Have You Ever Been Accused In Your Dreams?

Being accused in your dreams feels so realistic and vivid just waking up alone from this nightmare you will breathe a sigh of relief. You might just be an upstanding citizen in real life but in your dreams you are being charged with murder or stealing.

You might think you dodged a bullet for now, but being falsely accused in your dream is a warning that you are doing something you shouldn’t. Unfortunately, how the unconscious mind speaks to us in our dreams often confuses us, but there is a major lesson you are going to learn from the meaning of being accused. Remember the crime that you are charged with and what you are stealing will alter the meaning of your dream.

Meaning Of Being Accused?

We are often being accused of killing, cheating, crime, stealing money; or perhaps being wrongfully imprisoned in our dreams — these are metaphoric clues that points to underlying problem.

By investigating the emotions expressed in the dream when being accused – feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, anger, or confusion we become one step closer to figuring out what the dream is trying to tell you. So these feelings are actually being repressed in your walking life but in an area that remain hidden from you.

Article: Understanding Dream Emotions

Accused In Dreams

If you are being accused of something you didn’t do seems to be reflecting some aspect of your walking life that you are feeling wrongfully judged, blamed or guilty about. The main objective of these dream would be for you to reflect in what areas are you feeling blamed for no reason.

These particular style dreams can mirror anything from your relationships to workplace environments where some underlying accusations that fall under the radar. Remember you are being blamed for something you had no involvement it. Does this ring a bell?

Alternatively it’s unconscious origins might be pointing at a past experience that has molded in a particular way;  being accused from your past tends to be a recurring dream.

The fact that wrongful convictions just in the United States alone as estimated around 46,000 and 230,000 of an estimated 2.3 million prisoners have been falsely incarcerated, shows this can happen to anybody.

Accused Of Killing In Dreams

These awful dreams may reflect being blamed for killing off, removing or expelling aspects of your identity that still remains unconscious. You will be judged for this unlawful act as your actions have repercussions, see killing dream meaning. In essence this is something you need to be aware of, could be stemming from guilt or wrongfully judged.

Wrongfully Imprisoned Dream Meaning

You have been arrested and found by the judge to be guilty of a crime. Going to jail suggests this unknown issue will cause you confinement and an inability to be free (mental).

  • stuck, confined or locked up in some area in your life
  • your personal freedom is now restricted
  • time for repenting or reflection
  • mental confinement
  • negativity
  • controlled by others
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1 year ago

Dream my car had a flat and role it to gas station after fixing rolled back the tire got away and rolled in some one yard so got tire and continue going to the car a man can and said wait did you take that tire out of my yard I said no he accused me of taking my on tire.

Gregory Goldman
Gregory Goldman
3 years ago

Amazing article. I had a recurring dream I was being accused and going to jail for 1 year. The dream was awful and I used to wake up in cold sweats…