Dreaming Of My Throat

Since the throat is located behind the mouth your dream uses this image to represents communication and expression. Due to the location behind the mouth it becomes a metaphoric symbol relating to the unconscious part of the dreamer. Its close proximity to the neck the meaning can mirror the throat in dreams.

When the throat becomes the main subject in our dream it commonly appears to revolve around in a negative context. It is quite common to experience something stuck in the throat, slashed, surgery, or actually cutting someone’s throat.

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Think of the saying “words that stick in (one’s) throat  – one is unable to say something, due to their emotional state. Perhaps  “to jump down someone’s throat”. To become very angry with someone because of what they say or do.

The symbols and images in our dreams direct us to a location similar how idioms or metaphors are expressed in our language. As vivid or disturbing as your dream might come across it delivers you an important message that is not recognized yet within.

Throat and Neck Dreams

These dreams might be a pain in the neck however uncovering the meaning has its benefits. Issues relating to communication might be connected to your workplace, friendships, family, or relationships.

Quite often your dream will provide you with hints such as locations, people around you; and possibly what might be stuck in your throat.

Neck and Throat Symbolism:

  • Failure to articulate or compromise.
  • Someone stopping you from expressing who you are.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Unable to voice your opinion.
  • Stuck feelings and emotions that you are unable to express.

Stuck In Throat Dream

More than likely you will stumble across a nightmare were you are trying to pull hair or other things out of your throat. These vivid dreams grab your attention on purpose connecting you with issue related to failure to express yourself to others – unable to get something out of you (metaphor).

Why is hair stuck in my throat? Since dreams use particular images to get its point across, hair in this case represents freedom and inner growth to express how you honestly feel. These dream encourage you to reflect on what is causing this from happening – what is stuck that is unable to come out of you?

Cutting My Throat Dream

Dreaming of someone cutting your throat with a knife might seem graphic but it’s a very common dream symbol. These dreams represent internal or external forces that are removing or stopping you from communicating. As a result these repressed emotions are trapped within needing to be expressed.

Could this suggest someone is trying to stop or remove how you feel or express yourself? Was this person known or remains unknown (shadow)?

Cutting Someone Throat Dream

Before you think you are a sociopath killer these dreams are very common and has happened to me from time to time. I know the feeling of waking up feeling disgusted but these dreams might not be as bad as you think.

Depending who or what you are cutting represents removing obstacles and entanglements out of your way. These past barriers you have put up are now coming down through strength and raw power.