Dreams Of Being Bitten

Dreams of being bitten whether it’s from a dog, spider, sharks or even snakes become a warning relating to aggression, hostility or an unconscious attack.

These highly symbolic, yet enigmatic dreams are riddled with clues to help the dreamer find out whether this threatening strike belongs to the dreamer or from a combative person. Depending the animal and the location of the bite becomes a metaphor to help guide the dreamer to the actual threat in their lives.

Bites in dreams are bad omens that represent behavior that is intended to harm another individual who does not wish to be harmed. These types of aggression are cleverly disguised as reactive-inexpressive type (e.g., hostility of other) or proactive-relational aggression (i.e., aggression that can break human relationships, for example, by saying malicious rumours); or a direct verbal or physical type that lashes out.

To bite someone in your dreams implies your own anger directed to harm that person.

Bite Dream Meaning

Psychologically speaking, bites from various different animals or reptiles implies you are a target of someone’s aggression. Perhaps you are not fully cognizant of of the hidden behaviours these people possess – or – unconscious parts of your personality might be provoking the attack unwillingly.

Alternatively, these unprovoked attacks might remain outside their awareness of understanding that resides hidden in the unconscious. You dream will use the image of the “bite” to indicate unconscious behaviors, traits, or instincts that are inherently attacking you.

People who are not aware of their own idiocracies remain in the dark; forever falling into the same patterns that always end up biting them. When we say that bites are enigmatic we can use the snake bite for example: relates to an actual threat, or connects to the primitive side – unconscious instincts, feminine energy, or shadow that is not understood.

Furthermore, bites in dreams become more complex depending the dreamers sex. A female who dreams of a dog biting her might relate to her animus (unconscious masculine side); or relating to her best friend or companion. Generally, males who dream of dog bites can see it as a form of both internal or external aggressive elements.

Bite Dreams: Locations Count

The location of the bite is a major clue that helps narrow down the area (emotional or physical) that will be attacked. There are many idioms referencing the hand such as “once bitten twice shy”, or “he bites the hand that feeds him” are saying that can be symbolic to your dream.

  • Hand: helping, giving and offering – right hand (friend).   
  • Legs or Feet: personal progress; advancement.
  • Face or Head: image, ego or psyche/mind.
  • Chest: heart, emotions 
  • Throat: communication 
  • Back: unseen or unprovoked attack
  • Eyes: vision or foresight

Bite dreams can be situations that have been provoked or the dream is picking up on an inevitable attack by someone. The bites can come from friends, relationships, workers, unknown, shadow or unconscious aspects that you possess.

  • Has anybody hurt you emotionally?
  • Are you interfering in matters that pose a potential threat? 
  • Following your instincts?
  • A possible feminine threat? 

Bite Dreams: Animal Bites

Being bitten by a dog connects instinctual side of the dreamer. These instincts include denial, revenge, tribal loyalty, greed and our urge to procreate, could be threatening you. This could be a symbol of your own personal behaviors that are out of control.

Bitten by a cat, lion, tiger brings you closer to the feminine. Opposite to the masculine these patterns consists of gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, caring, sweetness, compassion and intuition. These can be the feminine that in inherited in men that is unrecognized or a female that is dangerous.

Bitten by a snake seems to be very common, yet holds a very symbolic meaning. Snake bites are common dream symbols that bring your awareness towards deceitful people in your life. Considered a bad omen when a poisonous snake has attached itself to you. This is a warning to protect yourself from people, situations or things that pose imminent danger. If the snake is black brings your focus to the shadow side of the dreamer – the unknown repressed aspects.

Bitten by a spider brings your attention to the attributes of the poisonous feminine. If you are not caught in the web the toxic bite of the spider reminds you to focus on the unconscious feminine upbringing – or the devouring mother. They could also symbolize a malicious women, or the distorted feminine complex; the feminine within the masculine.

Bitten by a scorpion has two different type of meanings. Scorpions can suggest a rebirth and the bite could be a symbol of death or transformation. It also could be related to the feminine (threat), an enemy; or traits that you inherit that are unconscious.

Bitten by a rat is a bad omen. Rats and mice are negative situations, people or manifestations that have been ignored over time. They are a bad presence anywhere they go. Being bitten shows you that its effects have gotten close to you and you will be affected.

Bitten by a shark is common when we are under water. These dreams bring your focus to the unconscious or unknown emotional side of the dreamer. The cold and calculating behaviors of the shark are live and present at the moment in you life. These could be quantities you possess, or people that pose a threat. Underwater creatures like crabs, whale and dolphin bits are symbolic.

Bitten by ants Ants in a dream focuses on hard work, possible teamwork and cooperation that has been interfered with. It also might be a play on words as ‘aunt’.

Bitten by insects in your dream represents the minor things that are holding us back or minor annoyances in our lives.

Bitten by an alligator or crocodile  waits to pull you down to the swamp. They connect with water (emotions) that could be repressed or ruthless traits of other people. Fears and danger lurk as these cold blooded creatures see you before you see them. They are quick to attack that give you little time to react.

Bitten by birds connects to personal freedom that might be in provoked. Bats bites hint at the shadow, feminine or intuition – like the vampire the ability to drain  your blood and energy. Possible psychic vampires; people that effect your aura. Calls for a need for protection and grounding.

Humans Bite Dream Meaning 

Biting someone in your dream represents communication or verbal altercations that leads to hurtful words. Being bitten would be metaphoric to being hurt by what has come across by that person.

Depending on who was biting you could suggest a clue who might be the root of the problem. People bite back when they have had enough abuse.

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10 days ago

My dream didn’t show the actual spider but just the bite on my right arm. When it was squeezed the bite puss (green color) like crazy. I then iced the bitten area and the bite was gone.

Juulia Tiinanen
Juulia Tiinanen
16 days ago

I had a dream of a white seal.. It came towards me from a cage and bite my hand.. didn’t really hurt but I felt the pressure

25 days ago

Human bites on back?

28 days ago

I had two dream of bitten by animals like on continuous days one on the first time i had a dream was playing with a dog outside my house then he bit me but it was not an aggressive bite but a playful bite. Second was when i was walking down some unkown busy street,a lioness or like puma suddenly appeared but it didnot attack anyone but charged directly towards me, when he jumped to target my back I turned around and tried to cover my face then he bit my right arm.Luckily out of thin air I had a… Read more »

Last edited 28 days ago by Jilian
1 month ago

Tonight I had a dream about being in a house. I believe it was a friends house ( a woman and her children were there). There was a man there working on the house not sure if it was her husband or just a random person. He was looking for something and remember there was a trap door inside of a drawer to go to another area of the house. As he was maneuvering the drawer to access the trap door we watched in amazement that there was another area of the house. He finally got it and was able… Read more »