Dead Bird Dreams

Dreaming of birds can be considered very symbolic bringing our attention towards our own personal freedom, spirituality, and transition in our lives.

Similar to fairy tales birds can be seen as messengers that provides the dreamer with insight that has the ability to set the soul free. But what happens when you dream of a dead bird?

Death or noticing anything dying often leaves the dreamer anxious wondering if these dreams are considered a bad omen. This feeling can be justified due to the portrayal in literature and Hollywood movies – the moment a dead bird appears the protagonist is going to endure hardships.

Find Out The Benefits Of Dying In Dreams

However in our dreams we receive messages coded metaphorically that is relating to a specific time in your life. What you might see as death is actually associated with an ending of some sort. Moreover a dead bird in your dream might be considered a symbol of a rebirth or an end to pain and suffering.

Dead Bird Dreams

Since no two people live the same lives a dead bird may emerge for many different reasons. You will noticed in your dream with the dead bird you will be provided with clues such as locations, people around you, type of bird and your reaction.

In order to understand what a dead bird means in your dream you first you need to understand the symbolic nature of a bird. Metaphorically speaking we can use the characteristics of the bird and apply it to things in your life that are the exact opposite.

Since birds score high in the air it gives the dreamer a better perspective, vision of what might come in the future. They represent desires to be free, to lift off and explore wherever its heart desires. The dead bird in your dream might be reflecting aspects of your life were you are no longer able to grow or develop.

Dead Bird Dream Meaning

Pigeons are more frequent birds to show up dead as they are highly symbolic connected to love, peace, communication and freedom.

Noticing a dead bird falling from the sky brings your attention to things in your life that have suddenly stopped. Could this suggest that something unexpectedly  ended in your life? Dreaming of a dead black bird draws your focus to the shadow side of the dreamer, possibly a good omen.

Dreaming of dead bird coming back is a positive symbol that suggests that something you thought was once dead is now coming back to life. A rebirth or resurrection of something relating to (see below).

Dead Bird Symbolism

  • Related to thoughts, hopes or dreams.
  • Knowledge and wisdom.
  • Spirituality or soul.
  • Relationships, heartache or break up.
  • Advancement.

Dead Birds: Deceased Loved Ones

Many people associate dead birds as a message beyond the grave from a passed loved one. You might not be as fortunate to receive gifts from a dead in your dreams, but this can be a symbol of the ending of someone who recently passed. Birds like humans have a relatively short time on earth as the dead bird mirrors our life time.

The ancient Chinese connect the dead bird with immortality. Even with Indian mythology birds symbolize the departed souls, as Christian art depicts birds often appear as saved souls.

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1 year ago

What does it mean if you see gargoyles flying around someone then suddenly dropping dead to the ground?