Green Snake In Dreams

Snakes are powerful yet enigmatic images that contain both a negative and positive connotation in our dreams. What happens when a green snake emerges in your dreams?

When a particular color stands out it provides the dreamer with a clue to help understand if this could be a warning or a symbol of inner transformation.

What does a green snake mean in my dreams?

Similar to snakes certain colors embody good and bad characteristics in dreams depending the context. For example the color red can be seen as anger or passion; yellow as a symbol of sunshine or cowardice.

The color green however is often associated with nature and the natural world. Perhaps because of its strong associations with nature, green is often thought to represent emotions, feelings, health and love. On the flip side this is a color that is often identified with greed and jealousy.

Green snake in dreams meaning

So how do we decode of of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols of our time? Its not going to be that easy! Step one you need to recall your interaction with the snake. Did it pose a threat or did you kill the green snake? Any negative association with the snake might be considered a bad omen.

The next step would be to understand what the snake implies in your dream. Snake tend to appear when the dreamer might be unconscious of something within –  thoughts, feelings, behaviors and urges that are often repressed. When these aspects are not recognized the green snake in your dream can be quite dangerous. In essence the snake represents the unknown parts of your personality that you haven’t been able to identify with.

Green snake dreams: Are you the snake?

Well if we take the color green as a symbol of envy, greed or jealousy it would encourage to explore if they possess these shameful traits. When you are unable to recognize these behaviors the green snake in  your dream becomes aggressive and has the potential to bite.

Alternatively, the green snake in  your dream might be warning you about a scrupulous person in your life that will attack. This might be someone who inherits these traits that could be a potential threat to you.

Green Snake Dream: Transformation

Metaphorically speaking snakes can be seen as a symbol of fertility or a creative life force. Why would this cold blooded gross serpent be associated with transformation? Since they are known to shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. This is why you may have seen the snake on a rod on the back or an ambulance, or maybe on the coat pocket on the doctor.

The green snake connection to transformation might lead you to your heart (chakra) and new changes on the horizon. Awakening inner energies of compassion, affection, and love.

  • Opening heart,
  • Overcoming temptation,
  • Removing a threat from your life,
  • Rebirth and transformation,
  • Feminine energy.