Killing a Snake Dream

Have you had a dream that you killed a snake? Killing a snake in your dreams is often a very different dream experience than simply seeing one.

Why we kill snakes in our dreams?

Did you know it’s very common for pregnant women to dream of killing a snake in their dreams. Sounds bizarre right? What about the thousands of people every month that dream about killing a snake with their bare hands, or perhaps you may have noticed someone else killing a snake.

When they say snakes are enigmatic dream symbols they are not joking. The so called image of the “snake” has been known to manifest in our dreams providing the dreamer with a very important message that often remains unconscious. Remember we are dealing with one of the oldest dream images that dates as far back to ancient Egypt dream book.

Since this is an image that remains hidden to the dreamer it would be trivial to say it is either a positive or negative omen. The meaning alters depending on the color, location, characteristics, emotions expressed, and where exactly you killed it.

For the most part killing a snake in your dream can be considered a positive omen, however due to its complex nature not all snakes are considered bad symbol, in fact they are known to possess healing properties and fertility.

Killing A Snake In Dreams

So why would you kill a snake in your dream? In many cases killing a snake brings the dreamers attention to overcoming obstacles, inner transformation, or diminishing threats and fears that once posed a problem.

Studies have concluded that humans have evolved an innate tendency to sense snakes; this fear has shaped our evolution. An image that has been around since the time we used to live in trees – a link between our unconscious urges, behaviors and instincts.

If you are killing a snake with your bare hands or with a knife are considered positive omens implying you are removing or cutting away something negative in your life. Killing a snake in your house often connects the dreamer with their unconscious as each floor and room contains a hidden message.

  • Conquering anxieties and fears,
  • Overcoming temptation,
  • Removing a threat from your life,
  • Rebirth and transformation,
  • Connected with vengefulness and vindictiveness
  • Feminine energy.

Alternatively the so called image of killing a snake in your dream might appear to represent an evil or scrupulous person. Sometimes snakes appear in our dreams when we are given a warning or alert the dreamer of deception. The fact that you are killing the snake shows that you will have the power over this threat.

Killing A Snake Dream: Good or Bad?

How did the snake appear in your dream? Did it pose a threat to you or was this a friendly snake? If you are killing a snake in your dream that either friendly or non-threatening it could imply some sort of unconscious resistance to change and transformation.

Snakes can be seen as symbols of wisdom, an opportunity for growth, and healing due to its ability to shed its skin. Remember the symbol of the snake is represented in the medical and healthcare field – rod of Asclepius and the Star of Life (symbol of emergency medical services), and the Medical Protection Society.

Could this suggest the fighting or struggling with a snake before you kill it results in opposing change or struggling with change in your life? It could represent the struggles with a career change or personal relationship?

Killing A Snake While Pregnant Dream

Baby dreams are so common that search engines average approximately two million searches a month. Dreams tend to become more vivid and frequent during pregnancy due to the fluctuating hormones in the body. But for some odd reason when women are pregnant they tend to dream of snakes more than any other symbol. Some studies suggest the women who kill snakes in their dream while pregnant represent overcoming their primitive fears.

Pregnant women are also known to experience more fatigue which could explain why they experience an increase dreams overall. Additionally, greater dream recall is related to a change in sleep rhythms (see pregnancy dreams).

Could killing the snake in your dream represent anything? Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin this can be a symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.