Cobras in Dreams

Did you just dream of one of the most iconic snake on earth? When the cobra emerges in your dream be prepared to take a seat as you will be here for a while.

Their elegance yet prideful stance known to produce a venomous bite warning the dreamer it should be respected and feared.

Spiritual Meaning Of The Cobra In Dreams

Since most cobras dwell in tropical areas you might be confused on why they paid you a visit in your dream. Well it turns out this highly iconic symbols dates as far back as 5,000 BCE  during ancient Egypt times that still contains the same meaning today.

Why Death Is Considered A Positive Symbol

When the cobra appears in your dream it contains both positive and negative elements. Either this is a warning or relating to undergoing a complete inner transformation.

Cobra Dream: A Bad Omen?

Snakes are seen as an enigmatic symbol so even though it might come across threating it doesn’t necessary mean a bad omen. In fact when specific elements within our psyche remains unconscious the cobra is known to bite or provoke the dreamer to wake up these latent energies.

If the image of the cobra emerges as a threat in your dream, first you will need to determine if this belongs to an actual person; or unconscious aspects of yourself. Furthermore if you are either attacked or chased by the cobra would interpret differently then just observing it.

In order to understand the cobra you will first need to figure out how your dream speaks to you. You will provided with clues such as locations, people, emotions expressed, as well as the cobras movements.

In essence the cobra becomes a metaphor suggesting one thing but meaning something else. Remember this is the enemy of mice and rats which as symbols that plague the dreamer mind.

  • Venomous
  • Unconscious dangers (shadow)
  • Enemies and potential threats
  • Communication, elegance and prideful stance
  • Transformations

Cobra Dreams: The Enemy

Dreams are know to use snakes relating to the dangerous or deceiving people in our lives – you know the ones that have the ability to strike with a deadly force.

National Geographic compares their warning hiss to a growing dog. They are able to pick up on vibrations of those around them using their tongue, the forked tongue often connects the dreamer to communication or a venomous tongue of others.

Snakes often appear negatively in dreams to display the parts of your personality that is unconscious to you. These are possibly the rejected or repressed behaviors or urges that are ignored until it strikes. Cobras the chase or attack you encourage you to explore your weaknesses and fears as you are unaware of its danger.

Remember cobras are often hypnotized by someone else, a possible hint to reflect people that have control over you. Alternatively the cobra becomes your weakness that makes your fearful of it.

  • Displays a prideful stance
  • Unconscious fears (anger, envy etc..)
  • Uncontrolled behaviors or urges
  • Respected and feared

Cobra Dreams: Inner Transformation

The spinal cord was represented by a snake, and the serpent coiled upon the foreheads of the Egyptian initiates symbolized the Divine Fire which had moved serpent-like up the Tree of Life”. –  Manly P. Hall, p. 89.

Cobras have emerged for a particular reason in art and literature throughout history. In spite of, or perhaps because of, their highly venomous nature and it’s ability to pick up on vibrations; it has become an important symbol to many religions across the globe.

Cobra Dream Direct Link To The Kundalini

Snakes can be seen as the force of life, our latent energy or unrealized potential within; our instinctual urge to live. Fearing the cobra in your dream reflects your fears that are unconscious to you. Your ego might be resisting change thus making it attack you.

Essentially you would need the cobra to bite and infect you with it’s venom in order to undergo a personal transformation. Your reaction to the bite will determine your acceptance to the rebirth process.

This powerful snake has stood up over time and still remains the symbol of transformation in Buddhism, Hinduism and ancient Egyptian. It has stretched across Africa and Asian appearing in folklore and mythology.

  • Higher consciousness
  • Intuition/enlightenment
  • Conscious transformation
  • Third eye 
  • Kundalini

Why The Is Cobra Rooted In Ancient Origins

This snake dates  far back to ancient Egypt when the cobra being depicted on many Egyptian deities. Wadjet was often used as the Uraeus – the snake coiled around the Sun God Ra Sun disk, as seen on above the heads of various deities.

If you notice how the cobra protrudes from the forehead of the Pharaoh connecting it to the divine energy. The cobra becomes the symbol of an opened third eye, an awakened individual that has a direct link to the spirit world and healing.

Oddly enough the so called “beard”  looks identical to the cobras tail. This might have been done to represent the unseen vibrations once you have opened up your third eye. Remember the cobra can detect vibrations to detect things moving.

Statue of Buddha meditating in a cobra pose.

Cobra Dreams: Hinduism and Buddhism

Cobras (nāga) can been interpreted as divine or semi-divine deities that reside in the netherworld. Naga’s in Buddhist mythology are serpents can be seen as protectors of the Buddha and of the dharma after his enlightenment.

According to Indian mythology the cobra is part human  associated with water and mystical initiation.

The cobra also is an important symbol in these religions.  When the Hindu god Shiva meditates he is usually is depicted with a cobra around his neck, while the god Vishnu is shown to rest on the back of a cosmic universe.

Biblical Meaning Of Cobra Dream

The Bible is riddled with parables and metaphors as the cobra can been seen as both good and bad. Remember Satan appeared to Eve as a serpent and that Jesus at one point tells the disciples to be “wise as serpents” and harmless as doves.

In Psalm 58:3–5: “The wicked turn aside from birth; liars go astray as soon as they are born. Their venom is like that of a snake, like a deaf serpent that does not hear, that does not respond to the magicians, or to a skilled snake-charmer.”

The king cobra—one of the most venomous snake in the world—can literally “stand up” and look a full-grown person in the eye. The Bible might remind you to never back down from fear against poisonous people. To stay inconspicuous by camouflaging, laying low – understand your enemy in order to best them.

Color Of The Cobra Meaning

  1. Golden Cobra: A symbol of transformation, luck and success. Relates to the sun (masculine energy) also Ragod of the sun, has the head of a falcon and the sun-disk inside a cobra resting on his head. Once understood this will lead to healing, illumination and achievement.
  2. White Cobra: A color associated with  light, goodness, innocence, purity, and spirit. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness.
  3. Black Cobra: The color opposite to white reflecting the shadow– unknown behaviors the dreamer possesses.

Killing A Cobra In Dreams

Now that we acknowledge that the cobra can be seen as both good and bad, killing a cobra could be applied the same way. Could you be killing off aspects of your true nature, essentially stopping your transformation? Killing a snake In dreams connects with enemies or instincts.

Alternatively these reptiles can mimic people in our life that are extremely toxic. A symbol of developing the power and fearless disposition that stops these treats from getting in your head (central nervous system).

Dreaming Of Black Cobra

The majority of dreams that revolve around the cobra have a tendency to appear black. In our dreams a black cobra represents the dreamers shadow side or unconscious traits that they are unaware of.

Now when these negative elements are unknown the black cobra will attack the dreamer, usually by biting his hands or legs. However, to dream of a brown cobra can be a negative symbol related to dirt and mud; but also a symbol of grounding and earth elements. This will be determined how the brown snake in your dream behaved.

Dreaming Of Cobra Chasing

Whenever the Cobra in your dream is chasing you it becomes a clue in what you are essentially running away from. What chases us belongs to our fears, but the cobra tells you about change and transformation.

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2 years ago

What about if they are two cobras with two colors each, gold and black whereas the other is green and black! Both chasing you and a friend. What does it mean?