Dreams of Husband Cheating

Thousands of searches are entered every month to find out what it means to dream of their husband. These dreams tend to be very realistic and vivid revolving around your husband cheating, having a baby with someone else, marrying another women or being shot at. What exactly is your dream trying to tell you?

Well its not so simple to translate as each individual relationship is different from the next. Dreams are often displayed metaphorically relating to a totally different issue you may be experiencing – usually unconscious or repressed emotions.

Why Your Husband Cheats In Your Dreams:

  • personal neglect
  • phyical or emotional needs not being attended too
  • giving attention to others (sports, friends, work)
  • not understanding your emotional needs
  • never home
  • past childhood trauma
  • fears of being alone
  • trust issues
  • doing something behind your back

Why Is My Husband Cheated On Me?

Waking up from these dreams will automatically want you to knock out your husband. Before you question his whereabouts first you must understand how the language of dreams communicate with us.

Cheating occurs when feelings are not understood or expressed, personal insecurities, relationship changes; as opposed to him actually cheating on you. However, if you suspect or have caught your husband cheating in the past these dreams will emerge due to trust issues.

Dreams send us images or symbols metaphorically so we can identify with them, for example: a snake that bites you might suggest an enemy or a deceitful person in your life. Similarly to a death suggests a rebirth or transformation.

The symbol of cheating encourages you to examine the grey areas in your relationship that has not yet been explored yet.

Its Me Not You

Most importantly you can investigative the areas in your life where you are feeling cheated on – financial, emotional or physically. The attention has now shifted to somewhere or something else and this has made you upset.

The context of your dream will provide you with clues such as the locations, people, and objects so you can apply it metaphorically to your relationship. The places might suggest where the underlying problem lies. They may even cheat on you with a women who you would never see him with, though it’s the qualities about her that transcend on a deeper level.

If he is someone who puts sports, work, kids or even hobbies before your needs, cheating will represent the lack of attention given to you. The emotions expressed in your dream are reflections how you feel about this particular situation.

Emotions Expressed: (clue)

  • sad
  • embarrassed, hurt and rejected
  • angry
  • unwanted or used
  • afraid to be alone
  • anxious
  • attacked

Marrying Another Woman

These dreams are quite common that encourages you to examine the type women he was marrying. This women might be a projection of qualities are repressed, envied, or desired within oneself.

In essence he is tying the knot, starting a relationship with something else in his life. This might be metaphoric reflecting new found hobbies, friends, or work projects. The joining of two things that has you feeling upset or hurt. The women is a manifestation of a bigger picture this is not being addressed.

Separation or Divorce From Husband

If your current relationship has been rocky lately these dream might develop. However, these dreams tend to arise even when you are in a healthy relationship. They occur when there is an actually distance or divide in your relationship. Something that was once attached (whole) is now separated.

If you dream of your husband leaving you it might imply he has left (removed) or walked away from aspects of your relationship. It might also relate to your experience with your own father – the rejected feelings that have been repressed (inner child).

A Baby With Someone Else

Babies or pregnancy in dreams are usually connected with personal growth, development and new beginnings. So how come you didn’t know about this? Well since dreams like to appear metaphorically it relates specifically to hidden aspects of relationship.

The baby could be projects, ideas, connections that where made in the past that you where not fully aware of yet. Despite babies or pregnancy dreams are positive in dreams what new beginnings your husband has acquired you have been left out. As a result you can reflect on your communication between the two of you.

Husband Dead

As disturbing as these dreams might come appear they are actually positive dream symbols. Death in dreams are often connected to owns own rebirth or change you might be unconsciously picking up on. The old habits and ways need to die off for the new to take over.

When change is manifesting in your relationship death emerges as a symbol of ending and completion. Funeral are closely connected to symbols of rest, rejuvenation and renewal reflecting personal change and growth.

  • rebirth
  • change
  • new beginnings