Dreams About Abandonment

Are you dreaming of being left behind?

One of the most unsettling vivid dreams we can experience is when we are left behind by others in our dreams.

In life the fear of abandonment is arguably one of the most common most impactful fears that stems from early childhood. These feelings arise when an individual has a strong fear of losing loved ones. In our dreams however this feeling may be directed due to past childhood trauma, an unconscious fear of losing the ones you care about or about missed opportunities.

The reason why your dream of being left behind creates such anxiety because you dream not only wants to point to the ignored area of pain but to help you heal. Unfortunately you might need to do some digging to find the meaning of why you have been left behind. Even though it is normal to experience some degree of abandonment in your life, an experience as little as your parents leaving you at daycare could in fact spark these dreams from occurring.

Reasons why you might be abandoned in your dreams

  • related to a traumatic event, such as the loss of a parent dying, separation or a divorce
  • lack of confidence to be by yourself
  • stemming from the child not receiving any emotional or physical care
  • fears of your parents dying or a fear being alone
  • if you suffer from separation anxiety
  • being neglected or left out by your peers

Dreams of being left or abandoned by family

Dreams about being abandoned or left alone by family are common dream themes that often point to a traumatic past or hidden fears of your parents dying. Children who experienced some sort of past trauma tend to experience these dream more often. These particular themes might manifest in your adult life if you dream of your husband leaving you.

The dreamer may explore the past and see if  they need to find and heal their own inner child in order to heal from these past wounds. In dreams you may notice an abandon child that is looking for you to help assist them.

What does it mean when you dream about your friends abandoning you?

Dreams about your friends abandoning you represents your need to be part of a tribe or group. In fact this instinctual need come from our biology and our evolutionary history – While many species can survive independently as loners, human beings are not in this category.
Alternatively, dreams about your friends leaving you could be related to a past experience or your need to fit in with societal norms. To dream of being left out by family might hint at fears of not being accepted or relates to areas in your relationship where you feel neglected.

Let behind dreams modes of transport

To dream of being left behind by a bus points towards delays in your personal life and movements. Buses in dreams represents a form of transition that tends to be shorter stops as opposed to planes and cars; lost opportunities, delays, bad timing or not being prepared.
Once you are either left behind on a boat or a cruise ship in your dream it connects the dreamer to their emotional transitions that have been blocked. Something is telling you that you are not ready to advance in this area and need to do more self reflection.
Being left behind by a train in your dream represents a failure to advance or transition in the direction needed to go in life.

Dreams of abandoned meaning

Dreaming of an abandoned building relates to your principles, relationships, beliefs that have been neglected. These building have a lot to do with the dreamers past were they are exploring forgotten areas that once had energy.

A church that has been abandoned in your dream represents ignored belief system or to do with ones religion/spirituality. Abandon animals in our dreams such as dogs and cat usually point us towards our instincts or behaviors; masculine and feminine traits that needs to be reincorporated within the psyche.

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Patrice Bell
Patrice Bell
1 month ago

I always dream of falling off of bridges or driving off of them into water….My car is always submerged and I have to try to figure out how to get it out. Also, I have a lot of dreams about whales. Usually in dark milky water in a large pool. Not really the ocean. I am always afraid and trying to hide or get out of the water. Last night I dreamed a friends dog was in the water and I tied a rope to my self to get it out but when I hit the water I noticed a… Read more »