Wasp Dream Meaning

To bee or not to bee? Many people have trouble distinguishing between a bee and a wasp, however in our dreams the wasp can be recognized right away. Wasps are feared and hated. Granted if they are left alone they will be

For the most part bees are considered a good omen unless you are stung, however the wasp emerges as a negative symbol that represents a potential threat in your life.

Unlike bees, which can only sting you once – the process is often fatal to them – wasps differ by singing the victim multiple times and flying off as nothing has happened.

Basically wasps are the angry venomous cousin that is always angry and likes to disrupt family functions. This is why when we are often confronted with wasps in our dreams they are known to chase, attack or even sting the dreamer in its ear as a warning. Your dream will provide you with clues such as locations and behaviors to inform you if this is an internal or external threat.

Since all wasps go through complete metamorphosis process it brings your focus to the troublesome things that have developed in stages. From a worm to a full on stinging machine.

Wasp Attack Dream

An angry or aggressive wasp in your dream suggests an angry or aggressive person in your life. These people are known to attack once they feel under threat, disturbed or provoked. A symbol that you may be been too close to the nest and are looking for trouble.

Since all wasps build nests that might be symbolic in your dream as you could be too close to something that can be potentially dangerous to you. As the wasp emits a pheromone that sends a warning signal back to the nest warning of your presence.

Interestingly enough only the females wasps are able to sting thus directing you to a possible feminine threat.

Wasp Characteristics:

  • Territorial,
  • Social or solitary insects,
  • Aggressive and angry,
  • Antennas,
  • Females carry the stingers.

Wasp Sting Meaning

Wasps do not leave their stingers in you when you are stung meaning that you can be attacked multiple times by one threat. The sting is a lot more painful that an average bee sting and contains a stronger venom.

The exact location of the sting is a clue that will translate metaphorically to the dreamer. Often times the wasps is known to sting in the ear or hair of the dreamer but why?

By approaching the exact location in a metaphoric sense will help you decipher the meaning. For instance, if you are stung in the ear it brings your attention to listening, gossip, or words that have the ability to sting you multiple times. Hair would be symbolic of your thoughts (grow from head), freedom, spirituality, regrowth – under attack.

Wasp Chase

Running away or being chased in your dream is one of the most common dream themes in the world. A wasp that chases suggest you are running away from a threat, disrupted an angry person, not facing a problem in your life.

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1 year ago

I just had a dream that a wasp was in my room digging into the ceiling and making construction noises while doing so. It drew a line then made a rectangular hole. It got in the hole and brought out tiny floating worms. I tried getting up and getting to my door but I’d always end up back in my bed. I woke up realizing the wasp wasn’t there.

Wayne Sanders
Wayne Sanders
2 years ago

I had a dream where wasps showed up at the end. In the beginning me and 2 other guys go into a convenience store and there is no one in there, finally an old woman comes from a room behind the register and says we shouldn’t buy anything, everything is dirty in here. I keep looking at everything on the shelves and everything is clean and unopened as far as I can tell. The other two guys leave and leave me the keys to the Mercedes outside. I keep looking then by the time I’m at the soda machines and… Read more »