Dead Grandmother Appeared In Your Dreams

Did you just dream of your dead Grandmother? Well you are not alone as thousand of people a month search the web to find out why their grandmother appear in their dreams. Though many are not satisfied with their finding.

In dream terminology Grandmothers appear in our dreams as representations of our intuition or positive choices in the future. However this might not be the case as these dreams tend to have a more meaningful experience behind them.

They often display some sort of coded message or it might even make you feel you actually made contact with her. Many people report that their Grandmother appears to be their protector or guide alone life’s journey.

Do we really have actual proof that your Grandmother paid you a visit in your dream? No! It would be virtually impossible to prove this to somebody. However there are some tell tale signs that will turn out closer to Yes than No. Maybe the only place they can contact you is in your dreams!

Dead Grandmother Dream

#1: It’s Vivid Nature

One major clue would be the fact of how vivid your dream appeared to you. Normally most dreams are usually not as vivid as when the dead show up in our dream realm.

Most often they appear to be smiling, healthier, or maybe looking younger how you used to remember them in good times. The details such as clothing, aura, locations tend to stand out, images are sharper.

#2: Receiving Gifts

Did you know it is quite common to receive gifts from your grandmother in your dream. As unusual as it sound what is hidden inside becomes a metaphoric symbol to the dreamer.

Your dead grandmother might appear to bring you money, food, or perhaps coins. But why? This cannot be a fluke. For some reason

#3: Symbolic Undertone

It is very possible you can dream of your dead grandmother as a sign of a repressed memory, missing her presence or she is a part of who you are. Though you might have a gut feeling it was something more than this.

If you dream of feeding your dead grandmother it shows that you are connecting or metaphorically nurturing her in someway. Food in dreams often has a spiritual connection to it.

#4: Emotions:

How was your grandmother in your dream? Was she happy, crying, sad or angry? These common emotions expressed are usually related to something happening in your walking life as they are observing from away.

This might be her feelings as she is looking down at you from above. Many people report kissing their dead grandmother that can be seen as a connection of protection and love.

#5: Holding A Baby:

Babies in dreams are symbols of inner transformations and rebirths. These positive dreams show that their seems to be some sort of connection between you are her. But what exactly? This new rebirth will relate to something in your life and she might be either watching or guiding you from above!

 Dead Grandmother Dream Meaning

Not all the time dreams represent direct contact, sometimes your dead grandmother appears as a symbol of a repressed emotion. Sometimes when we have trouble accepting the death, or perhaps you might  be missing her – feelings emerge in your dreams for you to come to terms with it.

If you dream of your dead grandmother coming back to life it suggests a part of you that is being reborn.