Dreaming of UFOs

Dreaming unidentified flying objects UFO’s are interesting symbols that contains something hidden within. The metaphoric nature of dreams focuses on what is unidentified that needs to be recognized; or you are becoming aware of something important.

You can approach the symbol as identifying with something related to “The Self’ –  the part of the psyche that looks forward, that contains the drive toward fulfillment and wholeness.

UFO Dream Meaning

The vast space can also be a representation of the unconsciousness as you are met with something alien to you, something that seems strange and foreign. You are limited with your beliefs, though image is further than the eye can see; possibly representing your unseen potential. Your interaction with the UFO or alien signifies your acceptance to the change that is taken place.

The shape of the spaceship being circular  connects the dreamer to the self. The light can be represented as guidance as it specifically shines down on you, in essence it wants to communicate.

UFO & Alien Dreams:

  • the self
  • contact with something foreign
  • unconscious message
  • abducted
  • immigrants
  • psyche
  • outer body experience
  • sleep paralysis 

An out-of-body experience OBE seems to have a close connection with aliens and UFO dreams. This is an experience where a person see the world from a location outside their phyical body. In a sleep study researchers conducted a study to prove that these encounters with extraterrestrials are a product of the human mind.

The feeling experienced during an OBE can be quite similar to what dreamers perceive as abduction or contact. The inability to move as you are entering warp speed noticing lights everywhere. The lucid state makes the dreamer hallucinate similar to the feeling of sleep paralysis. They might encounter strange beings similar to how aliens are described.

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2 years ago

After seeing 3 moons and then holding a map and realising that the bright moon had geographical features and changed colour the same as my map, I went back down, to the front of my house. Then I saw a small ufo with long wheels at the bottom and going into the garage and looking at our backyard, where me and my family just were. Luckily, I told them to run and then the dream ended.

Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.

2 years ago

What does it mean when someone else has a dream about me saving the world from an alien invasion?

erick espinoza
erick espinoza
3 years ago

i had a dream where the aliens came but they weren’t just aliens they were called dominators me and 4 other friends were the only ones left, so we killed all the dominators and after a short time we found out that one of our friend’s little brother was a dominator. so he ran to a car and drove but then he crashed it and then i started chasing him and stopped him before he tried to shoot me and at the end we cuffed him up. what does this dream mean?

4 years ago

How do I contact someone to explain some unusual thinks that happened in my life?