Dreams about Adoption

Dreaming of adoption doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to adopt a child, rather a metaphoric symbol suggesting receiving something foreign or perhaps  giving aid. This can also be a profound symbol of your inner child, or integrating your masculine and feminine energy.

The most common dream theme usually revolve around adopting a baby boy or girl. However it is not uncommon to dream of adopting twins, triplets; or even cats and dogs.

Depending what you are adopting changes your direction from outward to inward perspective. Remember that these types of dreams are often metaphoric symbols relating to finding your inner balance.

Fun Fact:

Did you know  the earliest known adoption was the pharaoh’s daughter adopted baby Moses in the Bible. 

Dreaming Of Adopting A Baby Boy

Dreaming of adopting a baby boy roughly relates to integrating male energy in your life. A connection the the sun (son), creative masculine energy, father; outwardly to give life.

You have taken the responsibility whether consciously or unconsciously to nurture the male within you.

Males who dream of adopting a boy might be accepting their inner child (see below); where as a female has accepted her animus – the unconscious male within the feminine psyche.

Like the yin and the yang the child has always been a part of us but never recognized. The boy that emerges in a females dream has now made contact as your energies are becoming more balanced.

  • Less agreeably and more assertive.
  • Taking a stronger role in your life.
  • Adopting leadership skills.
  • Becoming more rational.
  • Learning and understanding masculine skills (handy man, cars, construction, etc.)
  • Integrating the shadow

Dream Of Adopting A Baby Girl

Opposite to adopting a baby boy, this is a symbol that encourages you to explore your inner feminine energy. The yin energy, moon, emotions, and harmony.

The baby girl has emerged for you to embrace the inner feminine within (male), or you have made contact with you inner child (see below). A positive omen implying a balance within the masculine and feminine energy.

The little girl connects the male to his inner feminine (animus), its energy has now been identified. You will grow with her to make her a full functioning adult within, alternatively making you a more integrated human being.

  • A heart full of love, inner emotions.
  • The art of listening
  • Practicing thoughtfulness and consideration of the needs of others.
  • Caring for the needs of others
  • Rediscovering the softer side
  • Creative energy

Fun Fact:

Did you know the US adopts more children internationally and locally that the rest of the world combined. 

Adoptions Dreams: Your Inner Child

More than likely you have been impacted by traumatic past experiences when we you were younger. Traumas can range vary anywhere from your parents divorcing, enduring physical or mental abuse, financial stress; or emotional neglect. It can be as simple as your brother or sister getting more attention than you.

When you adopt a child in your dream you are bringing a part of you back to yourself. This was an estranged child that needed someone to give it love and attention. Unconsciously to raise it to a normal functioning adult.

You can consider yourself lucky as this is a symbol of a new rebirth or new life within. The unfortunate people who ignore the suffering child within might have dreams of recusing the child from danger. This might have even been you in the past.

Adopting Dog And Cats Dream

Instead of looking at our inner child or new things we adopt in our lives, adopting cats and dogs relate to our unconscious instincts.

Like adopting a boy or girl, the cat and dog will both be similar to the masculine and feminine traits within. These are very symbolic dream symbols that imply you are integrating these qualities in your in your psyche.