Boa Constrictor Dreams

Boa constrictors are not just any ordinary snake that appears in your dreams, but a particular type of reptile that specializes in squeezing the life blood out of you.

This distinctive future is a major clue when it comes to decoding your dreams, the dreamer must reflect who or what the boa constrictor represents in their lives. A boa constrictor in your dream either represents an inner transformation or a very real threat of someone restricting the life force out of you.

The boa constrictor doesn’t confront you with a venomous bite or attack, rather an intricate trap carefully planned just for you to come close.

Your dream will provide you with the right amount of hints such as locations, people around you, and how you react to the boa. It will determine if the boa constrictor in your dream is a messenger that contains healing properties or a warning to watch your back.

Boa Constrictor Characteristics:

  • Enemy to the rat and mouse, used for pest control,
  • Wild snake that resides in the rain forest,
  • Pythons usually crush their prey and swallow them whole,
  • They like to blend into their environments,
  • All pythons are non-venomous, and most of them pose no threat to humans;
  • Python skin sought out by many as the attire of choice for medicine men and healers.

Boa Constrictor Dreams: Enemy or Friend?

More than likely the boa constrictor displays an intimidating presence in your dream, usually if you are frightened it directs you towards the bad minded people  or unconscious threats that possess you in your life – fears, anxieties, depression, addictions that restricts you.

Unlike most aggressive snakes that make their presence known with its intimidating bite, the boa however uses it’s skill rather than piercing your skin with with a fatal sting. Who or what can this be?

If the boa appears as a warning in your life its non venomous demeanor suggests you are dealing with something passive or hidden. They are known to blend in with their environment with incredible camouflage techniques ranging in lines, circles, oval, and diamond shapes. This is a threat that has been planning out its attack long before you have recognized its true capabilities.

Killing the boa in your dream can be seen as a positive symbol that you have identified and removed this threat in your life.

Different colors of the snake can bring your attention to your unconscious emotions, moods, feelings or shadow (black).

Boa Constrictor Chase Dream Meaning

Does this suggest that this chase has already happened, or the events will unfold in the future? Does the boa remind you of anyone or anything in your life?

We understand by its wild nature in the jungles of South America it manifests as something foreign to you, thus residing in your unconscious mind.

Dreams of being chased implies you are not facing this unknown issue in your life, it will remain unconscious until you turn and confront this problem.

Boa Dreams: What Is Restricting You?

The tricky part about dream analysis is deciphering whether the boa mirrors people, toxic environments in your life, or a manifestation of your fears. The location might determine the origin of the problem. For instance, being attacked at your home mirrors your mind/psyche (innate fears), where as confronting at work reflects a suffocating environment.

  1. Toxic relationships.
  2. Family life or friends.
  3. Inability to move (metaphor for places you are restricted in life).
  4. Once you are trapped it can devour you whole.
  5. A cold blooded person waiting to trap you.

Boa Constrictor Dreams & Healing

Snakes tend to have a negative connotation attached to our dreams but this might not always be the case. In fact studies have concluded due to our hard – wired genetic phobia to a long evolutionary history of bad encounters. But out dreams however uses specific images metaphorically, for example have you ever noticed a snake coiled on a rod at the back of an ambulance? Well this is a symbol in the medical field known for healing.

What ever the boa constrictor wraps itself around in your dream (even if its you) may in face be connected with rising of your energies.

Boa Constrictor & Kundalini Dreams

Though what you are afraid of in your dream always contains a hidden message. Not all Pythons display a threat to us, rather their presence alone contains healing properties. Pythons can be seen as a symbol of power, improving weakness, strength and to over come pain. (see python uses).

They are known to be guides that offer protection along your life journey, its grounded nature allows you to be close to earth energies or your life force (rising energy). Remember its ability to shed its skin represents death of the old, for new life (transformation/rebirth) to grow.