Dreams of Natural Disasters

Every year natural disasters kill approximately 90,000 people year leaving millions of people affected by the wrath of mother nature.

These uncontrolled forces of nature are commonly known to manifest it’s way into our dreams often as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, landslides, hurricanes, floods, wildfires and droughts.

Nightmares of this magnitude are extremely vivid and known to purposely rattle out of their sleep. Days or weeks might go by but this particular type of dream resonates deep within the person psyche.

Natural Disaster Dreams

Dreaming of any sort cataclysmic event is often considered representation of a possible emotional or phyical upheaval. Before you start to dissect the meaning of the dream you would need to reflect if the contents of your dream might have been influenced by current global events, or news, or watching movies.

By distinguishing if there is a relationship between your dream and unconscious feelings projected feelings on the outside world takes you out of the equation.

However often times we dream of major tectonic shifts below the surface or an uncontrolled force that comes out of nowhere that relates to events in your life. Sometimes we are aware of these events and other times it comes out of left field. Furthermore their is a possibility that these dreams are a forewarning picking up on events to come in the future.

Nonetheless with every disaster comes a time of rebuilding and healing. Change might be needed in your life; this might be a message from the unconscious that will come in with a deadly force – fear might be the by product of the ego resisting change. Your dream will provide you with clues such as the type of disaster, people around you, emotions expressed and your location.

Wildfire Dream Meaning

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha.

Either unplanned or deliberately set, these dreams are very symbolic hinting at uncontrolled unconscious anger and rage. In alchemy fires were used as a symbol of personal transformation, however they also have the ability to cause mass destruction.

The wilderness can be seen as a mysterious place; in fairy tales and legends, they are filled with unknown creatures, dangers as you explore at your own risk. This is the place which children become adults as it tests their manhood, the realm of death illuminating in nature which they must penetrate to find meaning.

The fire could represent purification and cleansing, a symbol of  new beginnings and spiritual advancement. Uncontrolled emotions such as rage and anger lurk behind the scenes that might be a metaphor for a forest. The emotion is the unknown spark that is capable of self destruction. If you are in a safe distance or stuck waiting to be engulfed in flames can alter the meaning of the dream.

The forest can also symbolize the connecting with the feminine or the mother as its the place where life blossoms. Alternatively, the depths of the forest cannot be seen as they also hold many dangers of demons, enemies and illness.

This brings your awareness to the unconscious aspect of the dreamer. The uncontrolled destructive force can turn your attention to the inner feminine at risk.  A possible distorted mother complex has lead the fire out of control as it burns anything in its path.

  • Obsessive.
  • Change or transformation.
  • Jealous.
  • Frustrated.
  • Vindictive, anger, rage.

Flood Dream Meaning 

Floods are an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits, especially over what is normally dry land. These dreams are symbolic associating the dry land (conscious) clashing with water (emotions) that is usually unconscious. As a metaphor, the concept of flooding can be associated with large amount of feelings/emotions that covers a wide area. The uncontrollable force has the power to destroy cities, towns and houses.

The floods mimic aspects of your life that are out of control, dangerous and overwhelming in your life. Coping mechanisms are no longer able to hold the force of the water as it come rushing to the shore. These feelings can be a build up of disappointment, grief, hopelessness and depression.

Houses symbolize your mind/psyche and when the water penetrates your house it shows that its an mental struggle you are facing. The term ‘flood gates are open’ suggests the build up that has accumulated over time and its time to face this issue. The most well-known and common apocalyptic symbol is reference in the Bible about Noah and the Great Flood. The ending of one cycle and the beginning of  another cycle.

  • Depressed mood or tears.
  • Personal loss.
  • Relationship.
  • Withdrawal from others.

Earthquake Dreams 

Dreaming of a sudden violent shaking under the ground causing buildings and houses to crumble are very powerful dream omens. The unexpected movements of the earth’s crust shows you that you are not in control on the ground. Earthquakes are symbolic showing you the connection between the underground (unconscious) or unknown events and the ground (personal stability/ego).

A possible death or shake up of old attitudes, behaviors or emotions the dreamer must be faced with. The symbols are invitations to head underground and explore what is below the surface to facilitate change. Resistance or hesitant to change the surfaces rumbles calling the dreamer to investigate a more meaningful existence.

  • Conscious shifts
  • Calling for change
  • Tension starting to release
  • Shake up
  • Rebirth or transformation

These dreams could appear as situations you may be facing with at the moment, or possible precognitive dreams hinting at shaky events to come in the near future. Interestingly enough earthquakes happen over an area of the fault line, called the rupture surface.

The dream might be pointing at ‘fault’ as a symbol of blame as the outcome will rupture. The rupture starts at a point on the fault plane called the hypocenter, an area deep down on the fault.

This might be suggesting an issue with the ‘core’ self that has come to the surface. The dream might also suggest a ‘shift’ between the unconscious and conscious. These events can be related to short disruptions in emotions, relationships, outside factors or internal shifts. However, after an earthquake there is always rebuilding and recovery. These dreams could hint at to break down the old structures that were built in the mind so the new can flourish.

Windstorm Dreams

Wind synonymous with air one of the four classical earth elements, along with earth, water, and fire. This is the element that is often correlated with breath, life, communication, knowledge and the holy spirit.

A powerful dream omen that is the messenger of the gods with divine intervention, the significant breath of the universe. Windstorms are associated with air might mirror the strong air accumulated during mediation. In order to let go of your thoughts you will start to focus on deep breathing. This will connect the mind, body and soul as one.

Wind can appear in your dreams reflecting the ‘Tao’ or ‘the way’ mysteriously hidden; subtle or forceful as it carries you though your life journey. These shifts are part of the natural order, do not resist. They come as an enormous change shifting our thinking, beliefs and consciousness. You might become powerless or paralyzed as the wind force is out of your control.

We look at it, and do not see it; it is invisible.
We listen to it, and do not hear it; it is inaudible.
We touch it, and do not feel it; it is intangible.
These three elude our inquiries, and hence merge into one. – Tao Te Ching

Tornado Dreams

Tornadoes are the earth’s most dangerous storms, they are a violent rotating column of air touching the ground. When tornadoes appear in our dreams they are warnings pertaining to loss, destruction, emotional upheaval and fear. How the tornado presents itself will determine if the destructive force is internal or an external concern.

They appear to show us the unpredictability of its nature as you are left in the dark knowing if it can attack at any moment.  The ground and sky connection bridges the conscious and emotional side of the dreamer.

The formation of warm and cold; unconscious to consciousness builds slowly in the distance waiting to be noticed.

  • Increased level of stress.
  • Inability to see a destructive from around you.
  • Anger and emotional upheaval.
  • Fears and losses.
  • Rebirth or transition.

Hurricane Dreams

A hurricane is a severe tropical storm with devastating high winds accompanied with heavy rain. Warning of hurricanes prepare you to board up your windows and stay indoors. Dreaming of hurricanes suggests a destructive outside force that has the ability to destroy your home. Hurricanes could be unconscious as it develops weeks before it touches down in your area.

Your house would be synonymous with your mind/psyche as its threatened with danger from an unknown emotional force.  If you are caught in the cyclone you will be forever tossed around by uncontrollable movement that could excite or torment you.  One can gain insight from the aftermath leaving your knowledgeable as you conquered your fears, or left in the rubble trying to get your life back.

Avalanche Dreams

Avalanches are masses of snow, ice, and rocks that fall rapidly down a mountainside caused by loud movements.  Avalanches are symbolic as they are beautiful to witness from far away, but deadly up-close.  The snow would be symbolic of frozen, coldness and rigidity of the emotional side of the dreamer.

It is coldness, the void of love, an unexplored area that no one dares to explore. Winter is a season of death, the separation line between conscious and unconsciousness. Mountains are thought to contain divine energy, to seek enlightenment on the pilgrimage of transcendence. Your distance from God, access to the sky and heavens disrupted by motion. Emotional temperamental and could off set any any slight disturbance.

  • Anxiety.
  • Past trauma.
  • Frozen emotions.
  • Spiritually disconnected.

Volcano Dreams

Volcano dreams are very symbol because they connect us with the element of fire and the potential dangers.  Volcanoes bring your awareness to the mind and body connection. When the mind stresses, resists, ignores and builds up issues from the outside world it mimics the pressure of a volcano ready to erupt.

Investigating the areas of stresses can help stop the build up from harming others and yourself.  The lava represents heat, rage and anger as it needs to be released.

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami dreams bring your attention to a disturbance of the unconscious to the conscious. This was erupted below causing a flood of emotions to hit the surface with an impact. The uncontrolled pent up feelings or repressed emotions no longer can take the pressure below and now has burst. The damage that hits the surface is an indication of the repression.

Drought Dreams

Desert or drought dreams is the absence of water; water is connected to our emotions in our dreams. Droughts act as a metaphor for something neglected or depleted in your waking life. A craving or spiritual thirst, a time to be strong when going through tough time.

If water is the source of life the drought is mirrored in your dream for the opposite. Your energy might be drained spiritually, emotionally or physically; struggling to clench the thirst.

Jeremiah 17:7-8“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.”

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2 years ago

I keep having dreams of natural disasters destroying the earth, floods, hurricanes, but last night it was about an earthquake. I was in a big auditorium with my husband and there was a threat that an earthquake may or may not happen. It came and crumbled the building we were in, people running out frantic. I gripped tight to my husbands hand and we ran through destroyed buildings/houses trying to get somewhere safe, at some point a thunderstorm started. I got in a car and started speeding down the highway, it was chaos. Eventually I reached downtown, ran through streets… Read more »

Amber Buss
Amber Buss
2 years ago

Last night I had a dream about being on vacation with my family. Everything was going well, the sun was out, we were all enjoying each others company. My mother and I had stopped off at the store down the street to grab a few things. When my mother and I arrived back at the camper and finished unloading everything, we all decided to go outside and play a game of catch with our little boxer dog. All of a sudden we started to hear a loud rumble. We weren’t sure where it was coming from exactly so we were… Read more »

Leilanie Tabucanon
Leilanie Tabucanon
3 years ago

I always dream of a tsunami. In my dream I am living near in a coastal area which is true in real life.it’s always a nice sunny day and afterwards a tsunami struck. I always knew that there will be a tsunami coming so I always save my self and sometimes I can save people around me. These dreams always comes and I always wonder what’s it’s meaning. Maybe this is the 10th time I dreamt of this.

3 years ago

Last night I had a bad dream that has effected me all day. It was pitch black and I was upstairs in a house, it was rocking and tipping like an earthquake had hit, and I knew the end of the world was coming, heat and fire and lava was downstairs and I remember knowing it would consume me and the others ( random people) in the house, I remember thinking which room should I wait in..I wanted the force of the lava and heat to knock me dead instantly and not let me linger..it was bubbling up the stairs… Read more »

3 years ago

I was curious what it might mean to see a tornado in a dream. I had one the other night in which I dreamed a tornado came on suddenly, from a cloudy, but peaceful sort of day to a full-on tornado. Yet I saw it all coming, gathered my family into the home take proper shelter from it, and the tornado came. We could hear it storming and raging outside. After it was gone I went out to check for damage and found that my home on the outside received minor damage at the least, while a destruction of the… Read more »

3 years ago

it helped me a lot thank you

4 years ago

recently ive been having a dream, and (sorry for the nerd stuff but) i would look out my window to see a large funnel cloud swirling and slowly heading towards the ground. and eventually engulfing me and my house. now i know i dont l sleep much, but the rare times i do sleep i have this dream, and im unable to wake up. i have a severe fear of tornadoes but i dont think this relates to this. i also dream in black and white, always have. in the dream my house is hit and essentially destroyed. when i… Read more »

4 years ago

I was out grocery shopping in my home town supermarket walking away with my girlfriend when I felt a huge breeze and a visual cold snap that instantly froze the clouds and the sky began to fall… I’ve looked this up for numerous interpretations… gotten nothing. Some of these could be similar to my situations I guess but would like to see things that are more specific to the sky falling… I’ve searched falling but all of them reference it nothing like I’m describing and furthermore only reference the sensation of the person or watching another human… I’m specifically speaking… Read more »

Joanne Goodwin
Joanne Goodwin
Reply to  Jacob
4 years ago

Hi I had a similar dream experience. I was shopping after work, cause I still had on my uniform, and panic engulfed the grocery store. They would only let women out of the store because of the storm. I managed to get to my vehicle but as I put the last of my grocery in a large gust of wind came from no where and started pushing my car. I held on to the door but was knocked loose when my truck went through a wall of ice. I saw a wall of water coming at me and I woke… Read more »

Reply to  Jacob
4 years ago

This dream was before the unrest and quarentine stuff. I’ve been looking for answers on this dream for a few months now because it was just that real in my head. The only one that comes close is a dream I had involving a gas station and a robbery.