Dreaming About My Aunt

Symbolic meaning of aunt dreams

The meaning of dreaming of your aunt all depends on your relationship you have with her or if she has passed on.

In most cases dreaming of your aunt represents protection, feminine energy, protectiveness and a supporting nourishing figure. Now the trick in determining what was the reason why she showed up in your dream would be to first understand what is your relationships like with her.

Was your aunt sort of like your second mom that showed you unconditional love or perhaps someone who reminded you of Cruella from the 101 Dalmatians. The reason why this is important would be to decipher if the dream contains a repressed painful memory or she has come into your dream as a guide to help you.

Aunts that appear in our dreams are very powerful messages that contain a very symbolic meaning.

How your aunt likes to appear in your dreams

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  • dead aunt appearing
  • aunt pregnant
  • dreaming of aunt holding a baby
  • aunt funeral dream meaning

Spiritual meaning of aunt in dreams

Did you know that, according to parenting experts, aunts are just as important as moms when it comes to raising children (especially girls)? Spiritual speaking the meaning of your aunt in your dream emerges in hopes you are a strong and independent person. This might be why more women dream of their aunts than men.

Aunts like to come into our dreams when we need guidance and to find reason in a particular situation in our lives. Even though you might have a good relationship with your mom, aunts like to step in when you don’t see eye to eye with someone close to you in your life. The dream should be coded in a symbolic way for you to find the answer within it.

Dreaming of crying aunt

Dreaming of a crying aunt contains more than just one meaning. Crying in dreams is a very powerful image of a release of emotions that were once pent up in the past. Now the dream could in fact be related to a particular memory, event or connection that you shared with your aunt that has been released within you.

Alternatively, your antenna might be intuned with your aunt and you are picking up on some sort of sadness in her life. Another possibility if you never had a relationship with your aunt and craved one growing up, the crying might be an unconscious reflection about your inner feelings.

If you notice that your aunt is sick in your dream it might represent something lacking within your relationship or something that needs nourishing within her.

Dreaming of aunt pregnant

Pregnancy in dreams is a very positive omen that usually donates new growth, success and development in your life. Your aunt could be pregnant in your dreams for many reasons and most of the time it has more to do with the dreamer rebirth.

Dreams are known to contain precognitive themes, and the fact you dreamt of your aunt pregnant might suggests you are picking up on some new growth in her life; perhaps she might in fact be pregnant.

Though for the most part these dreams contain more or a reflection of your own development that has similar attributes as your aunt that is growing within. Think about the dream and the location of where you saw her pregnant, if it was a boy or girl or inside your house. See pregnant dream in the search bar for more information.

Aunt funeral dream meaning

Funerals and death are commonly misunderstood dream symbols, in fact they serve the dreamer more benefits than negative omens. You see in our dreams the theme is often metaphorically coded and death can be sort of like a rebirth. I am sure you might have woken up thinking the worst but this is farthest from the truth — these dream tell you that you have unconsciously noticed a change with your aunt.

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Funerals tell the dreamer that this transition is in the beginning phases and will take time to unfold in their lives. Now another possibility of your aunt dying in your dream would be about forgiveness, letting go and change with your relationship. In a metaphor way you are burying what used to be only for the new to manifest.

Why your dead aunt appears in your dreams?

If your dead aunt shows up in your dream it will take sometime to sort out whether this dream was an actual visitation or tied into a repressed memory and emotion.

Usually when the dead contact us they come with love, smiles and sometimes hug us for a particular reason. Once you have deciphered if this was a direct contact with the dead then your aunt has come to bring you a message of love and protection.

If your aunt is dead but still appears to be sick in your dream it tells you that you are unable to let go and accept her death.

Biblical meaning of aunt dreams

The biblical meaning of your aunt in dreams represents feminine wisdom and intuition.

Exodus 6:20 “Amram married his father’s sister Jochebed, who bore him Aaron and Moses. Amram lived 137 years.”