has control over your core values. Perhpas it might even represent your childlike behaviors or immaturity that essentially haunts you or controls you.

Doll Dreams

So what do regular doll dreams mean? Dreaming of a Barbie doll can bring you back to an innocent time of you life. This might be a reflection of yourself when you were a kid, or at least, your repressed feelings when young. Maybe the Barbie is a projected role model an image you might want to become.

If you notice a talking doll in your dream the message is in the details. What was it saying to you?