Cheating Dreams

People who experience dreams cheating on their significant other seems to be quite common. The theme usually revolves around the dreamer either kissing, foreplay and even sexual intercourse.

Depending the context of the dream, the translation that is projected on to the dreamer via unconscious can have many different meanings. Waking up feeling guilty or confused on why you may have this dream is common.

Dreams of this nature doesn’t necessarily suggest to you wanting to cheat on your significant other, but possibly a connection with the person that comes across metaphorically.

Possible Connection

There might be a deeper connection you may have felt with the person that comes across as sex in the dream.  The symbol of sex could be metaphoric, a like minded attractiveness, qualities you might share on a deeper level.  Some sexual dreams can even be with people who you may not be fully attracted too.

Trying to think about what positive attributes you may share or what makes you feel connected to that person might help you see the common bond.  Maybe deep down they show you aspects of your, “golden shadow” that you where not fully aware of yet.

Being Cheated On

These dreams can have us doubting our partner in the morning. If you are having any doubts in your relationship about cheating than this dream might occur. If this is a random dream then it could mean that you are lacking confidence or a deeper connection with that person.

How well do you know yourself in the relationship? If you where cheated on in the past innately you may experience trust issues. This dream can be very fitting. Speaking to your partner about your concerns can help with the anxiety.

If your partner is not cheating than you may want to investigate your personal trust issues and lack of confidence. What might be lacking in one area appears in our dreams in a metaphor.  Suffering from low self esteem can play a major roll unconsciously and needs to be worked out.

Could these dreams be linked to how you may not want to feel alone?  Have you been left alone in the past by your parents or other relationships? Writing down all of your thoughts and feelings in a book, also know as free association might benefit you in finding out the real reason you are freaking out.


Are you trying to hide something from your partner so they don’t find out?  Are you going something behind your partners back by not being fully honest with how you feel? Cheating doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to cheat on your partner, but you might be having some guilt about doing something that feeds your desires.

You might want to examine what you are doing in your walking life that might revolve around selfishness.  If you where having foreplay that this suggest you might want to be more playful sexually in your relationship.

A Desire For Freedom?

You might very well want to express that aspect of being free again. This doesn’t suggest for you to go out and cheat, but to closely examine what is lacking in your life. This could be anything from a thrill that was once had, the ability to be free and not worry.

That excitement, that rush and fun that could lacking in other areas in your life.  The mood in your dream might identify to feelings you have hidden inside of you.

The Anima/Animus

Dr Jung postulates that each individual has both a masculine and feminine side of the psyche. For a male the feminine component is the anima, and for a female it is the animus. If one of these archetypes are being repressed then the  woman or man  you are cheating with on will appear differently in the dream.  Accepting or rejecting these powerful aspects can change the dream theme entirely.

How the person appears might be the anima/animus projection that you unconsciously have shaped in your mind.  If the sex with this random person is good than it shows a possible closer connection to the yin and yang of our general make up.

The anima and animus can impact individual in either a positive or negative aspect. If a man is under the idea of the positive anima he will show tenderness, patience, caring, and compassion. If the anima is bad it can manifest as vanity, moodiness, bitchiness, and weakness to hurt feelings. A woman with a positive animus shows assertiveness, control, thoughtful rationality, and compassionate strength.


If you are having repressed sexual desires then dreams of this nature tend to occur. If you where one who always wanted to try other sexual partners than this dream can manifest to a sexual dream.  How did you feel when you woke up? What was the location of where it happened? Who was with you?  These questions can help you come up with a solution to fixing the issue. There are always clues to help you in the dream what you truly want.