Unusual Baby Dreams

Baby dreams are so common that search engines average approximately two million searches a month. The majority of these dreams revolve around holding a baby, noticing twins, breastfeeding or even adopting a little bundle of joy. So why do we dream babies so often?

The symbolic nature of babies mirrors something new and exciting in our lives that will bring us joy. They are often seen as positive omens reflecting  good news, future success, and inner transformations in ones life.

Unusual Babies in Dreams

Even thought the baby might appear in your dream in a strange or unusual way it becomes a clue in what areas to examine in your life. In most unusual baby dreams a specific images tends to appear over and over again, usually a sick baby, you are cleaning the babies poop, or noticing a lost baby. These are symbolic images that point to some hidden issue that is unconscious within you.

Common Bizarre Baby Dreams:

  • Changing a baby’s diaper/cleaning poop
  • Finding an abandoned baby
  • Noticing a lost, sick or crying baby
  • Baby urinating or feces
  • Baby falling
  • My ex had a baby
  • Giving birth to a litter of kittens

Unusual Baby Dream: How To Interpret

Despite how strange your dream appears it contains a value message inside that is coded metaphorically. The baby is not a baby but a part of you that needs your attention urgently.

The good news is babies are symbols of transformation regardless if they are seen in danger or sick. You have been called to bring your attention to the neglected baby within, and in order to find him or her you will need to go back into the past.

Feet of a sleeping newborn in a bassinet.

This baby might be connected to your inner child referred in analytical psychology as the child that is trapped every grown adult. The growth is stunted due to a past traumatic childhood memory or experience. An underdeveloped inner child projects its behavior by displaying immature emotions, fears, anxiety and depression. Once the child becomes unconscious he or she will appear our dreams in many different forms, sometimes playful and other times in danger.

Wounded Inner Child Symptoms

  • Low self-esteem,
  • Poor body-image, mood and emotional imbalances,
  • Problems with boundaries being too rigid or too agreeable
  • Harming yourself, psycho-sexual difficulties,
  • Loneliness
  • Hoarder, a bully, manipulator,
  • A perennial victim or a super-achiever,
  • Intimacy problems.

Lost, Sick, Or Abandoned Baby Dreams

Babies that appear lost in dreams directs your attention to the ‘lost’ child that you carry within. Since you have established contact with your inner child the next step would be to bring him or her home safely.  This requires to do inner child work (see below).

Noticing an abandoned a baby reflects the rejected memories, feelings and emotions that connects to your inner child. This may have been a painful past experience that you may have forgotten that needs to be attended to. Alternatively the baby could be related to a project or some sort of development that has been dropped.

Sick babies emerge when your inner child has been neglected for years. The only way it can get your attention is though your dream in such a vivid and disturbing manner. You may have been ignoring the symptoms and repressing your feelings and emotions.

However a crying baby may be a metaphor to show that you need to stop being such a ‘cry baby’ in life.

Baby Diaper Dreams, Cleaning Baby Poop & Urine Dreams

Dreaming of ‘poop’ is a very common dream symbol that represents feelings of letting go, embarrassment and holding things in. It is a perfect metaphor for the negative and toxic things internalize in our lives.

Baby poop or cleaning a diaper in your dream  might be reflected in two ways, first would be related to your inner child; or relating to burdens during a new growth phase. You may also want to reflect on areas in your life that you clean up after children (metaphorically speaking). Often times people notice baby poop on their hands, or a baby pooping on them connecting the dreamer to dirty work, or cleaning up after other people’s mess.

Pertaining to the inner child, poop is a release of what has been held inside can be considered a good omen. Dreams of baby vomit suggests unconscious emotions that need to come up as they are not settling well with you.

Falling Baby Dreams

Falling is one of the most common searched dream themes we tend to experience. Noticing a baby falling in your dream could bring your attention to losing control over your inner child. Did you save the baby or left it drop?

Abortion Dream Meaning

To dream of aborting a baby is a negative symbol that mirrors feelings, identity or situations that have been aborted. Since this is something that was growing inside you and now will be terminated may reflect a particular area in your life. Your location and people around you in the dream will provide you with clues. Babies are often seen as inner transformations that needs to be revived again.

Dreaming My Ex Had A Baby

Dreaming of your ex is a common dream symbol that has doesn’t really have much to do with them but with you. They appear when we are trying to sort out or come to terms with the past, present, future without them.

If you noticed your ex was pregnant with a baby could imply that she might be moving on with her life. You might see it as a new development or growth within. Maybe it relates to your acceptance that you have moved on by accepting her independence.

Dreaming Of Giving Birth To Kittens

Just when you thought pregnant dreams couldn’t get any more bizarre along come kittens. What makes this these dreams so baffling is the how common they are especially for women who are pregnant.

A little of tabby kittens playing together.

To dream of giving birth to kittens might be related to anxiety or fears related to birth and becoming a mother. Another possibility would be the connection to the feminine energy – creative, protector, maternal instincts, yin energy.

Article: Symbolic Nature Of Kittens

Interesting Baby Facts

  1. Learning to talk begins in the womb.
  2. Babies are able to swim
  3. Birthmarks are are more common than you think.
  4. Newborns are short-sighted.
  5. Babies are born with more bones than adults.
  6. Breastfeeding takes practice.
  7. Babies‘ stomachs are surprisingly tiny, the size of a walnut.
  8. It’s normal for newborns to lose weight.
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Janice Fried
Janice Fried
1 year ago

I wasn’t pregnant, but a (single) friend was, et al. Anyway, as we were all getting seated around a LONG table (and I was wondering how’d I pay for this), you were walking around VERY PREGNANT wondering when you’d go into labor. At one point in that “meeting/event”, you DID go into labor! The next thing I realize, we’re all still at the table, but you walk in with a baby, but the baby was the size of a small toddler! I, then, scrunched down to “map a lap” and you handed me the baby/toddler?, or it was on my lap and the… Read more »

1 year ago

Had a dream of losing a baby and couldn’t find him

2 years ago

I was in a car with my sister and a baby while witnessing some female terrorists gunning down people in the streets. I was trying to protect both my sister and the baby but they disappeared and the setting changed. I ended up in my childhood house where it was dark and I was looking for them. I had a gun and managed to shoot the female terrorists then my sister reappeared. We went to look for the baby. One room had an elevator shaft in the corner and we checked it out. There was no electricity but there is… Read more »