Car Dreams

Cars are very common yet highly symbolic dream symbols connecting your towards personal transformation, personal drives and current life movements.

The image of the car in your dream becomes a manifestation of your mental and phyical self that has been built up as you move along your life’s journey. Car dreams mainly consist of driving, being a passenger, crashing, and losing control over the car.

But what makes cars such an enigmatic dream symbol is the fact they are not only known to predict future events but are often driven by the dead.

Are You Dreaming Of The Dead?

Specific details and images along with certain locations will emerge to help puzzle the pieces together. By incorporating all the context of your life, current mental state of mind, relationships, spiritually, physical and libido are reflections of the car in your dream.

Car Dreams: Good vs Bad

It not unusual to encounter in life some minor or major setbacks, advancements or delays, fast movements or breakdowns; cars have a tendency to appear reflecting these mind and body movements.

Depending on your driving experience car dreams can sway between positive and negative outcomes. The dreamer will need to factor in the location, type of car, the condition, speed, weather, quality of the road, and who is driving before analyzing the meaning. These minor details are actually big pieces of the puzzle that will lead you to your answer.

Driving Dream: In Control?

Cars can be symbols of positive movement or direction in your life. This shows you are in control of your direction and path at your own pace. Dreaming of being a passenger or riding in the back seat suggests not being in control of your path, or connecting you with the drives of others.

Driving new cars and entering new destinations mirror changes, transformation and transitions in your life. Cars can be images of a personal change, a new direction or drive that is taking place.

  • Clear road ahead.
  • Sunny day or driving at night (unconscious).
  • Smooth enjoyable ride.
  • New or used car?
  • How was your comfort level?

Negative Car Dreams

Unfortunately cars can appear as negative connotations representation major or minor setbacks in your life. These sudden changes might result in your direction at work, emotional, relationships or family problems that hinder you from moving forward.

Despite the anxious nature of these dreams they provide you with insight for you not to repeat the same behavior, or suggesting you might need to change your direction.

  • Speeding or crashing.
  • Unable to see ahead.
  • Stuck or unable to move.
  • Stolen or towed.
  • Police arrest.

Overheating, Towed or Damaged Car Dreams

If your car is overheating it might suggest that you are working too hard and you will be burned out soon. An indication to take your time and rest. To examine if you are spending to much time in one area of your life that is causing you to stop.  If your car is breaking down foreshadows a slow down in progress. You might be avoiding or not seeing that warning light on the dashboard.

If your car is damaged suggest a need to pay attention to what is around you. If the damage was from someone else as opposed to you suggests a negative interaction with an outside force. Depending the location and the type of damage gives you a clue.

Having your car towed might imply a fast and alarming slow down hinder your movement. Something that was moved against your will, possibly being somewhere where you shouldn’t have been. The feelings that you experienced in your dream will mirror the feelings that will or took place during this delay.

Stolen Or Car Crash Dream

A stolen car will indicate a set back in your life as you might feel a part of you is being taken away. Essentially some aspect of your life something is being taken away from you against your will. If you were able to recover could suggest you will overcome that issue.

Cars that are broken into suggests someone might invade your personal space. A violation that would be more personal; the items that were stolen would be metaphoric relating to this particular situation.

If your car crashes into any body of water donates to an emotional crash; or disturbance in your waking life. Crashes are setbacks or even possible damage done to your persona. Endings to certain ventures, relationships, attitudes have come to a crash; a need to reassess and reevaluate.

Car Chase Dream

Being chased brings your attention to the things in life you are running or avoiding. If you are driving and running away from the police it suggests you are running away from authority figures in your life. The police act at enforcers, possible a shadow archetype.

Car Keys Dream

Keys are important dream symbols that point to opportunities, movement and destinations. If you cannot find your keys it suggests being stuck or an inability to advance further. However, this situation may have to do with you and nobody else. You might need to observe “key” aspects of why you are not moving in your waking life.

Driving Cliff or Mountain Dream

Dreaming of driving your car off the cliff or mountain suggests worries and instability in your life. These dreams reflect issues that have emerged as you have lost control of this situation. A mountain manifests as a situations or difficult obstacles in your life that have been created from the past.

Driving & Lost Dream

If you are lost in your car and trying to find home translates to you not being able to find your path in life and are looking from comfort.  Some people dream of damage to their car such as flat tire or damaged engine.

A common symbol would be if the tires were flat or damaged that suggest a slow down in your own personal drive.  A possible metaphor for being too tire-d and a need to slow down. you dream about losing your car brings your attention to minor setbacks in your life.

Car Reversing Or Breaks Dream

Reversing is often metaphoric for going back with unfinished business – something that has been forgotten that needs to be attending.  A indication your should be moving forward and not backwards.

Often times the dreamer will notices the breaks failing as they are pressing down as hard as they can. You can reflect in your life areas that you are unable to stop, or areas that you don’t have much control or balance. The location and people around you are all clues that mirror your situation.

New or Old Car Dream

Driving an old car that previously belonged to you mirrors a similar drive you once had in the past. Driving a new car is a positive dream symbol that suggest new advancement and transition in your life; a new drive is coming your way.

Engine Oil or Car Fire Dream

Oil is often a metaphoric symbol of your energy that is often depicted as low or leaking. Under the hood would be classified as a particular part of your mind that drives you. An indication to check what might be below the surface and to fix this problem. Running on low oil or a leak suggests a problem that can get worse if left unattended.

If you car is on fire it brings your attention to anger or overheated emotions in your life. If your car is in repair suggests a need to rest and take the time fix yourself back to where you need to be.