Dreams about Digging

Are you dreaming of digging?

There are a wide variety of reasons for which humans dig holes, trenches, and other subsurface structures.

But in our dreams digging represents something totally different, in fact it has more to do with digging up the past that has been metaphorically buried. But this is not the case with every dreamer because some dreams about digging comprise of themes of being in a graveyard or even finding gold.

Anytime one symbol attaches to another the meaning drastically changes and it is up to the person to connect the dots. Digging in dreams can be both a negative or positive omen and based off of the context we will help you find the meaning.

Dreaming of digging ranges anywhere from finding something valuable within you that can be used in your walking life; growth, grounding energies, and digging up things in your past that you once buried.

Types of symbols that we dig in our dream

  • Dig up valuable items such as money, treasures and gold
  • noticing someone else digging something
  • digging in sand
  • dreamer is known to dig up a dead body or ones own grave
  • foods such as yams
  • digging a well, foundation and trench
Yellow Komatsu digging machine at a landfill.

Spiritual meaning of digging in dreams

Studies have observed that humans have a seemingly instinctive desire to dig holes in the ground, something that could have been manifesting in early childhood. Like other animals, humans are known to dig in the ground in search for food and water.

Spiritually speaking digging becomes a powerful symbol that suggests you might be unconsciously in search for something that contains value. Regardless of what you dig up in your dream the find is very important to the dreamer.

Did you just dig up something of value?

The meaning of digging alters if you stumbled upon valuable symbols such as money, gold and treasure box. What the dream is telling you that you are on the right track in search for something that will lead you to success.

In most cases what we find is unconscious to the dreamer suggesting that this dream has precognitive elements predicting the future.

If you dream about digging up money it represents you find value in your walking life –money in a dreams is symbolic to self-confidence, self-worth, wealth, power and prosperity.

Though digging up GOLD in your dream tends to be the most symbolic of all images. Gold in dreams symbolizes growth, afterlife, spiritual enlightenment and protection and energy. So if you are digging up gold in your dream it represents finding these special qualities that are valuable to you.

Digging Up Treasure in your dream tells you about something unconsciously hidden within you that will soon be used.

Negative dreams about digging

Anytime the dreamer is in a cemetery digging up a grave or perhaps a dead body suggests they are metaphorically digging up the past. You might be trying to retrieve something in your life that you have laid to rest along time ago. These dreams might be pointing at your inability to let go or to understand what you buried in the past.

This is why when a dreamer digs his own grave in their dream it becomes a symbolic metaphor for doing something that will eventually lead to more suffering in your life.  For example, digging your own grave might be smoking habits, drugs, alcohol or cheating to get ahead.

If you are digging sand it is a negative symbols of wasting time. You are trying to find something in your life that shows no ability for growth. What Is Underneath the Sand? Approximately 80% of deserts aren’t covered with sand, but rather show the bare earth below—the bedrock and cracking clay of a dried-out ecosystem.  This is why Sand In Your Dream is known to be a negative element that needs to be figured out.

Digging up food in dreams

If you are digging up any sort of food such as yams is a positive symbol of inner wealth, nurturing positive energy and growth. This might have been something you have planted in the past and now you are getting the benefits from it.

In your dreams did you did a well, foundation or trench?

To dream of digging a well represents your ability to access the deep unconscious emotional side of you that is hidden away. Wells in dreams are positive symbols that represent spiritual wisdom & deepest resources.

Digging a foundation in your dream is a positive symbol that tells you about planning your future stable and successful. Foundations are blueprints of our minds when new structure are being built; by digging you are now starting this process.

To dream of digging a trench represents protection against a battle in your life.