Dreaming of a Window

The Eyes Are Windows To The Soul ~ William Shakespeare

Windows in dreams are extremely symbolic contain both internal and external forces being addressed. These important images emerge in our dreams during specific times in our lives, however depending how it appears alters the meaning.

If the house represents the mind/psyche the windows are eyes of the dreamer as you observing something that is unconscious to you. Windows enable us to view with out engaging, allowing us to observe from a distance in our safe zone. We absorb information about the outside world even if we are not able or willing to be part of it yet.

We cannot approach this symbol as just an opening in a wall that admits light and for people to see out of, it becomes a metaphor relating to opportunities, insights; an the ability to see ahead.

How Windows Appear In Our Dreams:

  • Looking though your window
  • Noticing a child falling from the window,
  • Someone looking though,
  • Glass or window broken,
  • Observing a window open,
  • Cleaning windows
  • Falling out.

Why The Window Appears

It helps to reflect on some our our common popular phrases we use in our daily vernacular that influence out dreams. The saying “a window of opportunity” commonly used to seize the moment immediately before you miss out in life, or something that has “gone out the window”.

Windows tend to bring your attention to our inside world unlike doors in dreams that can be seen as opening to our outside world. The rectangular shape of the window points to singularity or every single thought you are thinking.

Even in literature Windows are literally interpreted as the visual connection between inside and out.  It has the ability to welcome light but also pose a threat by virtue of what the light might expose. This is why windows can be observed in both a negative or positive manner in our dreams, it can be a symbol of personal freedom or entrapment.

The window may be the central part in your dream but cannot be properly decoded unless you gather all the information before and after you noticed it. Filling in all the missing pieces such as locations, observing what you see outside, the direction, mood, as well as people or symbols around you help connect the dots.

Open Window Dream Meaning

Noticing an open window in your dream can be considered the eye to your soul, a bridge that connects the conscious to unconscious, new perception.

An opportunity has been introduced to the dreamer they might not fully understand yet, this is a reflection of their own inner state of mind. You have the ability to see out, to observe something that may have been previously closed.

The open window allows light to penetrate thought the dark corners of the room, illuminating what was ignored or repressed, exposing something you used to hide. The window becomes metaphoric in your life as you communicate with the outside world, you might be uncovering you own shadow – the dark repressed side of your personality, rejected behaviors, urges and instincts.

In essence an open window implies personal freedom for the dreamer, you have gained access to a new viewpoint, perception or insight in your life.

  •  Becoming aware of something unknown,
  • Opening to the soul,
  • Communication with the unconscious;
  • Illuminating the shadow side of the dreamer.

Dreams: Broken Window, Glass, Falling

Noticing broken glass or windows would be the opposite of viewing though something transparent. A distortion from the inside world (mind/psyche) changes the point of view from the outside world.

If the windows are a representation of the eyes from the inside (mind/psyche), looking out in the “perceived” natural world is fragmented. Unconscious perceptions are fragmented, shattered, defected thus effecting your mind, body and soul.

You are given a metaphoric clue bridging your unconscious motivations, vision, inner feelings, and thoughts to in your conscious world. This observation or point of view needs correcting as it is causing dissonance in your walking life.

A falling window might imply a lack of grounding or instability reflecting the observation between your inside and outside world. A lack of vision or distortion of a point of view in your life.

Dreams: Child Falling Out Of Window

Dreaming of a child falling out of a window brings your attention to rescuing your inner child. The term inner child is refereed to as the child within you that has been deeply effected by past trauma.

These traumas can vary anywhere from your parents divorcing, enduring phyical or mental abuse, financial stress; or emotional neglect. The main goal of  of inner child work is to reconnect with the lost or fragmented parts of ourselves that have been forgotten.

A child falls out of the window reflects your inability to provide him or her with a safe loving environment, the neglect is unconscious to you. The lack of attention has caused the child to roam into dangerous area causing harm. This will be a reflection to your own child like behaviors, fears and pain that lead you down the same road in your walking life.

Alternatively once you attend to your inner child you will start to protect and nourish unconscious aspects of yourself. Once this is accomplished your life will become more fulfilling as your fears and barriers will come down.

Window Dreams: Cleaning, Blinds, Curtains

Blinds on a window can be seen a metaphor relating to being “blind” or unable to see in your life. It’s ability to cover, protect, shield you from the outside world hinders your perceptions.

Blinds and curtains stop the sun from illuminating your room (mind/psyche) shedding light on the dark areas. A possible fear of being exposed or exposing yourself to the world outside you.

Cleaning your windows can be considered a positive omen relating to changing the ways you see things in life. A dirty or unclear window are past perceptions that are now being changed – to see life from a different perspective.

Someone Looking Though My Window

Dreaming of a random person looking though your window can feel sort of like a nightmare. These dreams can be simplified as someone you know observing aspects about your personality in your walking life, invasion of privacy, or something related to the unknown.

The meaning of the dream will alter depending what room this person was looking at you in. If they were known or unknown to the dreamer, if they posed a threat, or just watching you.

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1 year ago

I dream lately of opening a window in our bedroom and saw 2 men, I think. I’m not sure if how many are they but that I know the other one guy. As I opened the window, and saw them, I lot of insects went out and some crawled on me. What can you say about my dream?