Dreaming of a Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes appear in your dream as a warning relating to something you may have provoked unwilling.

It might be possible that the rattle noise you heard might be a warning being to close to something dangerous. Keep in mind the rattlesnake is a very misunderstood reptile that minds its own business until you have interfered with it.

Unfortunately snakes get a terrible reputation partly due to our innate ancestral fears when humans used to live in trees, or possibly related to the story of Adam and Eve in the bible. In dreams snakes can range from our own unconscious fears, enemies among us, or internal energy that resides within.

Interestingly enough the rattle snake really wants to be left alone contrary to popular belief, they will only bite you if you bother them. Now that this snake has got your attention now lets break down why it emerged in your dreams.

Common Rattlesnake Dreams:

  • Snakes everywhere.
  • Rattlesnake noise (tail).
  • Dreaming of a rattlesnake while pregnant.
  • Multiple, killing, biting and babies.

Rattlesnake Dream: Unconscious Rattle

It is very rare if a rattlesnake bites you in your dream because it has specifically chosen to use a ‘rattle’ you up. Dreams speak to us in a language coded in metaphors and often give you clues to your locations and people around you.

The snake has presented itself to you as you are not aware of something in your walking life. The so called “rattle’ is a warning that you are too close to something that poses a threat in your life. What could that be?

Who do you know that can identify as this particular snake? These are the people who display aggression once provoked or people with an aggressive disposition.

Snakes often connect to the ‘human shadow‘ the dangerous qualities that you possess that are unconscious to you. This can be venomous behaviors, aggressive tendencies or fears and anxieties. Do you display similar characters as the rattlesnake?

Alternatively when the rattlesnake becomes threatened it likes to make a noise, this haunting rattle known to shake you up. In dreams this can be seen as a metaphor or a direct warning that you are close to being attacked.

Rattlesnake Tail Dream Meaning

Shake, rattle and then strike. The rattling is a terrifying sound that shakes us to the core. The snake uses special shaker muscles to vibrate the tip of its tail up to 90 times a second.

The rattlesnake tail is a direct warning that your vibrations are being felt by others. The location might determine the origin of this threat.

Common Rattlesnake Dreams

Being bitten suggests that you didn’t listen to a warning and you have been attacked. This might not be phyical but more mental as the venom can act as something that takes over the central nervous system.

Dreaming of baby rattlesnakes are actually more of a threat then a full grown predator. Since they haven’t developed the rattle you might  be attacked without any warning or hesitation. It could also suggest that this is a minor threat but still thread carefully.

Snakes everywhere is a common dream theme that reminds you of unconscious threats. If it is in your house it relates to you mind/psyche as each floor has a different representation.

Dreaming of a rattlesnake while pregnant is not uncommon, actually snakes one of the most popular dreams themes amongst women. These dreams are actually quite vivid and disturbing that might not have a meaning behind it.

Noticing two rattlesnakes might relate to the vibration of the energy rising in the body (kundalini), feminine energy that resides at the base of the spine. It can also be seen as two sets of people that display a warning.

Fun Fact: Anthropologists suggest the need to be aware snakes in the wild may have led early primates to develop better vision and larger brains.