Dreaming of Hair

What’s on your mind when you’re dreaming of hair?

Hair is considered highly symbolic in dreams because it represents thoughts, wisdom, your self-image, and attitudes. In a way it attaches itself to our personal identity (ego), hence why it often appears extremely vivid or disturbing at times.

Because our ego is very fragile, any sort of attack on our personal identity makes negative feelings and painful emotions subconsciously aware to us. Alternatively, positive interactions with hair in our dreams often allude to new growth or inner development in one’s life.

If hair grows from our head we are dealing with thoughts and feelings that are often repressed. This is why in dreams we may even notice hair growing from our mouths or other places, hair loss, hair breaking off, or even pulling BUGS out of our hair.

Hair Symbolism In Dreams

  • sexual attraction
  • intellectual
  • rebel
  • freedom and expression
  • youth and vitality
  • internal growth
  • Fears of getting old, death or dying
  • Abandoning ideas
  • Loss of creativity
  • Lacking power or control
  • Feeling unattractive to the opposite sex
  • Fear that one is becoming less attractive
  • Poor self image

Hair Dream Meaning 

What does your hair mean to you? In today’s society we tend to focus a lot on image and trying to look as good as we can. These dreams often reflect a bridge between how we want to be noticed in the outside world and how we perceive our own self-image.

How did you feel in the dream? Negative dreams revolving around hair point to the areas in your life that have internal conflict.

Think of who was around you in your dream; locations, looking in a mirror, cutting it short or emotions expressed. These are clues that will help connect the meaning of the dream together.

Hair Falling Out In Dream

Dreaming of your hair falling out feels extremely vivid and is often categorized as a nightmare. If you are looking in a mirror noticing clumps of hair falling out often relates to some sort of self-reflection needed.

The mortified feeling expressed here may be similar to your teeth falling out – a symbol that encourages the dreamer to examine aspects in their life where internal loss is taking place.

Losing hair brings your attention to unconscious feelings on low self worth, insecurity, and vulnerability. Could it be fears of getting old or losing what was once valuable to you? Could this be connected to your sex drive and virility? Do you have a low self-worth or self-esteem? You are experiencing a loss or depletion that is effecting how you feel mentally.

Long Hair Dream

These are positive dreams that suggest internal growth and strength. This is a symbol that connects to Mother Earth. The Native Americans understood that their hair is a physical manifestation of the growth of the spirit, or psychic abilities, and connection to all things.

If you are growing long hair suggest sudden internal growth in your life. If you notice long black hair brings your focus on the mysterious or shadow aspects of yourself.

Short Hair Dream

These dreams bring your attention to acceptance and contentment. It might be a symbol that you are cutting something short in your life. It’s possible that you are cutting back in life, possibly relating to your mind.

Braiding or Plaiting Your Hair 

These dreams might be a metaphor for separating thoughts or connection, two parts that belong to you that are coming together. The person braiding might suggest a close friend that you have a connection with.

These dreams can have a both negative and positive connotation. It might suggest that someone is trying to tie up your thoughts or manipulate your behavior; or a need to be attended to mentally. A need for help for someone to connect things together for you.

Washing Hair Dream

Usually when we are in the shower it suggest cleansing or washing away negativity. Hair comes out from your head like thoughts, you may be washing away the negativity you no longer need in your life.

Cutting Hair Dream

These dreams reflect personal change, as the older you no longer serves a purpose. Could you be cutting away from the past? Scissors are a tool to cut away or remove things that are no longer useful, but other cutting implements may reveal more clues about how to further examine this symbol.

Removing Lice From Hair

Common dreams occur when you might find bugs or lice in your hair. These dreams donate to something that is bugging you in your life. Lice is something that is dug in deep and hard to get rid of. What are you trying to remove or get away from in your waking life?

Pulling Hair Out Of Mouth Dream

Strangely enough struggling to pull hair out of your mouth is quite common. These dreams bring your attention to communication or lack thereof. You are trying to pull something (forcing) something out that is growing inside you. What could that be?

Going Bald In Dreams

Personal transformation and dreams of being bald go hand in hand. These are actually positive dreams that you might be shedding the old you and you will make room for the new version of yourself.

Dreaming of going bald is often a symbol of toughness and aggression. How you felt in the dream determines power or insecurity. If you have unconscious fears of losing you hair it might show up in your dreams to say hello. Men who feel they are losing their youth often dream of a bald spot or hair falling out.

Being bald and proud is a positive dream that suggests you are comfortable with your masculinity. However, if you are female with a bald head the mood of the dream could be one of loss or panic at letting things go.

Hair Growing Dream

These are positive dream symbols that show mental growth, advancement and maturity taking place in your life. As hair grows from your head it is metaphoric to your thoughts and perspectives on life, and a conduit of spiritual insight. Are you searching for a better connection with the universe or a new way to understand your place in it?

Combing Hair Dream

It’s common to dream of combing your own hair or even someone else’s. Depending who the person is, you have a connection to help with their appearance – to straighten things out. Dreaming of someone else combing your hair reflects a need to fix or straighten thoughts between you and them.

Death And Hair Loss?

There might be a link between our unconscious feelings of death and dreams of our hair falling out.  Similar to teeth dreams, hair loss falls in the same category of personal losses in your life. There might be an end to something or a big change that might come up in the future.  You have to think in metaphors suggesting that something is not going to regrow again.

Nobody wants to experience aging and if you have hidden fears of it than it’s possible you will have a dream of this nature.  Another symbol of a losing your hair might be linked to the fears of cancer.

If you have or been around people who have cancer they lose their hair and unfortunately sometimes they pass away trying to fight cancer.  When we repress feelings of death this symbol might rare its ugly head.

Health & Wellbeing

Dreams have a wonderful ability for you to pay attention to something that might be lacking in your life. Dreams of being in the shower shampooing your hair might suggest for you to take time to relax and care for yourself.  Some dreams our hair might look dull, brittle or even messy. This is an indicator for you to take care of your image as you can do better.

Stress and Hair Loss

Stress and hair loss go hand in hand. If you are experiencing this in your walking life, then your dream is hinting at something more important.  Stress can be very detrimental on your body and spiritual wellbeing.  If you are affected by stress with alopecia, the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles causing hair loss. This might play an active role in the symbols in your dream.