Dreaming of Ants

Ants are not only the longest living insects in the world, but they have been around for 130 million years. Their highly organized colonies and industrious nature are very symbolic in our dreams, though they can appear for many reasons.

Ants can be symbolic representing your individual strength, persistence and loyalty; or an metaphoric reflection to your nervous system. Too much movement, frustration and nervousness linking to your daily life schedule.

They can also be connected to thing that are bugging you. Depending the context of your dream you will be provided with clues to help you find the meaning.

Ant Dream Meaning

An individual ant is not very bright, it cannot smell or hear; though ants in a colony, operating as a collective do remarkable things. Ants emerge in our dreams in a metaphoric manner, they can represent a both good or bad meaning depending your lifestyle.

Ants can appear to be minor annoyances or disturbances that seem small and minor in your life. It could also suggest your aunt.

Ant dreams can bring your attention to your emotional state of mind, things that might seem small and insignificant. Examining thoughts and feelings that develops like a substructure (colony) suggesting isolation. What’s bugging you lately?

Analyzing an ant colony below the earth looks similar to the brain that accumulates lots of neurons. One neuron is useless with out other neurons, similar how the ants move to get things done.

Could this be linked to your nervous system? Ants acting as nerve cells to transmit information? Could this super organism be the individual, society or how your brain is wired? Do you need help from others to complete a goal?

Ant Symbolism In Dreams

  • Superhuman strength (lifts 20 times its weight)
  • Ants fight till death
  • Group name: army or colony
  • Social insects
  • Intelligent

 Ant Dream Meaning

To dream of Ants On A Wall represents minor issues or inconveniences that have been metaphorically built by you. Walls emerge in our dreams to symbolize protection or barriers that keep us safe. The house represents your mind or psyche, as the ants are minor irritations that need sorting out. They could come in the form of people, things or thoughts that are negative.

Whenever you dream of Killing Ants it represents killing off important skills or tasks, or issues that have been annoying you for sometime. Remember they move as a team and work collectively; this could be something you are self sabotaging

Noticing Red Ants point the dreamer towards anger and aggression. The color red in our dream often points to anger that resides with the dreamers mind or situations that are causing issues for them.  They are similarly connected with fire ants which represents irritability and possible danger if this is not controlled.

Dreaming of Black Ants might be related to the shadow side of the dreamer. This might represent negative thought patterns, behaviors, urges that can be out of control.

If you are Bitten By Ants in your dream it represents going out of your boundaries and overstepping other people. Ants only bite when they are provoked if you get too close to their progress. Alternatively, being bitten might be related to your instinctual side, or possibly being affected working to hard.

Ants marching in a dream implies organized, uniformed, steady walking forward in either rhythmic or route-step time. What could this relate to in your life at the moment?

Ant Idioms

In some cases you can look at idioms to find the meaning of what your ant dream means.

  • ants in your pants (annoyances)
  • piss-ant
  • warrior ant
  • small like an ant (feelings of insignificance)
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2 years ago

I dreamed of ants infestation in the house where I used to grow up. My family and myself were trying to trace where the infestation originated but couldn’t find it as they were coming out of a wall. I saw a coffee machine but there were no ants there. My late mother, aunt and sister were on the same dream but I don’t remember any interaction from them.

Kelli-Anne owen
Kelli-Anne owen
2 years ago

I dreamed I was walking on sand and spilled a bucket of water that washed the sand away revealing thousands of black ands that were hiding under the sand I flipped out and wanted to run to the sidewalk only 3 feet away but I didn’t dare take a step with ants everywhere. I needed someone to help me jump to the other side of the ant army. I don’t remember who it was

Dog lover
Dog lover
3 years ago

I had a dream where flies flew into my empty drinking cup and turned into HUGE black ant and they bit my grandpa.

4 years ago

I had a dream ants were crawling out of small holes in my skin, over different parts of my body. There were several but usually only one from each hole.

James b
James b
Reply to  The Dreamer
4 years ago

I had the same dream…coming from hole in my hand

Reply to  Melody
1 year ago

I had a similar dream where ants were coming out of my nose as I would blow my nose. There were even black ants that had burrowed in the corners of my mouth and as I would pick at them, they would come out. I never felt like they were biting me.