Why Anacondas Appear In Your Dreams

Anacondas the worlds largest snake that is found in the amazon jungle in tropical South America. They are well known for their swimming ability and their ability to swallow prey whole. So why did they appear in my dream?

Unlike your typical rattlesnake or cobra that foretells a warning of a venomous strike ahead, the anacondas characteristics guides you in another direction.

This is a reptile that is semi aquatic meaning it spends a lot of time in the water. Water is a symbol often related to your emotional unconscious, a possible threat or warning; possibly connected to what is unknown to you.

Keep in mind this powerful snake restricts you as opposed to striking you with venom. It contains both negative and positive properties, depending the context of your dream it will determine if you are safe or in danger. The larger the snake the more meaningful the message.

Anaconda Dreams: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Snakes are enigmatic symbol in dreams meaning they can appear to have a negative or positive connotation. Naturally just observing this snake would kick off your innate instinctual response of hate, fear and probably revulsion.

Though in dreams we need to remove the fear and observe the snake metaphorically. Alternatively the snake might be connected to your “life force” or potential within you that is dormant. It can be seen as a symbol of death and rebirth, as if you confront your fears the skin will shed.

In Peruvian mythology the anaconda is a symbol of transformation, she is the two headed serpent, the mother of the forest. When she emerges she becomes the tree of life, one head points to the sky and the other eats its tail (ouroboros).

The snake eating it’s tale dates back 5,000 years during the time of ancient Egyptians – a symbol of death and rebirth. If this is a symbol that represents life within us why are we afraid of them in our dreams?

Anaconda Dreams: The Bad

Does this mean that you are in danger of an enemy in your walking life? The anaconda seems to be a manifestation of your own fears that have been hiding in the dark swampy waters wanting to be recognized.

In essence the anaconda is a part of the mind, manifested as the creature that looks vile and is widely known to be monstrous.

As mentioned above the sheer sight of this repulsive reptile makes you want to look away. The reaction could mirror your unknown fears or repulses that lie below surface. A symbol that encourages your to examine some of your darkest fears that are too big to ignore.

  • Rejected feelings
  • Unconscious behaviors and fears.
  • Impulses
  • Past memories

Anaconda Water Dreams: Emotional Alert

The anaconda is riddled with clues that help us decode the dream a lot easier. The fact that this snake dwells in the dense forest, spending most of it’s time in water, as well being nocturnal.

Powerful omens emerge: the water, nocturnal (moon) and forest all direct you right towards the mother, inner feminine, and unknown emotions. They hunt for a variety of prey items typically under the cover of darkness. A sign to explore your inner darkness.

Alternatively the anaconda is only becomes a threat once we allow it to be. This is a reptile that has the ability to squeeze the life out of us, a sign that what remains unconscious within is restricting you to becoming who you really are.

Once you overcome these hidden fears you will become more balanced and integrated individual.

Anaconda Attack, Shedding, Chased Dream

Dreams often use metaphors to deliver a message to what is unknown to you. Running away is proving to you that you are not facing your fears. When you are attacked you are letting your fears get the best of you.

Despite how uncomfortable these dreams might be they want you to head inwards and fight your fears. To stand up to things that you have been running away for a long time now.

Noticing the anaconda skin shedding can be seen as a positive symbol of transformation and rebirth.