Dreaming About Dogs?

Dogs in dreams are very symbolic images that often direct the dreamer towards loyalty, companionship, intuition, masculine energy, protection and our unconscious instincts. Due to its enigmatic nature the meaning of the dog changes depending the gender of the dreamer, how it behaves, or if the dog belongs to you.

If dogs are known as man’s best friend than these dreams might be metaphoric in a sense that this unknown force wants to become close to us. Sure they can even emerge as our best friends, but often times they act as our own personal guide in hopes we find what we are searching for. What happens before and after you meet the dog in your dream need to be pieced together to solve this metaphorical puzzle.

The good news is that dogs are considered very positive omens when they emerge in our dreams, in fact they may even have showed up as a symbol of protection, or perhaps a warning if something is unconscious to you. But what exactly could this be?

Spiritual Meaning Of Dogs In Dreams

A dog is a powerful symbol of understanding, unconditional love and true companionship. Dogs are commonly associated with Powerful Emotions, a connection with self preservation, knowledge while bringing us comfort during difficult times in our lives. Even though they might attack they are their to help direct you to find what you are looking for.

Did you know dogs are deep rooted in mythology and folklore? Just like our dreams they emerge as companion animals to heroes, gods or goddesses, or are depicted as creepy, foreboding creatures who stalk the night.

According to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung he claimed that the dog appears in a woman’s dreams called the ANIMUS to represent the masculine within the feminine. The dog offers to guide her closer to this masculine side that is inherently unconscious. By integrating these masculine traits the dreamer becomes more complete. Usually when she is attacked or bitten by the dog she is not in accordance with these traits.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Dog?

Before you analyze your dog dream you first must understand how your dream is communicating with you. Someone who might not be a dog lover would react differently than someone who hates dogs. Furthermore, dreaming of your dog or a previous dog might be connected to memories, or just sheer missing their company.

Interestingly enough cats seem to mirror the feminine side of the dreamer whereas the dog relates more to the masculine. According to Carl Jung he believes that both sexes have both male and female traits that are often unknown to them. Our unconscious mind sends messages using dogs “masculine” referring to instincts, urges and behaviors. In essence your dream wants you to find a balance within these energies.

  • Independent
  • Aggressive
  • Protection
  • Happy and Joyful
  • Best friend
  • Unconditional love
  • Loyalty
  • Love

Meaning Of A Dog Attack Dream?

Angry or aggressive dogs in dreams may either relate to confrontations with the people who you are close with – or – relating to your own masculine instincts that are underdeveloped.

A dog that bites your hand might be metaphoric for “biting the hand that feeds you”, closely associating with people close to you. If the dog bites your arm it restricts your own inner movement.

Being chased by a dog in your dream suggests you are running away or conflicting views in life. What could this be referring too?

Article: Why You Are Being Chased In Dreams.

How To Decode Your Dog Dream

Dreams symbols have a tendency to appear metaphorically this is why dogs are enigmatic when they emerge. Dogs collectively have similar traits being loyal, good sniffers, loving and so on. Though a German Shepard would translate differently than a Chihuahua. Why? Each breed has a different main function that can be used as a clue.

It is not uncommon to dream of your Dead Dog or current dog which often symbolizes love, attachment or repressed memories.

The color of the dog helps identify if this is unknown or accepted within. Usually white or brown dogs are positive dream symbols. Black dogs however are connected to the unconsciousness.

A black dog is a motif of a spectral or demonic entity found primarily in the folklore of the British Isles. Dreaming a black dog might be hinting at the ‘shadow archetype‘, the unknown part of the dreamer. If the dogs eyes are red in your dream it brings attention to the vision or anger of dreamer.

Injured Dog Dream Meaning

The injured dog might in fact be you – unconscious traits relating to your instincts, companionship and loyalty that need love. A sign to go inward and investigate what might be lacking within in the masculine side. A sick dog suggests a need to attend to the instinctual side of the dreamer. The past has caused neglect and and is crying out to be recused. 

Type Of Breed

The type of dog breed and its unique traits become a metaphoric clue where to look. Powerful or protective dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman, or Pitbull’s are symbols of powerful masculine energy. Whereas dog breeds like Labrador Retrievers might be hinting at to find or retrieve something. The role of the dog will also be a play on words either relating to someone or something unknown to you.

Dreaming of puppies are symbols of underdeveloped masculine traits or behaviors. If you are playing, feeding or looking after suggests positive future growth. If the puppies are sick implies you are neglecting aspects of your life or behaviors.

Ancient Spiritual Meaning Of Dogs

In Greek mythology Cerberus was a wild dog often called the “hound of Hades”, is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld. Snakes grew from his head from his back that also protected humans from entering in. In Asian folklore dogs are seen as symbols of good luck. The Japanese consider divine creatures that guard the temples from others.

In Celtic mythology dogs are considered a sacred symbol to the ancient Celts, due to their hunting skill. They connected with the gods and goddesses. Known as protectors of roads and keepers of spirits, protectors of the underworld.

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3 months ago

My own dog is very reactive and I can’t walk him in public, I constantly dream that we’re out in public he’s off lead and doing fine with all dogs, really confusing dream as in reality it’s the opposite situation!

pamela m hebert
pamela m hebert
4 months ago

i let go two larger dogs that were not mine for routine exercise into a large area that was supposed to be fenced as it backed up to a forested area but realized immediately that the fence that was once there was no more…and then, they were gone.

5 months ago

I had a dream that we got this one dog and it was kept on the secluded side of my family’s house, the fog wasn’t on a leash and had a light colours fur, not a lot, like silky, I don’t know the bread but it looked like all those race dogs. I don’t know why but after a while in the dream, I began playing with it because I was bored, even though I’d been told it was dangerous. But it was actually kind, it had its mouth taped up and that didn’t sit right with me, but under… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Jack
6 months ago

I was standing and talking to a group of people when a bunch of white fluffy dogs
passed by with their tails in the air. They looked like huskies and were panting and they seemed to be very happy… It gave me a good feeling.

Amy Ragobar
Amy Ragobar
1 year ago

I had a dream of a dog biting my hand and the next thing I know my dog comes in an attacks it. It did it twice and It was very powerful but my dog saved my life. I knew what the dream was hinting at because I had an employee who messed me up badly at work on purpose on two separate occasions. I guess my dog was an aspect of me that was defending myself. I love dogs so much and they even help me in my dreams. Great post!