Driving In Dreams

Why you are driving in your dreams?

Once you are driving in your dream it becomes a symbolic representation of your control, direction, flexibility and choices that you make in your life.

The car is essentially an embodiment of the mind-body connection as it navigates towards its goals and destinations.

What is interesting about driving in dreams is it takes your present self and paves the road for you in the future. Sometimes driving dreams are precognitive in nature; foreknowledge of an event, especially as a form of extrasensory perception that metaphorically manifests what’s ahead of you.

Driving is not your typical type dream theme because it allows you to investigate if this direction will hold you back, a need to slow down, or takes you towards success.

Driving dreams apply to everyone across the board even though you may never have been behind a wheel. Why? If you think about it sometimes we fly planes or ride motorcycles in dreams without any experience, yet the meaning will be the same.

Common themes when driving in dreams

  • Driving off of a bridge, in a body of water or off a mountain
  • The dreamer is known to drive a new car or a high powered sports car
  • Noticing the car going to fast
  • The car goes in reverse
  • Sometimes we are going down a steep hill
  • Being unable to use the brakes
  • Driving a black, red, or white car
  • You are driving for the first time

Dreaming of driving a car spiritual meaning

What makes driving in our dreams such a powerful symbol because the vehicle becomes a conglomerate comprising of body, mind, heart, spirit, emotions, and other connecting ligaments.

Our spiritual, physical health and emotional state of mind is intimately intertwined in what’s known as the mind-body connection; an inner network that is often unconscious to the dreamer that reflects in the dream. Driving at night connects you towards the unconscious, feminine and yin energy; whereas the day belongs to your conscious awareness.

Ultimately whatever happens while you are driving, or what kind of car you are in will determine if the outlook in the future is either positive or negative. Spiritually speaking our car really is connected to our own  freedom and flexibility. You may metaphorically stop wherever you want, take any street, any shortcut that suits your commute hours.

Can driving in dreams predict the future?

Driving dreams could predict future events because there is no better symbol than what could possibly manifest later down the road for you.

Dreams That Come True The Next Day can be a rare experience but it isn’t something you should rule out either. The dreamer would need to incorporate both their inner and outer worlds to see if the so called “driving dream” contain psychic elements.

For example, if a car shut down in the dream it might hint at some sort of halt in their progress. Now, if the dreamer where to reflect if the theme mimics some sort of metaphoric break down that is mirroring their situation in their life such as relationships, emotional setbacks, to do with your job or physical.

If the theme remains unconscious to you it still doesn’t classify as a “precognitive dream” just yet, but something you could be avoiding. Let’s say the car that breaks down in the person dream represents being consumed at work (mentally exhausted). Now the theme would obviously appear to be unconscious to the dreamer because they chose to acknowledge it. So crashing becomes an inevitable breakdown.

The few cases when driving in dreams predict the future usually tends to be more vivid and meaningful. Driving in your dreams helps you look out for unexpected danger, warnings to avoid people or situation and advancements on personal growth.

Did you dream of driving off the road?

Driving off of the road becomes a negative dream theme that results in a loss of direction, movement, obstacles, or personal freedom.

How the road presents itself or the location becomes helpful a helpful clue in what area in your life is point at. The dream becomes a warning to help you get back on the right track.

To dream of Driving Off A Bridge represents a failure bridging two aspects together, as well as re-establishing relationships in our waking lives. Bridge  are symbolic in the sense they are able to advance us from the old ways and habits to a higher connection or new path. Something has caused you to veer off course. Was that you or something else?

If you had a dream about Driving Off Of A Mountain represents a failure in your upward progression to reach a particular goal in life. Mountains emerge during the beginning of struggles or difficult times, but once accomplished the dreamer is rewarded.

Driving off of land into water in a dream differs from your average crashing dream because you descend into your unconscious emotional state of mind.

Water in dreams is synonymous with the dreamers emotions — the dreamer has lost grounding and direction in life and now the dream warns about avoiding DROWNING. Driving in water is a common theme that encourages the dreamer to stay focused and not lose sight of getting back on track.

Are you driving a new or sports car?

To drive a sports car in your dream is a very positive symbol that represents new power, vitality, life force, success and the speed it will take you there. Driving as red sports car in your dream connects to your passions, vigor, energy, love and courage. Dreaming a white sports car in your dream represents the powerful force of your inner drive mixed with your innocence.

To dream of driving a new car is a positive symbol that suggest new change that will benefit you in your life. You may have gotten rid of your old ways (drive) that no longer serves a purpose to you.

Was your car driving fast?

Driving a fast car in your dream suggests quickness and speed when obtaining your goal. But the dreamer should be warned they might be going to fast in a particular area that might cause them to crash. You are more likely to lose control going too fast. The speed might in fact mirror risky decisions or pushing yourself to dangerous limits.

What happens when you dream of your breaks not working?

A common dream when we are driving is when you slam down on the breaks but it is not working. This has happened to me many times and it seems to relate to a loss of control or unable to control the outcome to our destiny.

The car breaks become metaphors that help us stop before we crash into something. In dreams when we crash our cars it becomes a symbol of a major inconvenience and setback. Without breaks it implies you will feel anxiety connected to this area in your life. The location and people around you when you cannot stop your car become clues in what to look out for.

Driving down a steep hill dream meaning

Driving and hills are great symbols that point towards your minor challenges and obstacles we face in our lives. By going down the hill you may have completed this task but your dream seems to hint at carelessness, danger, and control issues before things settle down.

Dream of driving in the car with someone

To dream of riding in a car with someone can suggest that you are not in control of your own drive, or relates to your journey moving forwards with this person. Now depending what happens in the car alters the meaning entirely. Positive dream revolving around being the passengers suggests you will get to the next destination with ease, but crashes suggests you will be involved in an issue or setback but wouldn’t effect your own movements.

Did you dream your car went in reverse?

If the car belongs to your drive, going back becomes a metaphor relating to going in the opposite direction in life. Depending the location it might be hinting that you are trying to live in the past. The dreamer must reflect in what area in their lives they stopped and started moving in the opposite direction.

Are you driving for the first time in your dream?

To dream of driving for the first time reflects something new in your life that holds a lot of responsibility.

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Jaelen Miller
Jaelen Miller
2 months ago

I have reoccurring dreams of driving to and from places that don’t exist but only in my mind. But they are always connected to a place that exists. Usually it’s me driving 3 hours from a snowy notation location in the mountains back to Lansing Mi, another is I’m driving to a town connected to Lansing mi around 45-50 min out and it’s a carny town type thing.

5 months ago

I dreamed I was on a date, and I was a passenger. We stopped for gas and my date opened the hood and the cars engine fell out. My date was troubled but mostly unbothered and we went to dinner and then dancing.

9 months ago

I had a dream I was driving up hill and I had no breaks I was able to co tell it but I stopped on the side of the read to let my older son and husband out to go to the bathroom. I moved from the drivers seat in to the passenger seat next thing I knew my 12 year old has jumped in the drivers seat and started driving leaving my son and husband at the restroom and still driving with no breaks I had to pull the emergency break to get the car to stop because there… Read more »

9 months ago

My driving dreams almost always have me driving through a house or building. Not crashing, just driving like it’s perfectly natural. Especially my motorcycle .

10 months ago

I dreamed that my brother drove us out of a place (unsure if it was just inside or underground) We rode along concrete stairs that were very strange, almost like that optical illusion painting. After a while of following this path he sped up and we ended up going off the side of it. I don’t get the feeling that we were injured but i don’t have any recollection of what happened after.

11 months ago

I dreamed that I was sleepy while driving and forced myself to stay awake. First time while driving a car, I was entering a road, and again after attending a function, I was driving the police motorcycle. They saw me but did not pursue me for driving their cycle. In both instances (same dream) I wanted to get off the road because of the sleepiness.

Coco Fabry
Coco Fabry
1 year ago

Thanks for any insight about this dream. I have an idea what it means but I’d like some confirmation. I’m driving a car and holding a baby. I’m breastfeeding this baby. It’s a beautiful experience. I pull up at the traffic lights and look to my right and I see a group of police standing at the corner. One looks at me and sees me breastfeeding the baby and smiles. I smile back. Then he realises that I can’t drive and breastfeed a baby. I know that I should pull over because it’s dangerous and illegal. I pull over but… Read more »

Reply to  Coco Fabry
9 months ago

Sounds like you’re juggling too much, but afraid that you can’t ask or maybe get help.

1 year ago


David Garza
David Garza
1 year ago

I had a dream where I couldn’t use the breaks but found a safe alternate route. But then when I was looking out the front window I was seeing the back and when I was looking out the back I could see the road ahead of me.

1 year ago

Hi. I had a dream of driving an older red car with a good friend, she drove shortly only when I couldn’t manage the passage and later we appeared on a dust road in repair that was a different direction than we were supposed to go as if I got very accidently lost, but following the usual road to the destination.. right now I feel attracted to someone who I don’t know well yet, can it mean anything? Thank you