Dreaming of Blood

They symbol of blood appears metaphorically representing life itself; the element of your vital energy that function within the body. This very special liquid connects the dreamer with life, love, spirit and passion; but also anger, loss and defeat.

In most cases dreams about blood are often very vivid that tend to have a negative undertone to it. The reason why it shows up in this manner would be for the dreamer to protect something valuable within that is being depleted. Regardless if you are bleeding, urinating, vomiting, or even see your ears bleeding the problem belongs to the dreamer and it must be addressed or more energy will be depleted.

Blood Symbolism In Dreams

  • anger or rage
  • passion or lust
  • depletion of energy
  • life force, chi, prana
  • transfusion
  • tribal
  • love and healing
  • emotions, friendship and family

Blood Dreams & Period Blood

The enigmatic nature of blood can also direct the dreamer to fertility (mother) as it relates to menstruation. The uncomfortable short duration of a period could reflect pain or an unpleasant situation in your life. This is why women dream of period blood to represent these minor irritable setbacks that are often unconscous to them. This is often represented as period blood on their pads in their dream.

Oddly enough women who are pregnant tend to have very unusual dreams about period blood. In most cases these types of dreams are perfectly normal, perhaps relating to fears of loss of the child.

Article: Unusual Pregnancy Dreams

Some women even dream of Period Blood On Their Beds which represents issues pertaining to their relationships and intimacy. Dreaming of period blood on your at toilet seat connects to the root CHAKRA; a need for protection, loss of energy and grounding.

To dream of menstrual blood on your clothes represents embarrassing situations, fears and anxieties in social situations. Clothes in dreams are often connected to the dreamer identity or what covers them from what is really below the surface. Dreaming of black period blood represents the negative and old things in your life that needs to be let go of. Alternatively, this might be a positive symbol of releasing this stagnant energy from your past.

Common Blood Dream Meaning

Bleeding Eyes: Eyes often represent a mirror to the soul, your inner vision. What you are seeing or expressing (crying) are hurting your spirit, as it mirrors internal suffering. How do you see the world within yourself? Does an eye for an eye make you blind? Expressing what you see from the outside effects the inside.

Spitting Blood: A common dream symbol that turns your attention to communication. These dreams bring the dreamer to how they speak, anger, rage and passion. The energy that is lost when this is not correct.

Bleeding: Bleeding in your dream implies your vital life energy is being depleted. Your location and what made you bleed are clues that will help you decode the dream. You will want to reflect what in your life is causing you weakness, drained and low energy. Unconscious emotional past pain could be another area to investigate.

Urinating Blood: These dreams distributing as it is relates to either unconscious fears, or a waste of your vital energy. You will want to explore areas of your life where you are draining parts of your personal energy that is going down the toilet.

Somebody Bleeding: People that you know who are bleeding relates pain they might be going though. This might be unconscious to you, however its a symbol that they might need assistance.

Ears Bleeding: A symbol often associated with the sun, a SPIRAL – the feminine (vulva).  Often times it can connect you with hearing; bleeding ears contains elements of toxic or negative advice and gossip that affects your mind. A warning to be careful of what you hear that has potential to affects who you are. It could be a reflection of the pain you heard in the past or possibly something blocked up. The ears are connected to head; what you hear influences your thoughts.

Vomiting Blood: Holding and releasing; aspects that belong to you have now come up to the surface. A metaphoric symbol of internal past issues that need to be addressed. There is a psychological rejection that can no longer be held in. This blood is part of  you, needed to keep your life force energy together (loss) connecting to  certain beliefs, ideas, past experiences or feelings.

Blood On The Floor: The location of where you saw the blood may alter the meaning. Your house would be a representation of your psyche or mind. You are noticing a loss of life pertaining to you or others.

Blood In Water: Water connects the dreamer to the emotional state of mind. There seems to be a connection between birth and fertility; representing life as blood is your energy. Depending what type of body of water the blood was in, the location and people around you can alter the meaning. A cry for help as you are in danger if a shark where to pick up on the scent. Exploring your own emotions of happiness, fear, anger, contempt and sadness by connecting it to the dream.

Bleeding Head: Your head is where thoughts, feelings and emotions reside. Metaphoric to a bleeding mind, a loss of something valuable that is now viable to you. Dissonance on reasonable and rational thinking, negativity or people who have influenced your thinking.

Drawing Blood: These dreams often suggest going to battle. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to physically fight but more of a mental struggle that you are going to face. If you are drawing blood in a hospital (doctor) it brings your attention to giving your life energy to help yourself. Essentially there might be change occurring at this time of your life.

Blood Test: Taking a blood test symbolize uncertainty, or unconscious fears and anxieties. You may have unconscious fears pertaining to your health or you might be afraid to admit what is inside you. If the results were good it suggests a mental clean bill of health. If it was negative it brings your attention to fix past issues that are living in the present moment. Alternatively, if you are concerned about your health these dream might rear its head from time to time.

Accident & Blood: These are very common dreams that brings your focus on your path in life. If there is a crash and blood is shown suggests anger, and loss of parts of you that were once together. The type of vehicle you are in, location and people around you can provide you with hints where the emotional distress is taking place.

Bloody Teeth: One of the most common dream symbols ‘teeth‘ suggest there is a connection with image, communication and loss. Bloody teeth can represent negative speech and anger is occurring in your life. A symbol to become conscious of how you speak to others; neglected parts are now being seen by others.

Belly Button Bleeding: These dreams might connect you with the feminine (mother) – connection with the deeper parts of yourself.  It brings your attention to investigate your sacral chakra with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. Bleeding brings your attention to fears, uncontrolled urges and addictions.

Blood On Hands: If you dream about blood on your hand it’s a reflection of wrongdoing. You might feel you are doing something bad or hurting others through means – not directly involved. These dreams emerge for you to examine your past behaviors and see your wrong doings have essentially effected yourself.

Bloody Nose: Often times connected with breath of life, sensing things that are unseen; intuition. Nose bleeds are often unpredictable and embarrassing. This could be a mirror of a situation in your life.

Blood On Underwear: These dreams frequent women more than men; symbols of embarrassment or expecting change. Metaphors relating to life cycles, emotional energy.

Drinking Human Blood: Depending the origin of source will alter the dream. Like a energy vampire you feed of the energy of others for fulfillment. A symbol for self reflection; the danger of taking the vital life source that doesn’t belong to you.

Bleeding Neck: The neck connects the mind with the body, a negative symbol relating to communication. A distortion between the mental and psychical; emotions and feeling – Something that has cut deep.

Passing Blood Clots: These are positive dream symbols that suggest you got rid of something that has its internal dangers. A blood clot is metaphoric relating to the past that can affect your whole body.

Syringe: The context a syringe can be both a positive and negative symbol depending what is being injected. If blood is being injected it suggests you are going to get a boost of new energy.

Blood Transfusion: Blood transfusion is the process of moving blood or blood products into one’s circulation intravenously. You are given blood from another source that can bring you new energy. Often symbols of positive change or transformation.

Bleeding Finger: A finger has the potential to point and blame. Connects to loss of movements or work related.

Private Parts: What you hide from others, something personal. Dreaming of bleeding private parts might connect you to your instincts and urges.


Blood Meaning In The Bible

The Bible does say for the life of the flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11); for it is the life of all flesh (Leviticus 17:14); for the blood is the life (Deuteronomy 12:23).

Thus we understand that the blood represents the life as well as the blood of Christ.  Although blood represents life it should be pointed out that the Bible also references the “breath” (oxygen) as being necessary for life.

Redeems us from sin
Purifies our hearts and minds
Frees us and helps us overcome temptations
Releases us from a reliance on acts to save us
Gives us eternal life with Christ
Saves us from the wrath of God

Red Moon: The blood moon or red moon bring your attention to the feminine; attraction emotions – love and romance. A symbol to explore the unconscious side, the dark (shadow) unknown parts of your psyche. A sign of changing times, death and rebirth as you are going though a transition stage.

Shakespeare Blood Macbeth

Shakespeare who was a master of symbolism magnified blood in his writing.  Throughout Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’, the recurring imagery of blood is used as a symbol to demonstrate the constant feelings of guilt felt by the characters, ultimately leading to their endless feelings of fear and horror.

Blood reveals Macbeth’s feelings about murder. For example, blood symbolism exposes the apprehensiveness of Macbeth before he kills Duncan . Macbeth hallucinates a dagger floating before him, guiding him towards Duncan ’s room. Macbeth hallucination appears almost like a dream we experience connecting to possible unconscious anger, lust and fear that resides deep within.

Vampires & Blood Dreams

Symbolism of blood in novels and movies have entered their way into our dream world.  In Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula, the most blatant and powerful symbol is blood.  He uses the blood that means so much to the believers of this legend and has it represent more than even they could imagine. When vampires appear in our dreams it is suggesting that someone might be draining your life force from you.