Waterfall Dream Meaning

Symbolic Meaning Of Waterfall Dreams

Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it ~ Lao Tzu

Consider yourself lucky when you dream of a waterfall. This positive symbol represents a harmonious and balanced state of mind resulting in inner peace.

In fact waterfalls are scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and said to increase our bodies production of serotonin, which is the chemical responsible for relieving stress and depression, and for boosting our energy and happiness.

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Whenever you enter into mother nature’s territory or a waterfall in your dream you are essentially entering the sacred part within that is now undergoing inner healing. Metaphorically speaking you have search the unknown parts of your unconscious mind and came upon something majestic and magical.

Waterfall Dream Meaning

Water is one of the most common dream symbols that takes many forms and shapes that mirror the dreamers current emotional state of mind. It has always been a symbol that represents life itself associating with birth, fertility and renewal. Remember most of our body is made up water and responsible for life and growth on earth.

Since it is one of four earths elements this becomes a symbol that connects with our spirit, as if the waterfall becomes something that purifies and washes away negative energy. Waterfalls in your dreams act as a spiritual cleanse that removes all the negative energy in your mind, body and soul.

Its close proximity to a river implies something that is in constant movement and always changing in your life. It becomes a symbol of letting go of your past by connecting you to the present moment – a rebirth or renewal of your soul.

Spiritual Meaning Of Waterfall Dreams

Spiritually speaking the waterfall is one of the most powerful omens that signifies an unconscious shift for the dreamer. The location of the waterfall is often in a jungle or forest setting; in our dreams this tells the dreamer they are unconsciously searching for some sort of renewal. Your dream has let you know you have found this within and a rebirth has now taken place. Sometimes the dreamer will have visions of waterfalls right before they wake up. These visions are letting you know that you are undergoing this transformation as we speak.

Waterfall Dream Symbolism

  • Spiritual rebirth
  • Emotional cleansing
  • Wisdom
  • Power and grace
  • Feminine energy

Waterfall Dream Meaning

Waterfalls are often located in dense areas that takes either a hike or adventure to find it. These vast unknown areas can be seen as a symbol of the unknown or unconscious parts of yourself.

Often times the dreamer would be observing or noticing the top of the waterfall signifying being on top of their emotions. What as the force of the water like? Was this a calm or powerful waterfall? If you jumped off the waterfall in your dream it suggests you will embrace the feminine energy – a positive symbol of rebirth and self renewal.

If you are on the top of a waterfall in your dreams it is considered a positive omen that you are on top of your emotional state of mind and spiritually.

Climbing a waterfall in your dream brings your attention to obtaining success in the near future. How was the climb? Was it difficult or and easy climb in our dream?

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Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter
1 year ago

what about being in a hot spring at the base of a small waterfall? didn’t have to find it in a jungle or dense area, i was just there at the end of my nightmare.