Feet Meaning In Dreams

Have you ever wondered why feet of spiritual gurus and gods have always been worshiped in different cultures around the world? Or why they have become an integral point in acupuncture connecting to different organ systems and meridians.

In many spiritual traditions, it is understood that the body and soul are connected and even embodied in the soles of the feet. In Psalm 119:105
“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”. In the bible feet are often related to desires.

What makes feet symbolic in our dreams is it’s ability not only carry us though the world, but provides us with balance and stability. We can interpret “feet” similar to how the ancient Chinese connect it to our whole psychological support system. Feet become a part of you, an internal mirror relating to attitudes, ideals, security and movement.

  • Advancement or goals
  • Set backs or delays
  • Accidents, life and relationships
  • Desires and motivations

Fun Feet Facts:

Did you know the first shoe dates back to 3,500 BC. Each foot takes 1.5 times your body weight while you walk.

How To Understand Feet Dreams

Oddly enough feet seem to appear in a negative context such as being bitten by snakes or needles stuck in them. The context of the dream will provide you with specific clues to help determine the meaning.

You can interpret the dream metaphorically and see if their are any sensitivity occurring in your life at the moment.  Let’s say for example if you dream of “chicken feet” it will relate to your unconscious fears, weakness and insecurities in your life. The chicken feet will be metaphoric for you being a chicken in life.

 Washing, Massaging & Rubbing Feet Meaning

These are positive dream symbols implying helping or healing the persons foot you are touching. Could this be a person you are offering comfort and support for?  Alternatively rubbing might imply your sensual side and intimate desires for this person.

Washing someone foot  suggests your humility or service towards this person. Remember Jesus was the feet of his disciples during the last supper representing his servanthood to his fellowman. If someone is washing or massaging your feet suggest the respect they have for you in this life.

Black, Worms and Dirty Feet

Dirty or black feet are enigmatic dream symbols that can be interpreted spiritually, distortion or obstacles in your life. The positive symbol could mirror your grounded energies, connected to roots in the ground; metaphor for being rooted in how we stand. Roots rise up from the earth connecting to transforming living cells.

Dirt or mud in dreams often mirror hold backs (suck in the mud) possibly relating to moving forward. Difficulty navigating on the right path, losing sight at the present moment that has caused a delay.

If you are pulling worms from your feet it often relates to unconscious fears and anxieties. A symbol of being insignificant the lowest in the animal kingdom. Alternatively you are pulling something of insignificance out of you that effects your balance. Worms like snakes can lead to a rebirth once you recognize your fears.

Feet Peeling, Bleeding & Cut Off

Dreaming of your feet bleeding implies a loss of energy, psychological pain and struggles in your life. This is an internal injury that is now shown from the outside causing a loss of energy and motivation.

Peeling feet relates to something not being protected. A symbol that relates to sensitivity relating to feelings or beliefs – not thick skinned.

Vivid dreams of having your feet cut off represent a total lack of progression. You might be unable to stand for something, a symbol of losing balance in your walking life. Any type of wound inflicted on your feet implies a slow down or an attack on your belief system.

Needles, Worm & Snake Bite Meaning

A snake is a complex symbol when it bites you it wants to bring your attention towards enemies, aggression or your unconscious fears. The type of snake, location and people around you might help narrow down the meaning.

This attack will throw you of balance stunting your progress (path, movement). How you react to the bite will determine how you are dealing with this issue. If it is venomous suggest that it will effect you on a psychological level – effecting your central nervous system.

Unconscious fears can be very powerful.  They don’t stop controlling our lives, unless we address them. The snake encourages you to examine self sabotaging unconscious behaviors to live a more complete life.

Needles are very symbolic that point to emotional and phyical pain. You can explore the exact location and acupuncture pressure points chart. For example being injected on your big toe might relate to your mind. However depending the type of needle it can be symbolic of healing or internal illness.

According to psychoanalysis any prick to the body might relate to a phallic symbol. Could it be metaphoric to small little pricks that cause irritation, or relating to drug use.

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11 months ago

What about dreaming you have tufts of hair growing out of the bottom of your feet. Tufts of thick animal like hair.

11 months ago

What about having a dream about being stabbed with a knife at one of your feet and one at your hands?

Reply to  The Dreamer
11 months ago

Okay so,the person who hit me with the knife was a boy,he didn’t remind me of anyone,he just unexpectedly threw the knife at my foot and then my hand.If my memory serves me right,I was walking down the street and talking to somene,and then he just came up

Ellen Lanser
Ellen Lanser
1 year ago

And what could a child’s foot mean, that fell in the pudding? I licked it off, hid it under a towel. It had no ankle, and it was pink.