Two Headed Snake Symbol

The double headed snake is a highly misunderstood symbol representing renewal, rebirth, transformation and energy. Due to the fact the Snake sheds its skin and emerges anew it is thought to reflect a complete transformation.

The serpent is a universal yet enigmatic symbol often associated in both the New Testament and Hebrew Bible as evil, death, poison, deceit or temptation; along with powers of fertility, faith and healing.

The image of the two headed snake predates both Christian and Hebrew texts found engraved on the hieroglyphs in Egypt walls, or commonly associated in Mesoamerica art depicting the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, during 1519.  Today we often see the two headed snake make it appearance in our dreams, mythology, or winding around an often winged staff representing the medical field.

Two Headed Snake Dream Meaning

In our dreams snakes are known to morph into various colors, specific types, venomous, non venomous and of course showing multiple heads. Taken into account the snakes temperament, location, movement and context of your dream, all of these factors that will determine if this threat belongs outside, or remains unconscious within the dreamer.  Furthermore, a snake that bites in a dreamer doesn’t necessary mean a warning but could relate to healing or inner transformation.

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Similar to myths and Biblical accounts, snakes contain two complete opposite meanings. Though a two headed snake in your dream pulls more towards healing, wisdom and transformation. The language of dreams speaks to us in symbols, parables and metaphors – a two headed serpent connects towards the divine spiritual feminine energy and  eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life.

Two Headed Snake & Transformation

With no beginning or end the double headed snake contains elements of the Ouroboros (snake eating its own tail); devouring it’s own tail to preserve life, in an eternal regeneration or recreation of itself. The two headed snake may have appeared in your dream as a symbol that this unconscious feminine energy that resides at the base of your spine (root chakra) has now been activated. Known as Kundalini  it is believed to be a force or power associated with the divine feminine or the formless aspect of the Goddess.

If snake also emerge in our dreams as unconscious behaviors, urges, sexual (male phallic), or emotions it may also bring the dreamers attention to conflicting views. In some instances if the snake emerges it encourages or promotes inner change – two heads pull in opposite directions reflecting these belief systems in your life.

Aztec: Two Headed Snake Meaning

In the Aztec culture, Quetzalcoatl or feathered serpent, was a creator deity known in art depictions of a double headed snake. He was considered the god of intelligence and self-reflection, a patron of priests. This powerful serpent deity was important in art and religion in most of Mesoamerica for nearly 2,000 years.

Two-Headed Snake In Mythology

Also called amphisbaena of Greek origin is a mythological, ant-eating serpent with a head at each end. The word amphis in Greek represents “both ways”, and bainein, meaning “to go”.

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10 months ago

The snake in my dream had a head on both ends and was blue, and it was in a mailbox and came out as I pulled mail out.

1 year ago

Ok, the snake in my dream..head split into 2 heads on the same end?? So does signify anything??

2 years ago

Hello I have saw a silver two head(at both end) snake in my dream, he was very heavy and healthy(more than normal snake) and someone was holding him in his hand.
What does it mean?
Please help me out.