Door Dream Meaning

Doors can be considered one of the oldest recorded dream symbols dating as far back as ancient Egyptian times. In many different cultures and religions, literature, folklore, and mythology, doors and doorways are used to signify new developments, beginnings and transitions in life. In our dreams doors manifest in a very similar manner.

You might be in for a surprise if you just think a door is an insignificant movable structure used for opening and closing an entrance in your dream.

This magical gateway determines if the dreamer has permission to advance or must remain stuck where they are for longer. The image of the door can be depicted both a positive and negative manner depending how it appeared to the dreamer. So where exactly is the door hinting at?

Door Dreams and Symbolism

It would be trivial to say that all doors represents openings or closing in one’s life. This is a complex symbol that seems to mirror an aspect of your life that is unconscious to you, they may appear to be opened, locked, broken, knocking, or perhaps somebody arriving at the door.

Doors are often metaphorical, enigmatic symbols that encourage you to open or unlock different aspects of your life.

Door Dream Symbolism

  • Unconscious achievements, blocks or advancements,
  • Relationship movements,
  • Business, work or career changes,
  • Spiritual advancement,
  • Privacy, control, and protection,
  • A message, future pathway;
  • Foretelling good or bad news.

Fun Facts:

Did you know that the ancient Egyptian dream interpretation book said an open door was a sign of a favorite visitor arriving. According to Carl Jung he considered a door was transition from one phase to another. 

Open Door Dreams

Dreaming of an open door is a very positive omen that will be reflected in many ways in your life. As the opposite of something that was once closed in your life, you are now granted an opportunity to walk though and advance.

The location, size, color, and how the door opened are all clues provided to better help you decode the meaning. If you noticed that the door opened by itself you might be a receiving some luck, a synchronistic event that makes you advance in the future; or personal freedom that has been unlocked for you.

An unlocked door in your dream can be applied to both your walking life or unconscious emotional growth in your life.

Multiple Doors Dreams

Noticing multiple doors in your dream is another positive omen that reflects multiple choices, opportunities, venues, options in your life. You have been giving a message that you have choices that may be right in front of your eyes, or what might be on the horizon.

How many doors did you see? Two, three, four, or five? Could this be a representation of how many choices you have? Are they opened or closed? Do you have the option to go through every one? What door did you go though and where is this door located?

Someone Standing at Your Door

Dreaming of someone standing at your door is a common occurrence that can be either positive or negative. A tell-tale sign would be your mood and the atmosphere in your dream.

They have specifically chosen to come to your door to bring you news or a message. Alternatively, the person might be a manifestation of what will arrive in the future.

What was the sex of the person, was the face known or unknown, what did they want, what did they bring, and how did you interact with them? These are all important factors inn determining what your door dream means.

Someone Trying To Open Door

Dreaming of someone trying to open your door can be considered a nightmare if you don’t know who or what they want. Your general mood or atmosphere in the house will determine if this person is either good or bad. Perhaps this person could be a representation of an unexpected visitor or someone who may open doors for you.

The different rooms of the house will mirror what is unconscious to you that someone might be trying to get in. This might be someone or some event or situation in your life that represents a personal infringement, or a breach of privacy or someone trying to get into your personal space. Though, many dreamers report someone opening up their bedroom door as they are fast asleep, which is often associated with sleep paralysis.

Article: Ghosts In Your Room or Sleep Paralysis?

Door Opening and Closing Dream

Could the symbol of the doors opening and closing reflect opportunities or relationships in your life? If the door opens by itself might represent new growth or a transition in your life. A closed door might suggest that you missed a chance to seize the moment in your life.

If the door is opening and closing by itself it might represent waiting to take the right opportunity before advancing. As one door closes another one opens up.

The sound of doors opening and closing can occur between sleep and wakefulness. A door that is unable to close turns your focus inwards representing aspects of yourself that is not protected.

Locking Doors, Unable To Lock, Broken

If you are locking a door in your dream, it may relate to closing or protecting unconscious aspects of yourself to people in your life that could pose a threat. A need for personal space or not allowing other people in is often the cause of these images.

Being unable to lock a door represents being vulnerable allowing other people to access your personal space. A symbol that encourages you to explore areas in your life that you feel unsafe, defenseless, or exposed.

A broken lock could represents how the past has made you feel insecure, weak, or accessible. However a broken lock can be a positive symbol that suggests freedom, no longer stuck, advancement from the past.

Wind Opening Up Door Dream

Wind is a symbol in dreams that comes in unexpected, with force from an unknown place. Some say that the wind connects us with the spirit, knowledge, a carrier of news or a message.  Wind can also be associated with the breath and opening up different chakras while meditation, tai chi or yoga.

A powerful force connects to where the “consciousness” or “higher awareness” resides within. Your reaction to the wind reflects your sensitivity or weakness to this matter, especially if it opens or closes a door in front of you.

Door Slam, Knocking, or Banging Dreams

A dream of a door slamming might bring your attention to closed opportunities, especially if there is a forced, aggressive closure. This may also be the unconscious parts of yourself that have been closed shut for self-preservation.

Knocking or banging doors in dreams can be viewed as a message, arrival or news coming your way. In the Bible, knocking at a door is also a symbol of spiritual revelation. Revelation 3:20 says: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”

Small Doorways Dream

Noticing a small doorway in your dream symbolizes a tight passage or small transition from one place to another. Something that might be hard to access, possibly connecting to the past. The location and type of room are clues that will help you understand what opening is hard to enter.

Door Knob and Revolving Doors

Often times people notice a missing or broken door knob in their dreams. In order to get through to something in you life you are missing a vital item. The knob allows you to gain access to the other side. What does the knob represent in your life?

Revolving doors in your dream might suggest something that might not be staying around for long.  Things in your life that are continuously coming and going, rather than staying somewhere.

Red, White, or Wooden Door Dream

A red door in a dream is a symbol of hospitality and protection against negative energy. In Eastern mythology and beliefs red brings good luck, therefore, red doors are considered lucky.

Noticing a  white front door implies pure, clean, organized, simple, and serene. A wooden door is closely connected to a ‘tree‘ a powerful dream symbol suggesting heaven and earth, transition, rebirth and grounding.

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1 year ago

I had a dream where i was in my room, i was on my bed and my tv which usually obstructs my view of my closet was gone, and my closet was an opened doorway and on the otherwise was full of light, but 3 bells sat in the doorway hanging with a string, for some reason i thought to take down 2 bells and i did but with my mind, after that a presence of the room changed and i started to feel weight on myself and i couldn’t move but i kept trying, later i realized i couldn’t… Read more »

1 year ago

What does it mean if I’m trying to open a door and I can’t open it (in my dream).

Reply to  Vanessa
1 year ago

I had a similar dream last night.I dreamed I was leaving a bank and trying to push a heavy wooden door open to get out, but I could only manage to open a little gap, before a man came to help me. Then I woke up – So I could not find out if we were successful in getting out – annoyingly!

Last edited 1 year ago by Tania