Asteroid Dreams

Did you know that Millions of meteoroids travel through Earth’s atmosphere each day. When we have asteroid dreams, thoughts are entering our minds inn the same way.

These are foreign rocks from space that have purposely penetrated your comfort zone to deliver an important message for you. The origins might come from the spirit, a messenger from the heavens above, unconsciousness; or as what the ancient Chinese called the Tao.

In your dream you could be observing a meteorite, asteroid or comet in the night sky – or – noticing it impacting the earth surface causing a natural disaster. Depending on the context of your dream the meaning can alter between a positive or negative outcome.

So what does do these floating rocks in space really mean in my dream? Well they can be interpreted as a mysterious force that has entered your field of awareness, possibly luck or misfortune; or perhaps this is an uncontrolled, unpredictable event that has the ability to impact your life.

Dream: Meteor or Asteroids?

Both asteroids and meteorites are interchangeable dream symbols with slight differences. A meteor or meteoroid is a rock enters the Earth’s atmosphere and vaporizes, it becomes a meteor, which is often called a shooting star.

An asteroid however a large rocky body in space, in orbit around the Sun. The sun in dreams can be seen as the masculine energy, the self and life.

Regardless something big has entered your psyche, a mysterious message that has been specifically sent for you that will come in unexpected. Remember this is something outside what we know, something that we cannot see until it enters your reality.

  • How did you react when you saw it?
  • Did it cause destruction or illuminated the sky?
  • What was your location and the people around you?
  • Did you feel threatened by this force?
  • When you saw it did you make a wish?

Meteor & Asteroid Dream Meaning

If the meteor or asteroid turns into a shooting star in your dream it represents your prayer or wish will come true. Shooting stars or a meteor shower can be considered a positive omen in dream – the saying wish upon a falling star, maybe the universe is hearing your thoughts.

Metaphorically speaking something that falls from the sky and comes to earth may represent your thoughts, events, ideas or your core self. Now the big question is how did you react when it impacted the earth? What does this metaphoric symbol remind you of in your current life?

Meteor Crashing Dream

If these rocks pose a threat in your dream it can represent fears, uncontrollable issues, problems with goals, anxiety, relationships, or your sense of stability. The  earth is a symbol that connects us to the feminine, the great mother; nourishment, fertility, infinite creativity, and/or longevity.

When a meteor encounters our atmosphere and is vaporized, it leaves behind a trail; however in your case this can be seen as threat to something that resonates to your core.

This might be something that can no longer be protected, the feeling of vulnerability and fear is taking place. Worrying about the impact of something outside your perception or field of understanding. What might that be? Your location and context are clues that point you to the right direction.

Does this mean something bad will happen? This might be something you don’t understand that scares you. The meteor manifests as your fears that have come to close to your comfort zone, a symbol to let go and accept what is.