Black Snake Dream

Black snakes in our dreams can be a symbol of a hidden transformation or something a bit more sinister, suggesting you might be in danger of a possible threat in your life.

Are you dreaming of a black snake?

Interestingly enough one of the oldest dream symbols ever recorded is the image of the snake that dates as far back to ancient Egypt. This is an iconic yet enigmatic symbol that still baffles dreamer to this day.

So why would you dream of a black snake? Unfortunately the answer cannot be as straightforward as you might think. Snakes that emerge in our dreams have the ability to manifest as both a positive and negative omen, though a black snake is a bit different because it allows us to get close to our shadow. Snakes are one of the most enigmatic yet difficult symbols to interpret, however based off of the context of your dream you will get closer to the answer.

The reason why the snake was black in your dream because your unconscious wants you to know that this is a hidden element you need to make conscious. The tricky part is, how do we do it?

Black snake dream meaning

The color black has been emphasized for a specific reason that represents the mysterious, dark, fears, unknown or the SHADOW. What do we mean when we say the shadow? These are hidden elements or rejected parts of our personality that we choose to reject and repress.

These might be unwanted feelings, emotions, urges or behaviors tend to hide under the rock and is never acknowledged. For example: Aggressive impulses, taboo mental images, shameful experiences, immoral urges, fears, irrational wishes, unacceptable sexual desires.

But what happens when the Black Snake in your dream appears friendly?  Like the snake that tricked Adam & Eve in the Bible the black snake might be a warning relating to people who are nice to your face but stab you in the back when you are not looking. Alternatively, the black snake could emerge to active the Yin or feminine energy that unconsciously resides within you.

Shadow Examples

  • Greed or envy,
  • Yin energy
  • Sexual deviance,
  • Limiting beliefs,
  • Rage, hate and anger,
  • Racism or homophobic,
  • Violent tendencies,
  • Neurotic behaviors.

Black Snake In Dreams

Different colors in dreams are clues that better help identify the meaning of the dream. This is why black snakes are usually infused with white, yellow or green. Green for instance might direct you towards feelings of envy and greed, where as yellow might indicate unconscious jealousy.

When water is present it would bring your awareness to your unconscious emotional state of mind. Dreaming of a black snake running away from you is a positive symbol that leads to transformation. Alternatively once the dreamer is unwillingly unable to identify with these unwanted traits it has the ability to become threatening or aggressive.

Black Snake Bite Dreams

So what does it mean when you are bitten by a black snake? The meaning of this common dream theme all depends on the location of the bite, who was around you, the area and if the venom was poisonous, see snake dreams.  Bites usually relate to the unconscious part of the dreamer in hopes that recognizing the issue leads to an inner transformation.

Black Snake: Shadow or Enemy?

Do all dreams mean the same thing? No! This is why the dreamer must explore different venues to see why the black snake appeared in his or her dream. Snakes may rear their ugly heads when you might be around a threatening person or situation.

Could the black snake represent a warning to be cautious around deceitful people in your life? It is quite possible. However you will be giving many clue that can be translated metaphorically that will better help decode your dream.

Black Snakes In The Bible

What does the bible say about black snakes? Just like dreams they are symbols of good and bad, destruction and transformation (healing), fertility and temptation. Similar to the bible were that uses parables to relay a message, dreams use metaphors that both lead you down the right path.

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1 year ago

Spot on. The same dream of the black snake contained partaking in an old drug habit that I vow never to revisit in this lifetime. Although it was a horrible period of my life, getting past it was the beginning of my true self. I have faced the shadow!