Dreaming of A Witch

Dreams about witches are often warnings related to a feminine threat or negative aspects of yourself that still remain hidden.

The witches close association with the MOON tells the dreamer to reflect on emotions and moods, as the night implies the unconsciousness. When we mix these two symbols together we get emotional unconscious side of the dreamer – a very powerful symbol that often leads back to the feminine or the mother. Did you know that one of the symbols of a toxic mother appears as a witch in your dreams?

Article: Warning Signs Of A Toxic Mother In Dreams

Once you figure out who and what the witch is in your life it becomes a massive stepping stone that you have overcome. Whether the witch appears as a controlling mother or aspects of yourself that are negative it serves a purpose in your life. If you become the witch in your dream it becomes a warning to pay attention to these unconscous behaviors that are possessing you.

Witch Dreams: The Inner Witch Hunt

The symbolism of the witch requires you to explore the deeper parts of your personality, relationships with your mother and things that connects with the inner feminine.

The witches magic in your dreams can apply to both men and women. The witch is essentially a disguise of the mother or feminine; she manifests herself accordingly based of your past interactions.. She can either be a symbol of the devouring mother figure that has gripped you, or the power of your unconscious. She offers you clues by her conduct, attitude and overall disposition.

Negative associations with the witch is commonly displayed by being chased or attacked. In this case you will want to examine the relationship with the mother. Alternatively, the witch spell has the ability to wear off once you notice her needs.

Witch Dream Interpretation Hints

  • examine mother relationship
  • find out if possess qualities of a witch
  • are you controlled by others?
  • do you have talents that are unknown to you?

Witch Dreams & Mother Connection

Oftentimes good parents don’t mean good parenting. In psychology the ‘devouring mother’ is the dark side of your mother. She selfishly consumes her children by protecting them from the dangerous world, yet they will be forever infants. She will reward you if you listen to her commands, yet punish and chastise you once you try and escape from her grip.

You are unaware of the spell the witch has cast over you as she hides behind her kindness and loving nature. This is why in your dreams the witch might come across as non threatening. This magic trick has pulled the wool over your eyes, though others can see the manipulative forces at work.

If the witch becomes violent in your dreams it might direct you to a resistance you might be having with the feminine. You might be challenging this opposing force that is causing inner friction. The witch often chases people in dreams that can be interpreted by fears of confronting the negative mother.

In essence the witch is your friend that wants to be confronted despite her malevolent and vengeful characteristics – her main purpose would be for you to identify with these negative traits that are unconscious.

By bringing light towards this dysfunction the witch loses her powers until the spell no longer can effect you. Once integrated she will transform to something of beauty.

Witch Dream Meaning

Witch are commonly noticed in dreams that are not as threatening. These dreams might bring your attention to your shadow side; the repressed feelings, violent behaviors and emotions that are unknown to you. The witch develops not as an actual witch, but a representation of what you are ignoring. Her supernatural powers and sorcery makes her get what she wants.

Witchcraft Dream Meaning

Dreaming of witchcraft is quite common that can be analyzed in two different ways. These dreams might be hinting at your manipulating behaviors, basically getting what you want and desire though scrupulous ways.

You might be able to pull strings like a puppet to get others to do what you want from others. Interfering with free will the witch will always remain in the darkness until you bring it into the light. By not using your magic or manipulating ways makes the witch in you lose power.

Witches who do work spells on you in your dreams often come across metaphoric. These dreams represent the people or things in your life that influence your behaviors and moods. Virtually the witch are the people, addictions, or image that has captivated you.

The only way to break the spell is to resist the temptations that is controlling you. Your dream will give you clues like locations and people around you that would reflect where the problem might be stemming from.

Common Witch Dreams

I Am the Witch: If you are the witch in your dreams brings your attention to the shadow – dark side of your personality. When you call someone a witch it refers to an unpleasant or vicious person. It is also possible that the dream shows your unused talents or strengths that are not fully developed.

Witch Flying: The witch is showing you her presence, though it is out of reach. She has power over you that might bring you to the distortion of the feminine.

Witch Doctor: They are considered the protector or wise old men that are there to help you. They might be aspects of your higher self that has made you aware of the spell or negative forces people or things have over you. These are positive dreams suggesting change is now taking place.