Dentist Dream Meaning

Did you know that the average American spends 38.5 total days brushing their teeth over a lifetime, and approximately 25% of adults DO NOT brush twice a day. Gross!

So what does this have anything to do with dreaming? Perhaps this dream might reflect poor dental hygiene, or maybe the dentist mimics something in your life that you are avoiding but needs to be examined.

Since dreams like to use metaphoric symbols to relate to something else you might be encouraged to explore how you might communicate with yourself or others.

Depending your visit the dentist can be a symbol of change or some type of resistance relating to verbal communication. Was your visit pleasant or a vivid nightmare?

Dentist Dream Meaning

Teeth are one of the most ancient and common dream symbols that people tend to experience, though we are not quite sure what exactly it represents. They seem to connect the dreamer to communication, loss, image, vitality or a loss of power.

Similar to the doctor who can be seen in dreams as a healer, sage, or the proverbial wise man; the dentist just like in real life is hated in dreams as well. They are commonly known to pull or take out teeth in your dreams. However they can come as a positive omen when they are known to clean or when you show up for a visit.

In the Bible Teeth are spoken about in Psalm 58:6. This is when King David prays to the Lord to help him destroy the enemies. He said: “Break their teeth in their mouth”.  Thus connecting teeth and power as the same thing. Just like our dreams we must approach the in a metaphoric manner.

Teeth and the dentist seem to go hand so we must investigate a little bit further. Dentist usually emerge as messengers to either signify recent internal healing that could relate to communication – or – you need to go in to correct decay.

Common Teeth Dreams:

  • Dentist cleaning your teeth,
  • Paying a visit to the dentist office,
  • Pulling out your teeth in  your dream,
  • Seeing your dentist.

Dentist Dreams Translated

Despite if the dentist comes as a friend or an enemy in your dream they provide you a message for you to either examine what your unconscious fears, or a symbol of transformation.

Many dreamers report the dentist pulling or taking their teeth out. Could this reflect your impossible nature when asked to do something? The saying “pulling teeth” to do something that is especially difficult, tedious, or requires an extreme amount of effort.

Alternatively he is taking or removing something of value out of your mouth. Might this suggest a loss of power or authority. What tooth did he take out? Was it noticeable from the front or hidden in the back?

Your dream encourages you to investigate fixing or altering the verbal communication that is often projected on others. Could this be a time to change the way you speak to others, or negative speech patterns?

If you dream of a dentist cleaning your teeth it suggests you are changing or cleaning something related to speech or communication. For instance this can apply if you are swearing, bad talking others, or negative thinking.