Dreams about Woods

Did you know that the majority of dreams about the woods are usually vividly eerie that normally takes place by a cabin, or being chased by an unknown man.

The woods appear in this manner because it wants to show you the place that is unknown to you and hardly travelled. These sorts of themes are almost rooted in mythology; the dreamer is often confronted by something enchanting or down right malicious.

Did you dream of going into the woods?

Basically this particular area has manifested as the unconscious part of yourself comprised of your hidden emotions, repressed fears, relationships and unconscious feelings that need to be explored.

Inside the woods in your dream you will either face your fears or become consumed by them. What occurred in your dream of the woods?

Symbolic meaning of woods in dreams

Despite the unsettling mood of the dream being inside the woods is quite meaningful, in fact this is a magical place where the dreamer transforms — unless you resist this inner awakening.

Inside the woods you will either be confronted with threatening danger, or one of refuge, or a chance at adventure. The dreamer must first figure out based off of the theme if this is a calling from the unconscious to change or relates to an outside threat that you don’t fully understand.

The dark woods in your dream not only tells you that this is unconscious to you but the TREES that surround you represents life itself; a reflection on our personal development, spirituality and individual growth

Wood dreams and mythology

Inside the Woods In Your Dream allows you access to gain higher level of awareness, though one must explore the enchanted world of the unconscious alone. Sort of like little red riding hood exploring the forest alone only to be confronted by a big bad wolf. Our dreams are often rooted in myth and sometimes you can extract similar values about the woods in your dream and similar fairy tales.

Like most mythological and folklore tails the woods is a place that we are taught to fear of what inside. It is inhabited by unknown forces, magical people, primeval creatures, the place young kids get lost and come out adults.

For example, the mythology story behind Little Red Riding Hood symbolizes growing up and entering adulthood. Red is often used to symbolize love, maturity, source of life, and passion. Because she is cloaked in it from her head, she is covered in the color of maturity.

Similar to your dream certain colors will stand out as well as what might be around you hinting at the big bad wolf. This is why we often enter this magical realm at night, or perhaps alone as we stumble across many clues embedded deep in the landscape.

Are you running through the woods dream?

You might wonder why most dreams usually have us running through the woods. Well it turns out that these dreams are letting you know that you have now entered the unconscious mysterious part that is flowing with life energy, or strong and easy motivation.

But if you are running away from someone in the woods it tells you a story about avoidance and hiding from something unknown to you.

If you are sleeping in the woods in your dream it tells you that you need to wake up from this unconscious state by becoming aware of something.

Dreaming of cabin in the woods?

Any sort of free standing structure in our dreams such as houses & buildings becomes a blueprint of the mind of the dreamer. But what makes cabins different than your typical house is that it becomes a part of your mind that is hardly explored.

Whenever the dreamer notices a cabin in their dreams will determine your relationship with this part of you; related to things we metaphorically build in our lives; a sub construct (mind/psyche) relating to past trauma, relationships, experiences.

Dreaming of rainforest

Similar to the woods the rainforest in your dream represents a part of you that is unknown but contains potential for growth.

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9 months ago

I had a dream of going to this place “no name of it” and there were 7 groups of forested areas where we could hunt. Just remember walking down a dirt road to go to the area we wanted with no map of it. We picked our area and then hunted for hours when my dads friend shot a deer it’s started to get late so we agreed we should go back to the main place so it wouldn’t get dark on us but when we got out the woods to the dirt road we forgot where to go. I… Read more »

1 year ago

Earlier, I had a dream about walking around on a bright sunny beach, When I turned around however, there was a dark forest that looked very dull. I splashed in the ocean a bit- But the woods were upright scary, I think I remember black figures of men watching me

1 year ago

I dreamt of walking through the forest with an unknown older woman. She told me she had seen a mother wolf. We then saw lots of wolf cubs in the trees as we walked along the forest trail. At the end of the trail was a beach and my family were there. Some of them wanted to go back through the forest to get things but I did not want to go back through. I wanted to stay at the beach with them. The older woman was gone.