Bed Dream Meaning

Did you know that the history of the beds can be traced as far back to 7000 B.C. – the Early Neolithic age? They tend to appear often in our dreams but they are very much misunderstood.

This ancient dream symbol has a wide range of interpretations attached to it, primary connecting the dreamer to intimacy, relationships and security. However it is not uncommon to feel your bed shaking, or even noticing someone sitting on your bed.

It might feel like a dream but you might be surprised to know that it usually related to sleep paralysis. Distinguishing whether this was in fact a dream or a hallucination helps when it comes to decoding the symbol.

Common Bed Dreams:

  • Dreaming of peeing your bed, or bed wetting,
  • Noticing someone in your bed,
  • The bed is broken in your dream,
  • Seeing lots of ants on bed,
  • Lying in bed with someone,
  • Dirty mattress,
  • Falling out of bed.

Bed Dream Meaning

The so called image of the bed is not necessarily a place just to sleep, but a symbol that taps directly into your unconscious; associated with feelings of your private life that you might not be willing to disclose.

What makes the bedroom and beds such an interesting symbol is it mirrors a part of the personality of the dreamer that they might not be familiar with as yet. A message is coded with the events that take place, objects found, or if this is your childhood bedroom.

Particular rooms in your house symbolizes the different emotional functions of your mind, body and soul. It has the ability to bring you back to your past to show you forgotten memories or repressed desires that may have been closed off in your mind. The bed may also appear to bring you to the present moment longing for inner peace and sexual problems.

Bed Wetting Dreams

Dreaming of wetting your bed makes you feel as if you were young again. These dreams can be metaphoric for not being able to hold something in and it becomes an embarrassment. A symbol that makes you reflect aspects of your life where control might be an issue.

The dreamer may want to reflect on past childhood trauma related to these issues of peeing your bed. Alternatively these dream might emerge when your body is telling your brain it might be time to head to the washroom or else!

Laying In Bed With Someone

Depending the context of your dream it the meaning can go either way. Depending on your interaction with this person alters the meaning of the dream. Was this someone you know or a stranger? Did you feel comfortable or attracted to this person?

The interaction you have with this person might be connected to your anima or animus, as Carl Jung mentions the feminine or masculine energy within the psyche.

Broken Bed or Ants On Bed Dream

Dreaming of a broken bed can be a common image that reflects damaged past relating to intimacy, peace, sexual issues, and comfort. A symbol for you to examine parts of your past that is effecting your comfort level. Was their past damage to your love life? Perhaps it relates to a past relationship or sexual issues?

Noticing ants on your bed in your dream bring your attention to minor annoyances or disturbances that seem small and minor in your life. The connection between the ants and the bed suggest a direct issue relating to intimacy, sexual encounters and inner peace.

Dirty Mattress and Bed Bugs

Often times the dreamer will notice a dirty bed or dirty comforter that implies that something needs to be cleaned up emotionally. Could it suggest that you have dirty thoughts, desires and urges that you are unable to express. It has become unconscious as you could be too afraid to admit how you feel.

Bed bugs are common dream symbols that attack the bed making it impossible to have a good night sleep. This relates to something bugging you in your life, similar to an energy vampire it sucks your energy (blood) in order to sustain life. What could this be pointing at in your life?

Falling Out Of Bed

Falling out of your bed in dream is one of the most common phenomenon that that classifies under Parasomnias. A hypnic jerk is an involuntary twitch of one or more muscles that occurs as a person is falling asleep. It tends to happen just as the person is transitioning from a wakeful state to a sleeping state.

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Dog lover
Dog lover
3 years ago

I had a dream that I was lying on a bed with a lizard. In real life, I want that lizard as a pet.