Dreaming of Hands

The hand is recognized to be the most common dream symbol out of all of our body parts. Hands appear metaphorically in our dream to represent our relationships, expression, strengths, protection and opportunities.

When you lend a hand it shows your nurturing side; it connects you with others, and tells you what you might be holding on to.

Hand Dream Meaning

Depending the context of your dream and what is occurring the meaning of your hands will alter. The importance of our hands is often overlooked in our lives, though they connect us to our emotions, creativity, communication and friendship to name a few. The image of your hand is a manifestation of aspects of yourself that are shown to others.

Hand Symbolism In Dreams

  • language
  • expression and feelings
  • honesty
  • blessing or offerings
  • cleanliness
  • friendship and relationships

 Holding Hands In Dream Meaning

A positive dream symbol that connects you emotionally to that person. Our brains release endorphins when we hold hands and decreases anxiety. These dreams often symbolize strength, energy, communication and love; whoever you are holding hands with.

Poop In Hands Dream Meaning

As embarrassing as it sounds POOP on your hands in your dreams is more common than you think. You are holding on to something that is is unclean or dirty. This is usually a metaphor for getting your hands dirty for other people and to clean up your act. It brings a negative connotation to your movement and control around others. The feelings, location and people around you will provide you with clues to help you decode the dream.

Broken Glass In Hands Dream

Noticing broken glass in your hand brings your attention to your communication, work and relationships. Glass is often seen as a symbol of fragility, vulnerability, brittleness and see through. A sign of misfortune, something breaking that was once together. Was it your fault or someone else? The location will guide you to where the issues might be.

Dog Biting Hands In Dreams

Dogs are very complex symbols in our dreams that often relate to friendships, masculinity, behaviors or urges that are unconscious. When a dog bites you hand in your dream it represents these parts that are out of control or turn against you. Alternatively, a women who dreams of a dog bite might be connected to her ANIMUS.  Being bitten on the right hand could suggest ‘right hand man’, ‘out of hand’ while the left hand might represent weakness or protection. The bite could pose as a threat of the ones close to you.

Left Hand Dream Meaning 

Often times the left hand in our dream is a symbol of passivity, unconscious things hidden, or unclean actions. Think of it as if you where to receive a left handed compliment, being left out, or left field. Left hands in your dream could be a warning for some sort of betrayal depending the context of your dream.

If your left hand is cut off in your dream it brings your attention to dishonestly or wrong doing. Depending the context it might suggest the endings of bad or unclean behaviors. Who cut it off and for what reason should be translated metaphorically.

Right Hand Dream Meaning 

In combat the right hand attacks with its sword with an aggressive movement; the left is the shied. Right hands in dreams are very positive symbols relating to good or right path, a symbol that metaphorically reflects a “right hand man” or the ‘right hand of God”; the right hand is considered strength and power.

Worms Coming Out In Hands Dream

As bizarre as this dream sounds it is very common that contains a important message. WORMS in dreams are known to be negative symbols relating to weakness, disgust, urges, blind instincts, weak behaviors or neglect. Though it can also suggest death and rebirth, a symbol of renewal that is taking place in your life.

Man Holding My Hand Dream

Women who dream of men holding their hand symbolizes new found connections, new bonds related to relationships, or perhaps linked directed to the ANIMUS – the masculine within the feminine psyche. The man objective is to bring you closer to yourself for completion. Often times a good relationship with the masculine reflects positive dream symbols.  Holding hand with a lover might be an unconscious desire. The hand of a stranger could also connect to the inner self.

Hand Cut Dream Meaning

A cut hand in your dream represents a warning or a mistake that has happened or will occur. Depending who cut you, what hand and the location will give you insight where the issue might stem from. We use our hands as tools, communication and relationships; a cut hand donates issues relating to these matters.

Rats or Mice Biting Hand In Dreams

These dreams are warnings providing you with clues in your dream where to look. RATS and MICE are known to be symbols of negative omens that relate to people or aspects of your consciousness that are under attack. A symbol to protect yourself, mice reflect your thoughts and behaviors that need to be sorted out. Rats however gear towards dangerous people, places or situations you will encounter.

Palm Of Hand Dream Meaning

The palm of your hand represents strength, healing and protection. The HAMSA the symbol to protect you from evil. The eye in the center and bring them goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health.

Washing Hands In Dreams

When we wash our hands in our dreams it becomes metaphoric relating to a mental cleanse away from negativity in your life. The term washing your hands implies getting rid or leaving something alone to figure out.

Shaking Hands In Dreams

Shaking hands in dreams is a positive symbol of some sort of agreement, personal connection and honor pertaining to people in your life. Pay attention to what events are connecting or joining together in  your life.

Grabbing Hands In Dreams

Hands that grab in your dream represent being pulled or held against your will. These hands metaphorically represent the people or unconscious behaviors that hold you from advancement. Feelings of being grabbed in your sleep can also classify under sleep paralysis; the common occurrence of visual hallucination.

Blood On Hands Dream Meaning

A phrase often used as a metaphor for being responsible for harming others or situations. Often connects the dream with the shadow – the unknown dark side that hasn’t been recognized. Blood is often a symbol as life blood, energy, anger or passion – the person who’s blood is on your hand should be investigated.

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2 years ago

I had a dream I was in a huge ship and I was looking at the water through a window when I saw a lot of people that had drowned, but I could only see their hands coming out of the water. All the hands were holding a piece of bright white paper. More and more hands appeared all over the ocean waters, and suddenly, I could feel the ship running over all the bodies in the water crushing them. I never saw the dead bodies, only their hands. I was so impressed with the feeling that I woke up… Read more »

Dani Garc
Dani Garc
3 years ago

I had a dream in which I was washing my hands, but one (right) felt pain. It was all covered with spines of a cactus, but I would still hold ppl’s hands (with both interchangeably) and do things even with the pain and discomfort. But I felt warmth when I held the hands of a man despite the pain and discomfort.