Dreams About Airports

Airports in are dreams are very symbolic images representing new departures, transitions, and adventures in your life. Unlike the image of the plane, the airport informs the dreamer of the starting or beginning phase of this current development.

These major life changing events may unfold in different areas in your life, often relating to goals, relationships, en-route to something new, mentally, sexually, business and physical achievements.

Airport Dream Meaning

From a spiritual observation the Airport Dream might connect with higher consciousness or higher planes as the plane itself will take you to new places. Airports are positive omens that suggest that something new is on the horizon and it is just a matter of time before you take off.

People who dream of airports in recurring themes often points to the direction of their inability to reach the next stage or stuck in one particular area in life. In most cases these dreams unfold by missing your flight, being late or problems with their luggage.

How To Stop Recurring Dreams


#1. Airport Symbolism In Dreams

One might overlook the size of the airport terminal in your dream but these are little clues that mirror your new transition. Noticing either a big or small airport metaphorically mirrors how big or small this transition will be. If you think about when you go on vacation from one country to another we are often in larger airports, thus reflecting a bigger or newer destination. Smaller airports in dreams reflect a smaller or confided shift taking place.

#2. Dream Of Getting A Plane Ticket

To dream of getting an airplane ticket is a very positive omen that only emerges when the wheels are in motion before you start this new adventure. In the following weeks the dreamer might in fact be on a plane landing or taking off – a sign that you have now started this process.

#3. Missing A Flight, Rushing, or Late

Missing a flight in your dream represents insecurities, lost opportunities, or an inability to meet your deadlines. The emotions expressed in the dream seem to be mimicking some aspect of your life you are unable to take off or get to the next stage.

Dreamers who rush to catch a flight represents their inability to organize themselves before this shift occurs. An image that encourages the dreamer to find out where he or she is falling behind.

Airport Dreams: Locations & Security

Do you know where you are travelling too? If the country is unfamiliar or foreign it will mirror this new venture taking place. If you are lost in the airport it connects to your own feeling and emotions that are stopping you from advancing See Lost Dream Meaning.

Security guards are symbolic representations of obstacles or approvals that can either deny or allow access.

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