Kundalini in Dreams

Kundalini is a form of divine spiritual feminine energy or life force located at the base of the spine. Kundalini is the primal force of awakening that often remains dormant, though once activated this powerful causes us to transform on the mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

You might wonder how does Kundalini have anything to do with dreaming? Well it turns out that this feminine energy tends to mask itself and morph into various symbols and images, but the average person might overlook this powerful message.

Sometimes she will take the form of something beautiful or downright scary — she is known to sway from good to evil in hopes you give her the attention deserved. Why you may ask? Because she wants to awaken something very powerful that is contained inside you… Only if you allow it.

You think I’m crazy right? Well keep ignoring her and see what happens!

Kundalini In Dreams

Carl Jung understood the underlying nature of dreams delivers a powerful yet symbolical coded message in hopes to integrate aspects of our personality – the Individuation process of self realization that leads towards inner transformation. Jung also noted that the psyche was androgynous comprising of both masculine and feminine counterparts or energies.

Whenever the root chakra become blocked out of fears, lacking spiritual awareness, mental blockages, and various forms of trauma causing an psychological imbalance will negatively impact feminine symbols in your dreams.

In a strange way we become the protagonist inside a story that has been purposely selected for us to watch. Sometimes these dreams are filled with romance or adventure, while other times a confrontation with our unconscious fears or repressed memories. By resisting her presence she is known to unleash a series of haunting themes, emotional disturbing dreams, and vivid nightmares.

How The Kundalini Symbolically Emerges In Dreams 

  • Snakes, coiled snake, cobra, two snakes or snake bites
  • Love, relationships and flying
  • Shapes that take form as a spiral, wheels or circles
  • Dirty or clogged toilets or washrooms (blocked root chakra)
  • Electricity
  • Rainbows
  • Dirty or unclean house or rooms
  • Mother nature
  • Tigers, birds, and spiders

Kundalini Dreams: Trust Her Intentions

In today’s world were everything is handed to us at our fingertips we might also expect a spiritual awakening is something we can pick up at the mall. This energy is not something you can pick up today and leave it tomorrow, one must commit to this process.

Dream analysis allows the person to engage in a more subtle way to get to know this powerful force within. Sure, one can go the route by heading to the mountains to find a Guru, practicing Kundalini yoga, or perhaps taking the awful brew of ayahuasca; but this might come at the expense of the person.

It would be equivalent to giving someone a Ferrari who just got their license. Forcing this seal to prematurely open may send someone into a state of psychosis as the ego is still trying to hold on for dear life.

How A Snake Bite Leads To A Transformation

You can think of her as a strong and powerful goddess. Her energy is energetic and intense. Waking the goddess within is an ancient and sacred art form that must be handed with knowledge, love, compassion and intention.

An experience similarly found while working with the anima and animus (inner masculine and feminine energies within the psyche); integrating will override the mainframe, but rather by slowly moving in sync with her as you develop a healthy relationship overtime.

Engaging With the Feminine

Every night before you sleep ask the divine feminine to send you a message in your dream. By trusting and opening yourself to her she will lead you towards inner transformation and wholeness. Even though your dreams might be vivid and frightening they contain a very real treasures and hidden knowledge that is waiting for you to find and make consciousness.

Let yourself open and become enthusiastic about heading down the road that paved with good intentions. Do not resist what she gives you but embrace it wholeheartedly. She knows what’s best for you and will embrace you in her arms like a mother and with her child; she craves to be heard, if only you listen.

Ways To Start The Kundalini Process

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1 year ago

I’m sure I’ve just experienced something in a dream, or what I thought was a dream, I don’t know I’m still in shock to be honest. In my dream I was in my bedroom (yet I was asleep on my daughter’s bedroom floor because she likes me to lay there until she falls asleep and I dozed off tonight) and something scared me, so I tried to desperately open the door but something was pulling it back and I couldn’t get out, so I started screaming for my mum, then after a little while screaming I couldn’t scream anymore, it… Read more »